Are Arsenal just two games away from a successful season?

Would it be a successful season if….? By Twig

The mesmerizing 3-0 bashing of Chelsea early in the season appeared to suggest we’re frontrunners for the 2016/17 title. However defeats to Everton, Watford, Liverpool and infamously to Bayern Munich in a record setting 10-2 loss banished any hopes that this Arsenal team was the real deal. At the start of the season, Wenger commented that this was the best squad he has had in years. He probably doesn’t quite think so now.

So we now have two crucial games left in the season. Both games could potentially win us two Wenger trophies: Champions league qualification which Wenger has delivered without fail all his time at Arsenal and the FA cup, which he has won a record equaling 6 times.

Both games will be tricky. Everton had beaten us earlier in the season and they boast an in form Romelu Lukaku who’s likely pretty annoyed at losing his goal scorer top spot to Harry Kane (after his 4 goal heroics against Leicester City). He’ll want to prove he is the top marksman in the league when we meet on Sunday. Chelsea is a different team to the one we trashed 3-0 in September last year. Now, they’re champions and all their big players are in form. And we’ve had a very bad history against them in recent seasons….

That said, if Wenger wins the FA cup and secures champions league qualification it’ll be by far his most satisfying wins in either competition. If he choses to quit after that, he could go with his head held high, and maybe they’ll be a few fans who’ll stage a protest demanding he stays. So Gooners will you take it as a successful season if we secure champions league qualification AND win the FA cup?



  1. Red Dawn says:

    How can anyone consider this a successful season ?
    Have the ambitions and expectations of Arsenal fans fallen so low?
    Or are they just desperately trying to find a reason to keep the underachieving manager in place for more years of failure????

    1. Taxi4Wenger says:

      Tell that to jembut.

  2. Juhi McLovin says:

    Our “title run” was over after those back to back defeats against Everton and City. Oddly enough we scored the first goal in those matches but bottled in the second half.

    0 points against Liverpool
    1 point against Spurs
    1 point against City
    3 points against Chelsea
    1-2 defeat at home to Watford
    0-0 draw at home to M’brough
    3-1 and 3-0 sound away defeats against WBA and Palace

    These are the matches I’d like to point out. We came into the season unprepared, had a good run, then had a dip in December and completely lost control around January. This has happened almost every season, clockwork.

  3. JPS_AFC1 says:

    How can Wenger win the FA cup and secure CL qualification. It’s the players who take the field and put in the performance. They are the ones who will win the FA cup. I think CL qualification is a pipe dream LFC ain’t gonna slip up agaist an already relegated team and we can only balme ourselves. A win against West Brom or Crystal Palace would have been enougg but its gone now. This club needs a new direction from Ownership to managment and the board. Usmanov instead of Kroenke, a board with ambitious memeber in the mould of David Dein and a manager with ambition and tactical genius like Allegri. Get rid off the dead wood a couple off signings in the right spots and we will be back at the top in league and europe.

  4. Robert Newton says:

    We have failed to challenge for EPL and UCL in the past decade. The only time we challenged for EPL was in 2007-2008 season but where we were at the top for most months but failed in the last 2 months and ended the season 4 points behind champions. Anything other than being champions of EPL or UCL is a failure. FA cup, League Cup and Europa League is mickey mouse trophy.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      FA Cup is not a mickey mouse trophy

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Out of context, yes, a trophy coupled with Champions League football would be considered a success. Looked at ‘in context’, it cannot be considered a successful season. We’re further away than we’ve ever been from winning the league, and we’re getting battered in Europe, and we’ve been diabolical against top teams.

    Tottenham haven’t won a trophy this season, but you can clearly see the progression being made. At Arsenal, we’re only regressing, it’s so obvious to see.

  6. Nebsy says:

    In the terms of Wenger leaving the club with an FA cup in his hands, yes, I’d consider it a very successful season.

  7. John0711 says:

    If we made 4th and won the FA cup (which we won’t) it would be an ok season. However, huge mistakes have been made and it would paper over the cracks. The club needs to change from its core to become the club they (wenger and gazadis) promised ” we will be able to comepete with anyone and sign anyone”.

    However, I cannot see wenger currently admitting mistakes which means he either thinks he hasn’t or he doesn’t care. This jeambue ( admin) or who ever he is has only made one good point it’s not only wenger that’s the issue it’s the board. But if wenger had any decency he would say I wanted this player or that but my hands are tied.

    So all I can see from here comes is a continuation of of what we’ve seen this year. Wenger has even started the” only 1 point off the top 4 is hard to take crap”

    It’s boring and I think the empty seats will start to become the norm unless it’s a big game

    1. twig says:

      Didn’t people also say we won’t beat Manchester City in the FA cup semis?

  8. Simon says:

    Any fan over re-acts. Me too-

    But I think we’ve had a better season than Man City – and that’s not an easy achievement. Look at the cash they’ve spent and the history of their manager

    That said we’ve gone backwards this season despite what I believe is a good team on paper.

    Champ league is gone. Might do is a favour next year.

    FA Cup needs a small miracle – right now Chelsea are a much better team

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Success is measured by winning Trophies

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