Are Arsenal just pretending to try land top striker?

Arsenal are claimed to be ready to launch their latest and last offer for Alexandre Lacazette this summer, which will of course be rejected by Lyon.

I’m no fortune teller, nor do I have any inside knowledge when it comes to the French club, but if the reports are true that Arsenal are offering a take-it or leave-it £35 Million for their star striker, than it will emphatically be rebuffed.

The Ligue 1 side have consistently denied any interest in selling the forward, and only last week, announced that they were rejecting Arsenal’s bid of just under £30 Million, with absolutely no intention of selling their irreplaceable goalscorer.

West Ham are claimed to have already had a bid of £33 Million rejected by the French side for the same player, and Lyon are yet to sign any new players to their squad, therefore taking none of the importance away from the Gunners target.

Arsenal have also been linked with a number of top strikers out there, and in recent times, their board have come out and revealed that they will be continuing their philosophy of finding value in the market place.

This Lacazette offer makes little sense, unless they are simply trying to trick us into believing they are willing to splash money on a striker, while continually offering not enough.

Are we being taken for a ride? Is Wenger having his hand forced by the board, with the club unwilling to bring in his favoured targets?

It seems as if Arsene has told the club he wants the Lyon striker, and others around him are just faffing about, refusing to stump up the necessary fees needed.

We finished second in the Premier League last season, and should be looking to push on from there for a serious title challenge, but it feels almost as if we have given up already.

This has been the most frustrating transfer window, with all our rivals bolstering in the necessary positions, while we are dilly-dallying around…

Is Wenger being made to look the fool? Are we? This striker chasing saga is driving me crazy…

Pat J

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  1. Fans won’t be happy if we don’t get a striker..

    The bitter truth is most fans have been brainwashed..

    We are always short of one or two players that will push us to the title.

    Same old story, different season……..

  2. I’m hearing…. if we can’t Land Lacazette for 35mil in a “take it or leave it” deal

    the Wenger would rather go on to splash 50mil on Icardi…..

    I can’t fathom this manner of stupidity anyway…..

    Perhaps its clear , Wenger ain’t interested in getting a striker

    (I forsee a massive Fans unrest if that happens)

    1. I think that’s why many believe we have to see a striker coming in. After last season, Wenger himself said it wasn’t welcome and only hurt the teams chances rather than any good it might do. But then if he doesn’t get a new striker, he is provoking the same thing to happen again.

  3. it’s always this just failed to see it, Arsenal pretend they want to buy a striker yet place bids of amounts other clubs would reject, started from the days of Suarez, you might say but we got Ozil, yes we got him cus madrid wanted him gone. Suarez was worth over £40.1 million… Wenger hasn’t got a WC player cus we needed. so far Ozil wasn’t wanted at madrid, Sanchez was sold cus he would always be on the bench…Cech?? we all know the story behind his. Wenger should just show ambition, go out there n get Aubameyang (get him cus you need him not cus Dortmund need might need funds) n Mahrez, and i’m telling you, you will be surprised by the amounts of fans he’ll win back.. i’m too tired to keep talking bout our transfer shiiii, we are used to it, save us all the disappointments and long thoughts, let the EPL just begin please

    1. @TH14-TW14,

      Immediately i saw TW14 at the back of your name i realized, it’s either you are theo’s Agent or his Uncle, no wonder you are been thumbed down, it’s people/fans like you that makes Arsene and the board think first 4 is a trophy, i am sure in your opinion you feel TW14 is the best striker in EPL and we don’t need to buy players like Mahrez, casette, cause he’s better than they are

      1. The Ozil signing proves that Arsenal were willing to give forty mil for Suarez, which happened to be his buy out. How people believe Arsenal only bid that much because they knew it would be refused ..these people may need psychiatric help.

  4. “This has been the most frustrating transfer window”.

    Nothing ever changes at AFC whilst AW,IG, SK and board remain in place.

    Expect nothing and avoid disappointment my friend.

