Are Arsenal now back to 100%? We will find out against Chelsea next week….

Arsenal scored three against Bournemouth yesterday and they were totally in control. We had all our players back in their preferred positions, and Welbeck and Lacazette combined perfectly up front. Kolasinac and Bellerin helped out our best back three setup and it all looked so easy.

Bellerin himself, who reportedly asked to leave this summer, looked back to his best and we even had a cameo performance from Alexis Sanchez. This was in marked contrast to our abysmal performance last week at Anfield, and Hector Bellerin admitted that the team deserved the backlash after that game. “I think it was fully deserved. We didn’t give 100 per cent in that game and we didn’t play as Arsenal should play. We need to take it on the chin and we know we had to improve, so after this game I think we showed everyone that we have reacted. We knew what we did was wrong and we need to make amends for it. I think we showed that on the pitch, and it was a good comeback from that.”

He was obviously much happier after yesterday’s facile win. “We came from a tough period after two losses in the Premier League and it has been a hard time, everyone knows that. It was up to us to come up with the right attitude and the right plan, and everyone performed at their best level. Everyone gave their 100 per cent and that’s shown in the whole game and in the result.”
Arsenal managed 15 shots on goal and 8 were on target, so does Bellerin think we could have got a hatful of goals? “Yeah, I mean we have to be happy with what we got. We’re happy that we got a clean sheet, that is really important for us because we conceded a few goals in the last game so it was important for us to keep solid at the back. We’ve got that in us as well and as long as you win and you win playing well the way we did, it feels good whatever the score is.”

So are Arsenal back to 100%? Obviously there will be question marks as our opponents have now lost all four of their games so far, but the real test will come next Sunday at Stamford Bridge. If they play as well as they did yesterday we must surely have a chance to beat Chelsea?


  1. waal2waal says:

    there’s a well known recipe for premiership competition at the higher level and its this:- manage to win your home games and try not to concede or be beaten away – those teams capable of doing it are usually in the mix come the end of the season. At the moment im not encouraged by arsenals current form i think the momentum is with man city, man utd and cfc who wasted us over there in the far east –

    Are we back to 100% how could we be – the 4-0 at anfield is still leaves a bitter taste to the belly. we need a robust defence, more quality in central-mid and a striker scoring with the precision of a finely tuned machine.

    *at stamford bridge we need to be allowed to play without fear. If anyone thinks that chelski will allow us that (space)…perhaps they need to wake up and think again – we’ have to earn the right.

    1. gotanidea says:

      They are not yet back at their 100% capabilities. Against relegation level teams like Bournemouth, they should have completely dominated and dictated the tempo of the game, but they did not.

      They had better be careful when facing Chelsea. Arsenal has beaten Chelsea twice with 3-4-2-1 and I think Conte has already had another plan to beat that formation.

      To prevent Chelsea’s wingbacks and inverted forwards from attacking more frequently, I think 3-5-2 would be better to used against them. With 3-5-2, Arsenal could be more threatening in the sides, with the help of two skillful and quick wide forwards:


      ← Koscielny – Mustafi – Monreal →
      ↑ ↑ ↑
      Bellerin – Ramsey – Elneny – Xhaka – Kolasinac
      ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
      ← Lacazette —- Welbeck →

      Chelsea’s wingbacks would be forced to stay back and defend if Arsenal attack them constantly from the wings. And Arsenal would be safer from counterattacks, because they will have a defensive midfielder.

      1. neil says:

        no way Wenger is ever dropping Ozil…

      2. gotanidea says:

        …….← Koscielny – Mustafi – Monreal →
        Bellerin – Ramsey – Elneny – Xhaka – Kolasinac
        …………← Lacazette —– Welbeck →

      3. Kane says:

        You must be a chelsea fan. Ozil and Alexis on the bench? no way.


