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Are Arsenal going to be defenceless against Liverpool? Who can play?

Now Unai could have massive `problems when Arsenal take on Liverpool on Saturday evening as our defence is getting more decimated every week. We all saw Matteo Guendouzi get his two red cards against Blackpool so he is suspended.

The injuries to Nacho Monreal and Sead Kolasinac seem to be going on forever and there has been no announcement from the club as to whether they are going to be available for selection any time soon.

Hector Bellerin also has a problem with his right thigh and could miss the Liverpool game, and the latest casualty is Sokratis who has injured his Right ankle. And of course Laurent Koscielny
and Dinos Mavropanos are still going to be out few a few weeks more.

Against Blackpool we had the debutant Plezuguelo brought in to help, although he will probably be out of his depth against the ‘Pool, and Carl Jenkinson made his first appearance for two years and wasn’t too bad considering.

So it looks like Mustafi (groaaan!) is certain to play, and Lichtsteiner as well. Maitland-Niles played up front on Wednesday but could help out in defence if needed, but how do you think we could line up our defence against Liverpool?


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  1. gotanidea

    Lichtsteiner . Mustafi . Sokratis . Maitland-Niles
    ……………Torreira ……….. Xhaka
    Mkhitaryan ………….Ozil…………..Iwobi

    1. sauce NY

      Maitland-niles should be the answer for liverpool– especially with how well torreira and xhaka have been playing together in the middle of the park. hopefully hector will be back bc lichsteiner has not been convincing for me.

      Hector – Musti – Holding – Niles
      ……….Torreira – Xhaka

      1. gotanidea

        Yes, I’d prefer Bellerin as the attacking RB as well

        Lichtsteiner is good in defending, but he doesn’t have Bellerin’s speed and stamina

    2. CB

      Give Jenkins a go he’s fast and can cross a ball then if he is holding his own at half time keep him there till he tires. CB

    3. smd8902

      Mustafi Holding Pleguezuelo
      Litchsteiner Iwobi/Jenkinson
      Torreira Xhaka
      Aubamayeng Lacazette

  2. Quantic Dream

    I only saw the first of Guendozi’s 2 red cards, what foul did he commit for the 2nd red card? I bet TY tried to call him by his first name, Matteo, as he left the stadium and he lost it! “You don’t know me like that TY” *Punch* cctv caught it and Guendozi got red carded retrospectively.

  3. AndersS

    If indeed both Bellerin and Monreal are out, I think we should go for a 3-5-2 with Mustafi, Holding & Plezeguelo at the back and Lichtsteiner as RWB and Maitland-Niles as LWB.

    1. sauce NY

      I think Plezeguelo also looks ready. very athletic, good with the ball, and smart. lacks size but thats it.

  4. Vzay

    We talking about Iwobi form. But Zaha showed what a baby he is, just clueless n purposeless. Just go n get Zaha whatever price. He will be huge upgrade on Iwobi.

    1. Wolf

      Ahhhh. Zaha. Will only add good to Arsenal no disrespect to Palace but we need him. Being liking him a few seasons now. Had a blinder of last 8 or so games last season. We should get him and let Ramsey go

  5. Sue

    OT so Bendtner has been sentenced to 50 days in prison for assaulting a taxi driver (what is it about him & taxi’s hey QD??!!!)

    Couldn’t have come at a worse time (to be defenceless) I can’t stand Liverpool (ever since THAT Robbie Fowler hat trick) if that is the case I don’t think I want to watch it… i hate it when we lose, so to sit through another thrashing with my Liverpool supporting husband…. I’d probably turn in to the hulk 😂😂😂

  6. waal2waal

    i would rather see Kolasinac (the tank) against l’pool because playing Xhaka is just too much of a risk in that position against Liverpool’s attack. i wouldn’t be surprised if l’pool try to save their most potent attack for the second half and latter stages of the game. They’re playing away (not us) and from the get-go we need to play to our strengths – our success this season is all about a relentless attack-minded approach to play. The Tank needs to be in there on his A-game assisting in defence and contributing to our formidable-attack, which is our best way of achieving a respectable result (*tomorrow= 0-0 or 1-1).

  7. Grandad

    Xhaka is unlikely to figure at left back in view of the suspension of Guendouzi and to a lessor extent the injury to Elneny.If the recognised left backs are not fit, I would give AMN the job of trying to curb Salah.I find it difficult to understand why a contributor would leave out Holding who has done very well at centre back and play Mustafi in tandem with Sokratis who cannot be match fit?.Very pleased to learn that Mav has returned to training.Have great hopes for him and Holding as a pair.

  8. Andrew E

    Not a good time to have problems at the back but you never know we might surprise everyone.

    I just hope that, Chelsea supporting windbag, Merson is wrong and can we please stop calling him an Arsenal legend because it makes a mockery of the real meaning.