  5. I don’t think we are serious about signing a proven striker. The Icardi rumor and the fact that we would supposedly be willing to pay 50 for him must be utter nonsense. If we have 50 million to pay for Icardi and he would be our preferred choice why not go for him now? If he is not the preferred choice and Lacazzette is the preferred choice why nickel and dime over 5 or 10 million pounds? Just pay Lyon the 40 they want and get on with it.

    Non of this makes any sense and that can only be because we are not committed to singing a striker. As mentioned above Lyon won’t even have time to buy a replacement. That’s part of the reason we wait so long with out second bid.

    Walcott is our man! Liverpool must be scared out of their minds.

  6. 2 weeks to kick off and it’s beginning to feel like it’s over before it’s started …. Slightly better squad but no first eleven to challenge for titles … A CB is a must but if it is Johnny Evans then that would be it for me … And without one new quality attacking option … We need two .. The idea that Sanchez can carry us just beggars rational belief … Why wenger hasn’t announced that Walcott is surplus to requirements to test if there is any interest in this overpaid whippet says everything about a management style that has led arsenal,in to a lost decade

  7. How many times do we hear Wenger say “It’s so hard, we tried but the market is so difficult and there are other teams”. He always says this before he insults by offering below market bids. He faffs, dithers, then underbids, as in Mata, Suarez, and now Lacazette. Two weeks to kickoff and as usual Chelsea, City, and United have done good business without insulting with their offers. Wenger throws away the league title before the season starts and his biggest insult is towards us supporters whom he doesn’t give a monkey’s backside about. He deflates the joys and expectations of the supporters whilst lecturing them about how hard it is. His mind has become warped and he stupidly relies on players like Walcott, Giroud and Mertesacker who are not good enough to win us the Premier League.

  8. We won’t be getting a striker. Not even Yedder and we won’t get Mahrez who is doing a Vardy and trying to get more wages from Leics.

    We won’t get a striker.

  9. It is interesting how Arsene becomes so personally involved in striker battles. It is a matter of honor almost. Benzema Higuain Suarez Morata Lacazette bring out the inner Arsene. “Nobody gonna make a fool outa me” . The longer the battle the more Kranky he becomes. Then he just walks out in a huff and signs Wellbeck at 11pm on August 31 🙂

    1. Wellbeck was a panic buy by the board in wengers absence. Wenger didn’t even do that!

      1. Rubbish.
        The board don’t do diddly squat.
        Quote from the board.
        ” When things are going well we say nothing.
        When things are going badly we still say nothing”
        The board do what Arsene tells them to do
        and what Arsene tells them to do is shut up.

        1. Nonsense.

          What does this mean to you (AWs own words):

          ‘If I had not been away on deadline day, Welbeck would not have signed. That’s the truth. I will tell you the story one day.’


            1. I wonder how long Wenger would keep his job if he ranted in a autobiography about his bosses…

              Did you even think before posting?

              Wenger has since praised Welbroke but how would his players react if he was brutally honest with them.
              “Oh Danny, erm…. I didn’t want you and now Im forced to work with you… umm… can you get injured so I don’t have to look at you?”

              Previous players have said how Wenger doesn’t like confrontation, you think a guy who is like that will be brutally honest to the fans and face the confrontations that will happen because of that?

  10. Nope we are pretending to be a small club.
    United and chelsea who are not even in the champs league are doing some great business in the window.
    But we remain stagnant waiting for some miracle to happen.

    We are totally unserious

  11. I dnt even understand Arsene Wenger again what abt Marhez issue as wenger stop taking him down to d emirate if so it is a slap on Arsenal face

  12. Strikers are in short supply and no top ones seem unhappy with their current clubs and are letting their contracts run down.

    To get a striker it seems to be a case of offering both the club and player a lot of money to persuade them to do a deal and both have to be persuaded.

    To kroenke this is a financial decision, a cost benefit analysis. In the market are other teams whose attitude is “to win competition xxxxx we need player yyyyy.

