Are Arsenal going to send a THIRD striker out on loan this month?

Arsenal need to bring players IN rather than letting more leave! by JN

Arsenal fans were obvously perplexed in the summer when Arsene Wenger sold Thomas Vermaelen and then loaned out Francis Coquelin and Carl Jenkinson without bringing in better quality replacements, which was instrumental to our awful results during our defensive injury crisis.

For the last few weeks our problems have been in the striking department when Giroud was banned and Danny Welbeck joined our multitudes on the treatment table, but how has Wenger responded?

First off all he let Lukas Podolski move to Inter Milan and has made it clear that he is sending Yaya Sanogo out on loan. Now today the Star has revealed that Arsenal are also going to allow Joel Campbell to be loaned out to a Spanish club to give him some much-needed game-time.

They are reporting that Campbellโ€™s agent is coming to the Emirates this week to talk to Wenger about a new contract, which Le Prof is insisting on before allowing the Costa Rican star to go on loan in La Liga, and to discuss possible destinations.

According to reports in Spain David Moyes is apparently keen to take Campbell to Real Sociedad and another club interested is Villareal, with Campbell believing that La Liga is probably most suited to his style of play, but nothing will be confirmed until the contract talks are finalised.

Arsenal are expecting quite a few of our squad to return from injury in the coming weeks which will give Wenger some more options when it comes to selecting his starting XI, but can he really afford to deplete his squad any further without bringing in replacements?


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  1. James – I am not sure this question is necessary if you know our manager, Wenger very well. Nothing excites him much than working with a lean squad!

    1. Typical Arsene wenger,last season the defence was solid while our
      attack was blunt so what does wenger do during the transfer
      window? ship out defenders and mess up the defence, sign a
      quality forward and sharpen the attackโ€ฆโ€ฆ forward. Our
      attack looks good now with plenty of options while our defence is
      a what does wenger do?ship out attackers and mess up
      the attack,patch up the defense with some cheap signings.
      In summary, I echo the first comment, Wenger enjoys working
      with a depleted /lean squad so that he can look like a hero when
      he achieves the coveted 4th place trophy

      1. Ye crack me up these articles are just paper talk then all ye take it so seriously moan about Wenger most of ye are haters judge him after the window the man is a legend in my eyes and it will be a sad day when he leaves and he will leave when he wants he still can attract top players he is well respected he bought ALEXIS SANCHEZ less bitching more supporting

        1. Most of ye probably didn’t support arsenal when Wenger was classed as one of the most wanted managers in Europe and was putting it up to Utd and winning trophies every yr things are different now the moving stadium all that less whinging give it a bit of time he is starting to spend and I’m sure he will buy 1 or 2 in Jan and a few big signings nxt summer and I hope he goes out on a high man gets ridiculed by knobs like ye on a regular basis players want to play for him big star players like his style wake up a bit as long as he is in charge the club is in good hands

    2. Yea Baby….. Send em all out…… Every Last one of em…….this is to show you (wenger) really mean business (income, profits for kroenke) *turns away and smirks*

  2. We need to loan out Wilshere to a team that doesn’t get many injuries so that their physio can get some experience.

    1. Most footballers when they retire want to be a punter/presenter on TV or a club manager,
      we have Diaby who by now must of qualified to becoming club Physio, so Wilshere is in good hands.

  3. Campbell has looked horrid every time he has been on the pitch. I wish he could go to a premier league side to get used to the league. He hasn’t gotten much game time, but that is no excuse, I think he has talent, it’s just too raw and he is getting exposed

      1. I did watch the Hull game. He made a good run, missed and then wandered around aimlessly holding onto the ball forever when he had it.

  4. Wenger should consider loaning both Sanogo and Campbell to EPL teams in order for the two to gain experience of the league and to prove whether they can cut it.

    Where is Gnarby?? The few games he played last season he was way better than Campbell in an Arsenal shirt.

  5. Is he in the market for another attacker? We should have six
    St giroud,welbeck(akpom)
    Lfwd campbell (gnabry,welbeck)
    Rfwd sanchez,walcott

    Those in () represents how wenger will fill those role but surely this leaves space for us to target a left forward.none of those mention up there are natural in that position. Welbeck or walcott could take over the role as wide left striker that podolski held.

    Personally I would love us to make a statement by getting Lacazette or cavani in who can play across the front three.

    Wenger is more likely to go for a young player like Keita,balde

      1. Sanchez is different in comparison to podolski I’m showing how and why we need another clinical striker as we don’t have any on the level of our ther rivals.

        Cavani is world class
        Lacazette represents asif ferment type of striker fast quick he is second highest scorer in euorope and in pol position to win player of the year in france

  6. we could have gotten Bony on a cheap now hes gone for 30m and 200k per week at City…..

    top players get paid top dollar!!