    1. ken1945

      Andrew E, totally agree about Merson.
      He’s never got over being surplus to requirements and being shipped out because of his problems.
      Anyone who calls him a “legend” obviously has a REAL problem with the meaning of the word in the English language.
      Just the same with Stuart Robson, another one in love with himself.

      1. jon fox

        Ken, When the many footballer Narcissus’s have sublime talent like Ronaldo, we can almost(though not quite) forgive him being so in love with himself. But with angry, resentful, Stuart Robson and clownish Merson? NO WAY!

    2. jon fox

      Andrew, Even if Merse supported us, instead of Chelsea AS HE DOES, he would still not remotely qualify as a legend. Some people wrongly use this name for almost anyone who ever played for us. To me , a true legend HAS to be such as HENRY, BERGKAMP, SEAMAN and that ilk. Merse? That is a sick joke! Merse would more accurately be known an amiable, none too bright joker. His silliness can be enjoyable when on Jeff Stellings TV team, in small doses. But for pearls of wisdom a brain is needed. Sorry Merse, I quite like you as a clown but for serious football talk, I prefer the like of Souness, Neville. They have something called I.Q. Look it up Merse; I realise you CAN read!

      1. ozziegunner

        Despite everything, Paul Merson was a very good Arsenal player. When he transfered to Aston Villa, then playing in the top flight, he won their player of the season despite his dependency issues.
        I just hope Arsenal shut him up on Sunday.

      2. Chabaloah

        Ahh I agreed with everything you said until you put Sourness/Souness in that category. He is a real idiot with unjustified bias against arsenal and it’s probably why he failed so miserably as a coach. The negativity is fierce in that one!

  9. Goonster

    For the past few seasons Liverpool have turned us into their b!tches. When we go Anfield it’s been a fore gone 3 points for them and a near impossible 3 points for us a home.

    Lets sort it out in this new Emery Era


  10. Gooner 4 life

    By tomorrow night we’ll have played 3 of the top teams and we’ll have 3 losses even with full strength team we b no match for Liverpool still have same team as last year only got in some over the hill players no big improvement yet unbeaten in 13 games but look ato who them teams were and only for the luck we’ve had and the bad refereeing decisions we wouldn’t have won half those matches Arsenal in transmission at the moment it’ll take couple of seasons to build team and get them playing the Emery way tomorrow result Arsenal 0-Liverpool 3

      1. ozziegunner

        Agree Admin, how can we expect the players to stay positive with so much negativity among so called supporters; beaten before a ball is kicked!

    1. jon fox

      Are you Nostra-doom-us by any chance? Blimey, I am a realist and never overestimate our strength but do not go around saying “WE ARE DOOMED”! In football, if you can be as certain of bad defeat as you are , you can make a fortune predicting results. I presume you are not filthy rich , so don’t believe your “woe, woe and thrice woe” prediction. I think it will be very close and could go either way or be a draw. But, unlike you, I don’t actually know, so I EXPECT YOU TO WIN THE POOLS THIS WEEKEND. Or possibly, NOT!!!

    2. Otunba_007

      Go get a life mate cause the one you have is pathetic, you said 13 unbeaten games (12 wins, 1 draw) is no big improvement cause of the teams we’ve played? have you forgotten these same teams were beating us blue and black last season? but if United or anyone in the top 4 were to be the one on form like us ya’all will be calling them title contenders.. PLEASE get your TOXIC self out of here and guess what? i don’t even effing care how we play as long as we win games,how many times have we complained here over the years that we don’t know how to win games when we are not playing well? and now that there is improvements you are your likes are still batching the team and club, ANYONE THAT DOESN’T LIKE THE WAY WE’RE PLAYING OR THE POSITION WE ARE AT THE MOMENT SHOULD GO AND SUPPORT OTHER CLUBS THAT ARE ACTUALLY BETTER THAN US. This is the time for everyone to be united as a FAN BASE, this is a rebuilding process for us and i think we are doing more than i expected at the start of the season and long may it continue,even If we loose the next 5 matches i will still give the team and the manager a chance cause he needs a lot of time for him to implement his ideas.. Klopp and Pep had 4 and 3 years respectively at there clubs to be where they are now and Emery hasn’t even used 6 months yet and most fans like yourself @Gooner 4 life wants an overnight miracle? Gerrarahere here Mehnnn

  11. JJPawn

    It will be difficult as this style is hard on bodies, with lots of muscular injuries. What to do? Reduce the back line to three stay at home defenders. Protect the back line and clog the middle to slow fast attacks. We have to match Liverpool speed for speed. Keep those taking shots from outside the box area to zero, but forcing attacks wide.



    At the middle, it would crucial to feed roaming Ozil. The middle can also play longer through ball for the speed of Laca and Auba.

    1. jim wall

      …….leices…. Mustafi….. Holding
      Amn…. Torre.. Xakai….. Sead..
      ………..lacaz…. Auba……..
      That team if bell… Sok… Monreal are out injured

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