        Mustafi Koscielny Monreal

        Bellerin Ramsey Xhaka Kolasinac

        Lacazette Alexis/Welbeck

  2. Leeroysgooners says:

    We showed yesterday we learnt nothing from the liverpool game way to open in midfield again (ramsay&xhaka) against a better team than Bournemouth we would probably of conceded a few with out question and do we really think wenger will change for the chav game lol not a chance

    1. neil says:

      agreed.. I don’t think you can have Xhaka Ozil and Ransey in same team when playing the top 6/7 teams… ideally there would be a Kante type DM player sitting in front of back 3 and wingbacks which alows the CAM’s their licence to attack.. not surr who that player is in current squad other than Coquelin .. so as everyone has said for last few years this is a key position to fill in transfer window unless Jack is going to come in there

  3. ks-gunner says:

    Fickle fans, very fickle, but again reality is going to visit us soon

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    Is this is a genuinely serious question!?

    After a win at home against Bournemouth?

    Is there a dumber question ever asked?

    Where did I put my pickled onions?..

  5. AndersS says:

    What is our 100%?
    Is it:
    – Beating bottom teams most of the time
    – Loosing to bottom teams occasionally
    – Beating a top team occasionally
    – Loosing to top teams most of the time
    Then I think, we are at 100%, and I am confident Wenger will keep it up.

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Gazidas is taking over Dick Law’s job
    So not much of a change then
    We need a Director of Football

  7. wilshegz says:

    Monreal dropped for Mertesacker
    Ozil dropped for Alexis
    Ramsey dropped for Elneny
    …with this lineUp u ll beat chelsea @ stamford bridge

    1. AndersS says:

      At least it would stop us from being overrun and loosing by 3-5 goals.

  8. Malaysian gunner says:

    There is no reason why the gunners cant beat Chelsea.The thing is Wenger
    has to line up the players in their natural position instead of deploying elsewhere.
    Further more cut out the intricate build up and shoot on sight.
    Obviously Chelsea are a different proposition compared to B’mouth.
    Be careful of the speedy counter attack which Wenger has repeatedly failed to address.
    Unless this is done,Chelsea could run riot.

  9. Sue says:

    When was the last time we won at stamford bridge??

  10. u.k says:


  11. David Rusa says:

    A few factors need to be borne in mind. The first one has to be why did Arsenal perform so poorly against Liverpool. I think this issue lies squarely at Wenger’s doorstep. If Wenger had not made an erratic team selection the Liverpool game would have been even. I can never be convinced that the Liverpool team is superior to ours. It was only made to look a super team by Wenger’s ineptitude. However if every Arsenal player is playing at their best and in their natural positions Arsenal is capable of competing with anybody. We should not be unduly worried about our team.

  12. Chuks says:

    Chelsea will beat Arsenal and Wenger will come out and tell us it was a blip,we will show our character in d next match.
    hw many blips in a season?
    Wenger out#

  13. Pro-gunner says:

    This is my preferred team against Chelsh**
    1) Unpredictable formation
    2) Conservative defence
    3) Lethal attack


  14. Alelbrto says:

    Actually the above lineup by pro-gunner is the best but I doubt if wenger can adopt to it because he has his preferred players even if they’re not in good form.

  15. ruelando says:

    Arsenal greatest enemy is itself, as long as the players work as a team and not themselves we can beat anyone

  16. Mogunna says:

    We lost Coq, had right défensive balance and power to fight anyone for Cherries game. We dont have any Dog like him nor power house in middle. He is not Matic nor kanté but has his own combining différent strengh, a Dog first. In form he is top 3, been that.

    Point is losing home is not a good news and this article a joke. Seri be great now but 40millions was too much, lets bet 90 millions next time, like lemar..
    Anyway, solution today:
    Play Elbeny to defend like a Dog, run 95mn. Replace Xhaka as we have défense forces covered now, please DT change it sir coach Arsène.., keep it same, clean sheet . replace xhaka by iwoby, kid acceleartes our game and dangerous… With l’ACA Sanchez, Theo or danny, too fast for any défense, he bring that crazy spark…

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