      1. he went for 12 million in july 2013 -vitesse arnem sold him to swansea for 12
        thats right 12! 36 goals in 36 games, but hey it was inferior league- not like he could do anything in this league…oh wait

        1. On the same logic we could have had Suarez even cheaper before he went to Ajax. That’s right! Talk is cheap especially when it’s done after the facts. And honestly Bony is not such a hit so far. And this is the second season already. If he was such a hit how come no one bought him from the teams affording to do that ? The older Drogba is 10 times the man Bony is and will ever be.

          1. budd bony has scored more epl goals than any epl player in 2014,including aguero, if that doesn’t make him a hit then i don’t know what does.he is 100 times better than Giroud and welbeck combined

            1. He looks good at a mid-table team, everything geared to him, the focus of the attack on him. Same as Michu, Benteke, Ba, Austin etc etc. Will flop at Man C – can’t see how he will play in a front 2 with Aguero and Aguero is basically undroppable when fit. ยฃ30M stop-gap panic buy (that City can afford) an upgrade on Milner for a few weeks, Pellegrini waiting for his otherstrikers to be fit again. Will be on the bench as soon as Pellegrini has ED and SJ back – both have more finesse and technique than WB. Bony worth the same as Sanchez or Costa? Haven’t stopped laughing yet.

  7. I can’t come today, Anita will be coming over n al be playing the piano as she sings. Plus I didn’t take my bath yesterday since there was no electricity and you know just how my little a** is phobic to cold water ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ but mum couldn’t hear any of that and so I am grounded ๐Ÿ™ you through with homework?

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        1. hahaha. made my morning.
          its cool bro, the idea of you and anita have a singalong feels me with joy
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          dont forget to wash behind the ears sonny ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Oof that is embarrassingly fake. You censor your emails by writing things like a** And how could you ever mistake an email window for the text prompt here.

  8. Off topic considering what has been posted above.

    I think Campbell should go on loan (preferably to a PL team) and we bring in another forward which is proven. But we must still get CB and DM which is priority.

    I am sure with regular playing time Campbell will be better than Ox who has stagnated. Look at other 22 or 23 year old and Ox is falling behind. Somebody needs to help him before it to late

    1. Someone needs to get you off the cocaine before it’s too late ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ox has been mostly impressive this year

  9. Ox is a decent back up and would be starter at mid table team. Wait are we a mid table team?

    Thumbs up yes
    Thumbs down no

  10. To be fair we would not miss
    Giroud Wellbeck Podolski Sanogo
    or Campbell. Just like Ryo Diaby
    Arteta + Flamini they drain millions which could be better invested.
    Wilshere Ox Walcott even Ramsey and Ozil are injured half the season and
    when they are fit play well only 2 game in 5. Mertz (slow) and Koz (archilles)
    are becoming unreliable while Gibbs and Monreal are in and out like yoyo’s.
    Szcz has got casual and Ospina was injured 4 months.
    20 injury prone journeymen not likely to win us the EPL any time soon.
    Loan the whole team for all I care.
    PS send Sanchez to Real Madrid he is the only one worth his salt.

  11. Don’t get too dramatic. We are loaning out 2 wingers and 1 striker. On the left we have Welbz / Alexis / Cazorla on the right we have Wallcott / Ox / Gnabry. Yes Gnabry is back in training and I see him as a better player as Campbell. At the striker front we have Giroud & Welbz plus we also have Akpom who needs convincing he has a future at Arsenal and needs some playing time. I don’t think there is much difference between Akpom & Sanogo. However Akpom may be our “Harry Kane” some striker that comes through the academy.

    It makes sense for Campbell to get him to sign a contract extension and then making him go out on loan. So if we sell him later on we get some return. The carrot is the loan deal if he signs.

    Remember we also have Afobe on loan who has been prolific for the Dons. Although I can’t see him making it back to our squad.

    Maybe we have the big clear out to make way for Lacazette, fingers crossed.

    1. Gnabry is better than Campbell. Not even debatable. Campbell had a window to impress and didn’t better luck next time. He will not play, regardless of how many people think for some reason he is a Striker. He might as well get some game time somewhere and hopefully comes back a bit more focused.

  12. The way I see it is that were are about to buy an attacking player and a CB but I doubt AW will buy a third player. Expect a cheap CB and a pricey forward.

    A lot of rumours link us to Perrin but I can’t see it happen: twice the price of Reid, no EPL experience, 30 years old and no big game experience ( Europe or National squad).
    My bet is Reid + one of Draxler/Cavani/Isco. Isco would be a strange choice but it could mean that we see either Sanchez and Walcott playing centrally more often.

