Are Arsenal finally going to get rid of Debuchy? I hope so…..

When Gael Clichy made the decision not to sign a new contract with Arsenal and make the profitable move up north to play for the moneybags Man City side, us Gooners were convinced that Arsene Wenger had found the perfect replacement when he took Mathieu Debuchy from Newcastle. The right-back had already displaced Clichy in the France national side and he looked like the perfect successor.

Debuchy made his debut for Arsenal in August 2014 in the 3-0 Charity Shield win over Man City, but just a month later everything started to fall apart. He first tore some ankle ligaments which kept him out for three months, and soon after his return he dislocated his shoulder which meant another three months out. On his return Hector Bellerin had made the right-back slot his own, and poor Debuchy continued with his injury woes.

The Frenchman has made only 13 League starts in his 30 months at Arsenal, and he has been a very unhappy man and has not been shy about moaning in public either. Finally we have found him fit in this transfer window and hopefully he will be moving back to France very shortly. Wenger even advertised him as available for loan. Le Prof said about Debuchy’s future… “It has gone quiet because I didn’t close the door because there’s a lot of competition on the right flank. Now Gabriel has been convincing on the right side as well, so I don’t close the door. What I just want to say is that he’s fully fit now and so he is available to play and maybe even to have an experience somewhere else.”

I just seriously hope that he finds somewhere else to go as soon as possible. Some may think I’m being a bit harsh because he can’t help his injuries, but to me his moaning has made him a negative influence at the club, and I just want him gone now…

What do you think?



  1. OT. A few newspaper rumours today about Reus as an alexis replacement. What if we just kept Alexis and added Reus. (allow me to dream) With Reus, Ozil, Alexis/OG + Iwobi/Ox/Welbeck we’d score for fun. I know. I’ll wake up soon I promise.

    1. bran99 says:

      that would be a dream come true, that front line will cause shivers in opponent’s defense line

    2. Namosky says:

      Dr. Dave, very nice dream you have. It may happen in the summer window, but certainly not in january.
      Admin, if im right, Debuchy replaced Sagna and not Clichy.
      He should fight for his place and stop complaining.

    3. Tas says:

      its not an impossible dream we have the means to make it happen, we have to add quality to our team rather then losing, City united and possibly Chelsea will spend big and buy any descent players around for hipped up price money is no object to them, and we will be back to where we was three to four years ago even worst if the spuds get to keep their players, so Alexis and Ozil is a must keep

    4. ThirdManJW says:

      We’re in position financially where we can have the likes of Sanchez and Reus, so hopefully more than a dream. Although I wouldn’t go anywhere near Reus! Quality player, but so injury-prone.

      1. muda says:

        You are right, Griezmann or Aubameyang. I know they will cost more but none is injury prone like him.

        PAYET may not be in their class but will cost much less and not bad at all.

        1. HA559 says:

          I thought about us getting Payet as well. We already have too many offensive players who aren’t willing to defend, track back and win the ball back.

          ‘Solutions are internal’ Wenger said that I also believe is true. But what I don’t trust is that he will get the solution. He doesn’t make the offensive players defend some do it because thats the kind of players they are like Sanchez and Welbeck. I will make them auto starters in the team as we head to end of season.

  2. muda says:

    Wasn’t it BACARY SAGNA?? What’s wrong admin??

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Yep. Sagna
      Clichy been gone for ages. LoL

      I wish we had kept Sagna.

  3. HA559 says:

    We are lucky Soton don’t have Fonte anymore and Van Dijk are injured, still you will see Arsenal make a meal of tomorrows game.

    The only player that communicates when there is stoppage in play is…Mustafi.

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Need to sell both Debuchy and Jenkinson
    Get a quality RB
    Gabs is doing a decent job but need another RB

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