Are Arsenal finally paying back their season ticket holders?

The biggest gripe of Arsenal fans that go to the Emirates for every game for the last god-knows-how-many years is that they have been paying the highest prices in the world, but have not been rewarded by the ambition of the club on the pitch. The taunts about Arsene Wenger’s sole ambition being to make the Top Four to generate more money for the club rather than actually trying to go the whole hog and win the League.

It was revealed a month ago that the Gunners were going to freeze ticket prices for next season, but that hardly matters as figures released today show that the Emirates generates more matchday revenue than any other club in the world with a total of £101.84 million last year, narrowly ahead of Real Madrid, who made £100.12m from games at the Bernabeu, and Barcelona, with a total of £90.17m. Manchester United are next on the list, generating £87.96m from Old Trafford while Chelsea are sixth with £71.84m made from Stamford Bridge. Liverpool (£57.85m), Manchester City (£43.98m) and Tottenham (£41.83m) make it into the top 10 in eighth, ninth and 10th respectively.

Dan Jones, a partner at Deloitte who compile the yearly figures, said: ‘Chelsea won the Premier League in 2014/15 but off-pitch have been usurped by Arsenal as the top London club in the Money League for the first time since 2009/10, swapping places between seventh and eighth position.

‘Arsenal benefitted from the first year of its new kit sponsorship deal with Puma to drive impressive commercial revenue growth of 34 per cent, and its match-day revenue was the highest of any club in the Money League, and nearly £30m greater than Chelsea’s.’

So Arsenal are earning more and more money every year, but at least we are seeing our club at the top of the Premier League. Do you think that the paying fans on matchday at the Emirates now feel like they are getting value for money?

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  1. I’ll probably get thumbed down but personally i think its true…. We are only reaping the benefits this year because the other top teams are under performing…. With that sort of revenue we should be competing for the UCL as well as points clear at this time in the season. I would like to see some more world class players in the calibre of sanchez and ozil next year

    1. We’ve certainly benefited from Chelsea having a poor season,as much as Leicester are level on points they don’t have the squad to compete with Man City or Arsenal as the season gets to crunch time!

      1. People have been saying Leicester will fall of the entire season so far but they are still sitting level on top of the league. Mind you they having been passing through a “rough” patch as well with there two key players under performing and losing points. Right them off at your own risk I say.

  2. Arsenal will pay back the season ticket holders plus as the global fans by lifting the EPL come May.

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves so soon the team has not won anything yet, still in January with our doom month February coming up with a 2 goal difference at the top.

    Whether the team pays us back or not we will keep supporting them. Arsenal probably has one of the most loyal fans in the world which is something to be proud of.

  3. no. not yet! sitting at top of the league in january with a goal difference lead does not guarantee that we are winning the title. Until we win the title then there will be abit of relief but not justification at all.

  4. After 11 years with no
    EPL title the current
    Arsenal waiting list for
    a season ticket is about
    90,000 !!! So winning the EPL
    is not a prerequisite for capacity houses.

  5. Arsenal makes lots of money we should be seeing more world class signings like Sanchez or Ozil,the likes of El-neny are good players who can do a job but not world class there’s a reason he only cost 5million pounds he won’t improve us by much!

    1. “Arsenal makes lots of money we should be seeing more world class signings like Sanchez or Ozil,the likes of El-neny are good players who can do a job but not world class there’s a reason he only cost 5million pounds he won’t improve us by much!”
      Dee@ease I’m guessing your a kid so I’ll go easy on you. You can’t say El-neny won’t improve us much when we haven’t seen him play for us yet. Both Di Maria and Falcoa would have been considered world class when Man U signed them and they did not improve their team in the grand scheme of things. Meanwhile we ended up recalling the loaned out Coquelin who has since been one of our most important players who definitely improves our squad and he didn’t carry the world class,xfactor title or price tag. So to say “there is a reason El-neny only costs 5 million” shows that you still associate hefty price tags with quality and shows you haven’t been paying attention. Meanwhile teams like Southampton are signing the likes of charlie Austin for 4 million. I say this to say that not all quality players are expensive. Some are bargains. For all we know El-neny could be one of those bargains. We’ll know more after we see him play for us.

  6. Our Club Owner Silent Stan
    has just paid 550 mill $US
    to move the Rams back to LA.
    He is building a stadium for his team
    costing a mere 1,600 million $US.

  7. As long as people keep on filling the Emirates, the price won’t go down. And it really should. It would be nice to see fans organizing and boycotting a couple of home games. Or at least displaying huge banners demanding cheaper match tickets on every home game. Fans matter, make them learn. Demand and boycott.

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