Are Arsenal in for a positive transfer window with Arteta in charge?

The time of year I hate the most. Transfer window time! by Shenel Osman

As an Arsenal fan we have become accustomed to being linked with 100 different players each transfer window. But when that window shuts, we don’t have any of those 100 players that were previously linked added to our team, we just have one unknown player that nobody is really familiar with joining the club.

I dread transfer window period only because I know it constantly gets our hopes up to be linked with star players day in and out and then we end up with nothing. It becomes extremely frustrating, because if we had half of the players that we are linked with each window we would have been champions a long time ago.

The latest rumours doing their rounds links us with Coutinho, Partey, Magalhaes, but this time round it seems increasingly likely that if these rumours are to be true, that we will at least be getting one of those stars. It has been rumoured that Magalhaes is close to signing for us. But as always without Arsenal confirming the signings on their website, we can but hope and wait.

I must admit this is the first transfer window in a long time, where I do feel a sense of positivity though. Having already sealed a free transfer for Willian, and yes people may argue he is 32 years old what can he bring etc, but Willian is a winner, and is very experienced and that is what we need going forward, especially if more of the youngsters will be coming through to the first team.

It remains to be seen how much more of a positive a transfer window this will be for us, but I do believe in Arteta and what he is trying to do. Of course, winning the FA Cup and qualifying for Europe also helps us in hopefully gaining more of the targets that are rumoured to be coming to the Emirates. So here’s hoping it will be many more additions that we are rumoured to be getting and not just rumours and an unknown player.

Gooners how do you feel when each transfer window period approaches?



  1. i think Oh no here we go again, another round of bullshit stories, crap rumours, know it all reporters and false hope. The hours i spend reading crap reports of the players we aren’t getting is wasting my life away but it serves us right for being gullible and easily convinced. Mbappe for Arsenal!

    1. Second that Reggie!
      How many hours or days have we stressed over it? Too many. I prefer to wait and see too

      1. At the end we always end up with nothing that’s Arsenal. I don’t like that because it’s gives us non existing hope.

  2. Supporters here opine like Arteta is pulling trees by just winning the FA cup where even neutral fan knows we got the rub of the green against Chelsea.Wins against big teams is a positive but we also lost against relegation candidates until we lost the top4 race.Even Wenger won this cup at his worst when he couldn’t deliver even CL football which he did for more than a decade.Interms judgement of players and his signings I have doubt about Artetas ability to spot talent not as a coach.He didn’t rate Tierney and preferred Kolasinac at times when Tierney was fit, rates Eddie more than laca,rates the average willock,ended up benching fit Gabriel and saka so how is he better than Emery.So we have to accept that we have a coach who must accept to learn.Finally he’s bullying any player who’s not a yes man ie Ozil and Niles, further signing Chelsea rejects.So he’s not a magic man but I will give him time

    1. I dont know where your argument is coming from but really, it’s weird if you ask me. UE spent 18month without top 4 or a trophy even with his wrath of experience, MA delivered FA in half season winning against City and Chelsea in semis and final respectively, if you think that is nothing, because AW won it in his last days, may I ask you, did AW played against city doing so? Maybe you should ask Ole and Utd fans how Utd lost 3 semis this season.
      As per preference for a player over another, it’s all gibberish, you and i don’t know what level of performance each player has put forward in training to convince the coach for selections, neither do you know what tactical reason he has, was lacca on form while being dropped for Nketia? Was Ozil and AMN a consistent performance?, did KT has injury record, think about this things before you put up your sword against a fine coach, you are among millions who force the board to chose UE over a more refined coach, MA, and this time, you wouldnt succeed in getting him sacked

        1. Oh! I remember, thanks for that.
          Hopefully MA achievement surpasses that of AW and especially in Europe, AW was really unlucky and under perform in Europe

      1. All signs are positive at this stage. I’d also say that the last window was pretty positive too, although it’s hard to remember that after such a poor season (FA cup aside). Rebuilds take some time and it sounds like we have our priorities straight. Let’s see what the next few weeks bring.

  3. Arsenal has agreed a four year deal with Thomas Partey. Both parties are trying very hard to keep this under the radar and are quite successful in doing so, except someone who is a close confidante to Thomas Partey’s family back in Ghana has been authoritatively informed about the deal and has come out to leak it guys.
    According to the report, Partey will be earning something around £200k per week. Source is
    I hope this pulls through guys.

  4. If we have agreed with Partay AND have paid the release clause, what would be the benefit of keeping it hidden?

    1. To give us all a nice surprise 😀. When it’s announced we can put out the bunting and have a socially distanced street party to welcome him to the Arsenal

    2. My guess would be that we can’t afford to pay the release until funds are raised from player sales. Contract agreed in principle I can believe.

  5. I get you mate.. but if I want to sell copies or drive traffic to my site I will just link Arsenal to some players I know they don’t want and trust Arsenal fans to gate crash in now you need to understand it is business for everyone.. most clubs don’t get articles linking them to everyone because of how they have handled business in the past and their fans aren’t bothered because they get to find out anyways.. we are a different bunch we even link our club to players we like before the media carries it point I am trying to make is we consume all these rumors that is why the media generates it so it is partly our fault.. we are so not buying Coutinho fellas you can start by skipping those headlines but let’s celebrate new quality additions to the squad.. Emile Smith-Rowe, Willian, Saliba three world class players who just joined the team how many more players do you think we are getting I will say at Max 2 or 3 depending on departures.. we can sign Gabriel and loan him back to Lille as I think we have enough in the CB department.. Saliba is world class David is here another year.. Mari is steady, Musti got his grove back.. Chambers and Holding still in the running so I think we are good for the CB just get a Partey or Ndidi and I will be very optimistic going into the new season.

  6. We need a lot of work to rebuild a team that can compete with our rivals which I think are having better players. Yet, under MA I don’t care much about the names because from what I saw that he is creating and bringing the best of each of our players.

    Trust in MA

  7. With respect Lord Denning your assertion that Arteta does not rate Tierney is utter nonsense.As to the outcome of the transfer window, I would consider it a success if we could unload some of our mediocre performers such as Socratis, Kolasinac, Mustafi, Elneny, Mik , for until we do we are going to be very limited in who we can bring in.

  8. I recall about 30 years ago, pre-internet days, when all the transfer goss was only in the daily newspapers, and back then, I used to get so excited with the possible transfer rumours….. fast forward back to 2020 and it’s now all at the touch of my smartphone, with rumour overload, and I still get excited about the possible transfer rumours, right up until 11pm on the final night

  9. Of course we are!! Auba has signed – for me that was imperative.. so anything else will be a nice, big, fat, juicy bonus!! Bring it on!!!

  10. if we get auba to stay and willian this window i will be happy in the times we are living in all we should really be worried about is if our family is safe, doubt many people have been out and got that car they always wanted or put a big deposit down on the swimming pool they promised to get dont be disappointed times have changed

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