    1. Seven if wenger lost the plot and spent money, can’t see it being Isco he’s been playing regular for Madrid and he’s been a star for them so why would they sell ? , I think we will buy a 3 rd choice CB then a decent midfielder and possibly a striker , we have to be very careful as I think other teams are a big danger for CL qualification Southampton are real, Spuds will get better and liverpool will sign a striker , if we don’t qualify it’s better to finish 7 th as UTD did

      1. Yes Isco is far fetched, even Reid tbh as he is not a Wenger type player with his limited skills on the ball. Lacazette is another name floatting around but the French press seem to think he will not move before the summer. There is a limited choice for class players and the price will be high. Old Arsene should have bought last summer.

  13. anyone reckon we should try and get micah richards on loan till the end of the season? versatile, knows the league and is a lot faster than per

  14. Arsenal Dither in the transfer window and again nothing seems to change
    And again its January and again the devoted Gooners will have very little to celebrate.
    Our notoriously tight fisted manager is at it again and we have to watch yet another season float down the pan with little hope of a respected trophy and even the coveted (By Wenger and the Arsenal Board at any rate) 4th place looking like a difficult pinnacle to reach, all due to the clubs reluctance to get involved in the January transfer window.
    Now Iโ€™m not stupid and its all kind of what I expected and its still early days in Jan but do any of you out there really expect Arsene to sign any real Season changing stars? Was there ever any real chance of signing Edison Cavani?, Samir Khedira, or any other real game changers to try and salvage our to this point atrocious season?
    Yes I hear all the AKBโ€™s saying Blah Blah weโ€™re in champions league still and we are in the FA cup and all that other rubbish but if any of you are honest you know that this is going to be another season where we donโ€™t hit any dizzy Heights and we will most likely struggle for Champions League qualification.
    We donโ€™t support a football team anymore we support a business and thatโ€™s a fact its not going to change regardless of if Wenger goes or not (and I would dearly love him to go) because the board are in charge and until the suits are gone and a FOOTBALL FAN like the much missed David Dein comes back into the fold we are NOT going to see any real difference. All the other clubs are showing ambition and ok maybe the two aforementioned players may not be the choice for everyone, someone we can use would really be a booster for the fans, to date the two players who were feted as Marquee signings were Ozil WHO AT TIME OF PURCHASE WAS NOT EVEN GETTING INTO THE SIDE AT Reall Madrid and was very much out of favour with the German national coach and who has done next to nothing for us. And Alexis Sanchez who has played his heart out and been the only reason that we are not further down the table and the only reason we are still in the CL.
    50% of success on marquee signings is not good enough in todayโ€™s game and whatever anyone says AKB or AW outโ€™s unless we get much cuter much quicker in the transfer market we are going to face the same situation year in year out .

  15. Typical Arsene wenger,last season the defence was solid while our attack was blunt so what does wenger do during the transfer window? ship out defenders and mess up the defence, sign a quality forward and sharpen the attack…… forward. Our attack looks good now with plenty of options while our defence is a what does wenger do?ship out attackers and mess up the attack,patch up the defense with some cheap signings.

    In summary, I echo the first comment, Wenger enjoys working with a depleted /lean squad so that he can look like a hero when he achieves 4th

    1. We can only have 25 players above 21 in our squad. When we buy defender / CDM someone has to make place.

      1. I just did a quick count of our squad. We have 31 players after Podolski left, 7 of those count as under 21. Cambers, Ballerin, Hayden, Ox, Zelalem, Gnabry, Akpom. So that leaves us with 24 squad players. If we buy on defender and one CDM one more needs to be loaned out.

        If we buy 3 players – Centre backs, 1 CDM or 1 CB, 1 CDM & 1 Striker then we need to loan out both Sanogo & Campbell.

        The problem with Arsenal is not the size of our squad. Chelsea & City have less Over 21 squad players. It is our lengthy list of injuries.

  16. I believe that is very risky if there won’t be replacements. By now we should have learned from our injuries and we should be aiming to have better squad depth instead of reducing our options. Also,we are still in the FA cup and UCL meaning we will need rotation to avoid burn up of some players. People say that we have plenty of options upfront but remember just recently at Soton we played without a CF and that didn’t turn out well

  17. If this happens , we might as well as say goodbye to Campbell forever. No player in his right mind will go for another loan spell and come back again to fight for the starting place.

    Poldi is not coming back to Arsenal too thats for sure. Only one expected to come back is Yaya Sanogo. Till then Wenger wont sign another striker and play with just two average ones (Giroud and Wellback).Wenger will start doing his shenanigans in the transfer market from now on for a striker and we will never get one again. Ohh we are getting back to old days. That torture and lack of goals upfront. Oh Dear!

  18. really people??these are reports from the papers so the chances of it to be true are very slim at best,so why are you talking as if it were coming from the manager,s mouth!!come on a bit of common sense!!

  19. Can’t Wenger be loaned off?
    Newcastle needs a Manager
    Send Wenger over there for 6 month loan with option to buy in Summer

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