Are Arsenal going to have to pay the asking prices to get Declan Rice and Jurrien Timber?

When Arsenal missed out on Lisandro Martinez last summer and Mykhailo Mudryk in January, some saw these transfer misses as the Gunners failing to pay the amounts those two were available for.

The belief was that the Gunners’ transfer policy was to pay the price they felt was enough for the player after their evaluation and not allow other clubs to take advantage of their desire to increase their prices.

Looking at this summer’s transfer window, are Arsenal set to go against “that” transfer policy in their move to sign Declan Rice and even Jurrien Timber?

The Gunners have already had two rich bids rejected by West Ham for Rice’s swoop, one totaling £80 million and the other totaling £90 million. For Timber, the Gunners have had a £30 million bid turned down by Ajax.

The belief is that in the end, the Gunners will make a third bid in the £100 million region for Rice, hoping to sign him after that, as they’ll have met West Ham’s alleged asking price. In recent days there have been many ominous rumours that the Champions Man City have decided to intervene and try to poach Rice from under Arsenal’s nose since they failed to persuade Ilkay Gundogan to extend his contract at the Etihad.

It is bad news for the Gunners that Man City are having to revamp their aging midfield at exactly the same time as Arsenal, but according to most bookies the Gunners are still short odds on to sign the West Ham captain, and perhaps you could get even better odds if you check out the best Bitcoin betting sites in 2023 as the best price at conventional bookies is 3/5 on at the moment. If you are conviinced that Arteta will refuse to lose out on his top target, then it is definitely worth investing on Arsenal at that price.

Arsenal are also predicted to also meet Ajax’s £50 million valuation of Timber.

Let’s say these deals go through and Arsenal meets the asking prices of these teams. Will Edu and Arteta ever have the leverage to force teams to compromise their asking price when dealing with them?

I bet other teams who will be fortunate to have Arsenal try to sign their players will look at the deals for Rice and Timber and feel they should hold out to their asking price, and wait for the Gunners to scramble until they pay them what they want. Sadly, that could be now happening with every Arsenal target.

Arsenal have just reached a point where they will have to convince a team to sell them a player by reaching the team’s asking price.

To stay at the top, Arsenal simply must spend, and this summer’s transfer window could be the beginning of Arsenal’s doing so to maintain their position at the top.

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  1. Arsenal will have to blow their transfer record spending this summer and I will tell you why.

    The spending is necessary for us to remain competitive and keep company with the big boys.

    The most practical rough estimate could set us back to a tune of £255 mill

    Rice £100 mill
    Lavia £50 mill
    Havertz £65 mill
    Timber £40 mill

    This is from a realist perspective.

    1. And if they can sell the 9 players they can atleast get £100 to £120 mil back.

      So basically they would roughly have a better team with better backup’s and only spent around £150 mil, but also the prize money they have won would take it down to less then a £100 mil. So I don’t know why they still going on for this and that. They have the capital it’s time for investment and to compete for titles

    2. Agree £250mil. just to keep pace with City, Utd, Chelsea, Newcastle & Liverpool.

      Aresnal have pretty much been getting away with cheap-skating for years

  2. If I recall correctly, Moyes publicly stated the asking price was in excess of £120mil. and probably £150mil. for Rice.
    In which case, makes the first offer of £80mil. pretty much a p155take?

    As for clubs taking Arsenal for transfer market mugs: Paying £72mil. for Pepe,
    £47mil. for Lacazette
    £35mil. for Mustafi

    nuff said

    1. Brian
      Am afraid it’s just not Arsenal strong point selling players.

      I was in a barber shop years ago, when someone mention Valencia could hardly believe their luck when Arsenal table a bid for Mustafi.

      Lacazette in my opinion is a good player, think he has won the golden boot in French league,

      Arsenal have a wonderful opportunity to send Nicolas Pepe to Saudi Arabia, they are paying lots of quids for technical players like him

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