    So I do not think Arsenal are pretending, it is a case of arsenal not being willing to offer more than their financial analysis tells them the player is worth to arsenal.

    1. True John. Kroenke reasons
      that spending big does not
      always guarantee success.
      Only one team can win even if everyone spends big.
      So us spending bigger does not really improve our chances of winning?
      Leicester winning with a budget nobody team only strengthens his argument.
      And even if we do win will the increased advertising revenue
      always cover our initial outlay and likely increased salary bill?
      Besides with the increased TV rights teams get millions for just participating.
      To a hard nosed businessman like Kroenke with no affinity with English Football
      it will not concern him in the slightest should Arsenal never win the league again.
      So the top 4 sustainable model is not changing any time soon.

      1. Davidnz, all valid points. All I would say is that I looked at net spend on transfers, for the last five years, prior to the current transfer window.
        From memory the figures were approximately
        Arsenal £110m
        Leicester £55m
        Tottenham £50m PROFIT

        In other words, leicester may have made some bargain buys, theire net spend is about average for the PL.

        Tottenham, it pains me to say, have put their team together and made a big profit, despite my perception that they had made a lot of poor buys. The were the only PL team to have made a profit

        Note, above was before current transfer window.

  13. @jonm you might be right but I have trouble with that analysis. We know that our valuation of what a player is worth to us is consistently lower that what he is worth in the market place, if you then insist to hold onto your own valuations you know you will not get the players you want. This in my book means you are not serious.

    Once you know you offers will not be accepted can you be serious?

  14. Its a possibilty ,yes!!!
    Actually, It appears that AFC is even pretending that they are in transfer market!

  15. I think Wenger would like a striker but he just isn’t prepared to pay the market rate so it isn’t going to happen. Every other top club has managed to find one but not us despite everyone at the club working very very hard on it. Well what are they all doing is what I’d like to know because never has so much effort produced so little results.
    Spurs _ Jansen
    Man u _ibrahimovic
    Chelsea _ byshtai
    Man city _ nolito
    Liverpool _ mane
    Arsenal _ sorry it just not possible

  16. Just tired of all dis news n every1 know wat arsene Wenger can do. He can come back to tell us no player in d transfer market n other teams can find player, r dey get in dem from heaven.

  17. Just tire of all did news. I only belief AFC Sign player wen I see dem in our shirt. To mr Wenger no player available in d market as usual story n other team can find players to buy, r dey from heaven. Seen d numbers of players which could av play for arsenal team bt bcuz of greediness of Wenger unfortunately dey couldnt come n become great 2dy, imagine those guys pass trough arsenal OMG. Just tire of dis man called Wenger

  18. According to the Media Arsenal have been interested in every Striker on the Planet.
    Wenger has NO interest in buying a Striker he is just playing Games with the Fans.

  19. I am so sick and tired of the line ‘we’re not the only ones looking for a player’. We all know damned well he’s going to ‘track, ‘monitor’ and ‘follow’ players until it’s too late or they get bored of waiting for a sensible offer to come in and either re-sign for their existing club or go somewhere they are really wanted. Meanwhile Mr K is sitting there purring like a fat cat looking at all the money Arsene’s saved him again. It’s making me ill.

  20. @ ADMIN
    Before we accuse AW as liar, I like to remind you that he did bought Granit Xhaka for 35M pounds without any stubborn act. Cashed in flash, we were not even hyping.
    By then he must realize that footballers market valuation nowadays are tend to inflate. He’s a master of economical degree by the way.
    As you said admin, maybe he was forced this time by the board to limit the offer. If it is true, then our shopping days are done, with this summary :
    -Granit Xhaka (CDM)
    -Kelichi Nkwali (ST)
    -Takuma Asano (ST)
    -Rob Holding (CB)
    Guess what? One CDM, one CB, and even two strikers, that we all wished (let alone their classes), have completed. Gosh, I feel dead already…

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