Are Arsenal next in line for Middle Eastern takeover?

There have been many articles on JustArsenal discussing the impact on Arsenal of Newcastle being taken over by Prince Muhammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, which is likely to reduce the Gunners chances of ever making the Top Four again without major investment.

Of course, we all know about the bid from Daniel Ek of Spotify to try and persuade Stan Kroenke to sell Arsenal to him, along with a consortium of investors and Arsenal legends backing him, but it remains to be seen if he has the financial clout to persuade our absent landlords to give up their cash cow.

With Man City being owned by Sheik Mansour of the United Arab Emirates, it would appear that he now has got a rival in the Premier League that can match his spending power, if not beat it, although when you start talking about multi-billionaires then they can all buy anything they want.

So if they wanted to create a playfull competition between the Middle Eastern countries, it would be reasonable to expect a Qatari takeover of a Premiership team, and just over 5 weeks ago Khalifa Bin Hamad Al Thani, the ex-Emir of Qatar tweeted a cryptic tweet…..

And yesterday, after news of Newcastle’s takeover, we saw another reference to Arsenal from the Qatari Culture Ambassador in London, Mohammed Al Kaabi, which gave us yet another clue….

Other than being a personal plaything, the Middle Eatern states are using ‘sports washing’ to help improve their images in Europe, so it is very possible that Qatar would be keen on the Premier League, especially after the uproar caused by their successful World Cup bid.

And althogh Daniel Ek has not tempted Kroenke to sell, a massive offer from Qatar Sports Investments could easily make Kroenke an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Dan Smith doesn’t think that a Middle Eastern takeover would be good for Arsenal or the Premier League, but it would certainly mean that the Gunners would be challenging for trophies in the near future….

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  1. What! no rebuild (or retool depending on your view)
    Loadsa money and the best manager and players? Who cares when Arsenal can get CL and win it. Areteta our rookie, Pep waterboy assistant would get the sack. Whoo hoo!

    What will we all have to moan about if Arsenal keep winning the league? Who will we argue with on JA?

    Seriously though, there are probably other wealthy nations cum emirates looking for an opportunity. Once they have all bought in, the EPL will be owned almost exclusively by oil barons or nations and the league will be wide open. No more guarantees of top4 for any team. Like it used to be but with foreign owners and dodgy human rights records.

  2. The Qatari royal family definitely have the financial power to buy Arsenal from Kroenke, but I won’t watch Arsenal anymore if it happens

    Why can’t English people like Lord Alan Sugar buy Arsenal?

    1. GAI
      I can think of 2 reasons
      He’s not wealthy enough
      He’s a spud
      The hugely wealthy chemist industrialist – Sir Jim Ratcliffe is a possibility

      1. Didn’t Radcliffe buy Nice or some club in France after allegedly having a bid for Chelsea turned down? His interview also stated it doesn’t make business sense to buy a club valued in billions and why he opted for a French club (think he paid around £100 million).

    2. That would be a fine idea but unfortunately it’s only those from the other side of the world who are interested

  3. Morality is a nice thing in the real world but in business if you show moral values you fail – it literally is dog eat dog.
    Arsenal want – need to survive in the dog eat dog world of the premiership and if you believe that money from ANY billionaire is squeaky clean then you are too stupid – you don’t become a billionaire by being nice.
    I would welcome Qatar investment because I know that all money is dirty..

    1. A discrace. There are things in life more important than Arsenal winning. Becoming a tool for washing dictators image is a shame for our club.

    2. 👍🏼 Well said… We as fans need to be entertained by our beloved club. And in the modern football world…. Money talks

  4. I hope so being outplayed by Brighton was a hard watch! At least no stress today just fury and wilder fight to look forward to 🥊

      1. Yeah Sue probably 5am getting too old for these Las Vegas fights 😂 you watching it ? Is your man in it 😀

          1. Haha Fury’s a character 😂 wilder is very one dimensional he’s a hit and hope boxer, he looked knackered after the second Sue.. I’d rather see Usyk fight Fury he’s got skill, a brain and could go 20 rounds 🥊😀

      2. Sell the damn team…a billion on a stadium for the NFL..looks like you spent money on the Nuggets, you Stan Scrooge and Tiny Tim and your stoolies have destroyed us gutted us…made us the laughing stock. Dangote Elk the Quataris…any one who wants to win please buy this effing team….ANYONE WHO WANTS TO WIN…

        1. That is a terrible attitude, you obviously don’t know what we stand for! Then again a typical win at all costs mentality.

  5. Maybe the new investor will sack Arteta on his takeover. That’ll be the gòod news. Arsenal have invested heavily, and Arteta is failing to turn that investment into fruition

    1. Artetas new arrivals have played a handful of games together, and are unbeaten in their last 4. What sort of fruition are you looking for?
      Just saying….

  6. I hope we get an investor soon before teams like Palace, Norwich, Brighton and the likes get rich bought.. C’mon Qatar, make Kroenke an offer he can’t dare refuse!.. We miss The Glory days!!

  7. If Newcastle come calling for any of our young home grown players like SAKA or ESR arteta will sell them

  8. Arsenal has 27 millions fanbase. If everyone chip in $100, we can buy the club with $2.7 billion.

  9. That’s even a better option if the fans come together to take it over as both real stakeholders and shareholders.

    1. I actually can envisage the Qataris making a bid for Arsenal FC a London club with a great history with real estate to match. A prestige buy in their eyes and even at $3 billion, merely pocket change to them. It is the way football is headed and has been for the past 15 plus years. FFP is a sick joke ask PSG, Man City and Chelsea who have been showing them the middle finger for years?

  10. If our long-term project bares fruit it would be a kick in the head to the oil barons. If we can compete with them over the long-term, it would be a great sight. Then Liv and Leic also adding to the competition, would love to see it, the oil barons faltering for a long spell

  11. The most important thing for Newcastle is that they appoint the correct manager, it will be interesting to see the process.

  12. But Arsenal can challenge and win trophies with the players they have. It depends on the the attitude they display on the match day.

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