Are Arsenal looking better for new season than Liverpool?

This season may well become null and void which leads us to look forward to the new campaign, and I don’t think it would too outlandish to say Arsenal have more to look forward to in the new campaign then current runaway leaders Liverpool.

The last time a team looked to take grasp of the Premier League title so early on was Chelsea, when they went unbeaten until December in the 2014-15 season, and their later performances saw them stutter through the last months of the campaign before lifting the title. The very next season we saw them endure their worst campaign since Roman Abramovich took over in 2004 as we watched them finish in tenth position, and much of this I see in the current Liverpool side.

Jurgen Klopp’s men are literally grinding out the majority of their league results at present (or had been until the league was suspended), and they have been said to rely heavily on Trent Alexander-Arnold’s crossing ability to get them into goalscoring opportunities.

The recent performances aren’t overly scrutinised because the league is all-but wrapped up, but there is warning signals for me looking at them to continue this into next season.

The current world climate of course may put an end to the current campaign, therefore extending the break before the next season massively, which may well help them for next term, but leave them distraught at not having been able to win the PL for the first time since it was rebranded.

Arsenal on the other hand mostly look fresh and revitalised under boss Mikel Arteta, and I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to seeing what more he can do given a pre-season to instill his footballing style into the team.

Regardless of whether Aubameyang stays, players like Gabriel Martinelli and Eddie Nketieh are giving us more than enough excitement going forward to tell me we have plenty to look forward to in the 2020-2021 season, and the prospect of no European distractions could give us a pleasant boost in our bid to return to the Champions League places.

Don’t worry, I wont jump the gun and claim we will be kicking it at the top of the table with Manchester City, who will also be blessed by no European football, but I am more than confident that we will be stronger in the race for the top four next term, while the league leaders may struggle.

Am I alone in seeing chinks in the Liverpool armor at present? Am I getting ahead of myself as I seek out a return to the Champions League?



  1. Not sure why we’re doing a comparison with Liverpool? The two clubs are light years apart, and absolutely nothing alike.

    Liverpool are a competitive, progressive club, that have almost every position in their starting XI sorted. Arsenal are a passionless club, not competitive, no ambition, and almost every position needs a massive upgrade.

    On top of that, for the first time in my life watching Arsenal, we may not even have a single world class player on our books come next season.

  2. “Are Arsenal looking better for the new season than Liverpool?”, is akin to saying you think a team with so many sub par players is more likely to do better than one which is 25 points clear. I need say nothing else. The stupidity even of the headline is obvious, even before you actually read the biased and ridiculous tosh that follows that silly headline. Realism does not come easily to some folk !
    It is exactly this sort of nonsense article based on nothing of value and real thought, save only biased hope and love of our club ( a love , but not biased hope,which we REALISTS ALSO share, btw) that leads to irritatingly stupid and intelligence insulting non articles like this. In case some think I am being rude, you bet I AM AND THIS SORT OF TOSH RICHLY DESERVES RUDE BUT TRUTHFUL REPLIES.

  3. I have noticed that Liverpool are using the old hail house ball just lately boot it down the field for SALAH to chase

  4. @Patrick-I get what you are saying here and understand your reasoning. Basically, Liverpool are good, In fact very good. So they can only ever go backwards. But they have been proven to beatable. Whereas we at the moment are very average, and have underperformed this season, meaning we can only ever improve. We are not close enough to challenge Liverpool and Citeh, BUT, with carefull recruitment and the gradual introduction of some very talented youngsters, we are more than capable under Arteta of at least improving next season. If we are Top six next season then that is a start.We probably will not be top four, but we can at least move upwards for the first time in a few seasons, and with Arteta I honestly believe we will be more consistent as he has shown already

  5. Not sure if having world class players on one’s books is a”must have” to ensure winning the premier league – after all, Leicester did it with a group of players when the rest of the premier league let us finish second ( for some reason that has never been explained ).

    I also feel that the defensive issues have been addressed, at least by the signings of Tierney, Salibas, Suares and Mari, especially if the last two mentioned become permanent signings.

    Injuries have played a huge part in our season, as usual, seeing both UE and MA having to juggle and play our players out of position in nearly every game.

    The obvious talent of our younger players is there
    for all to see and I understand the optimism that Patrick sees, especially if we are able to sign the player he sees as the next Vieira, Thomas Partey.

    It has also been very clear, that liverpool are not the unbeatable force we have been led to believe in, their past few results have shown that.

    We also have only just begun to see what MA is capable of doing within three short months.
    He had to concentrate as much on the off field problems as those on it and he has performed remarkably well – klopp has had five years to get to this stage, along with owners who have actually supported him throughout.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Auba and his reported contract claims, it seems as if ee have been here before and the ramifications of that decision continues to this day.

    I won’t discount Patricks’s question out of hand, but we need to see three or four things fall into place before I can fully back him up – let’s just see how injuries, younger players, contract negotiations and new signings pan out before we, so readily and yet again, run down our club.

    One absolute positive for me, is that we have MA at the helm and I am quite certain it won’t take four years before we have success again.

    1. @ken1945

      I cannot think of a team winning the EPL without at least one world class player, Leicester included. They make the difference.

  6. While waiting for my original post to appear, it should be acknowledged that liverpool, under one manager, have used 23 players in the premiership – The Arsenal, under three manager/coaches, have used 27 players.
    Not certain about the injurys that have seen players out for the season, buut pool would have to had been desperately unlucky, if they compare to ours.

      1. Thanks Pat, my apologies.
        It must be the thought of spending weeks in isolation thats got my hand a bit jerky!?!?!?!

        1. Not to mention all us oldies brains too Ken. Certainly mine at least. Keep safe and well old chum.

          1. Absolutely Jon – my wife is even more concerned, saying three months with an Arsenal anorak will finish her off!!!!!

          2. What a coincidence Ken. Mine too said much the same. I pray my indoor and later my outdoor bowling keeps going . But it won’t, as we are all old folk and therefore sensible, bar me obviously.

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