Are Arsenal now more attractive than Man United for players like Declan Rice?

So would a player in his right mind turn down a move to Arsenal at the moment? Maybe players would have preferred to join Manchester United over Arsenal in recent seasons with us not having even a sniff of Champions League football.

I know it’s not what you want to hear as a Gooner, but it’s the brutal reality. The Red Devils were willing to pay a high price for players, offer them “rich contracts,” and occasionally offer them a taste of Champions League action. They weren’t performing, but they weren’t badly off.

Anyway, the tables have turned; after their resurgence last season, Arsenal now seems like the club to go to, with players now seeing the Gunners looking much more attractive than Manchester United as the club they should join.

The Rangers and Scotland legend Ally McCoist was recently speaking with Laura Woods on talkSPORT and noted that a player like Rice wouldn’t find it hard to snub a move to Old Trafford to move to the Emirates.

McCoist claimed this week: “I look at United over the weekend and over the entire campaign — and I know they’ve won the League Cup this year — but they look as though they’re four or five players behind Manchester City. I still think the Gunners are well behind Manchester City now, but in my opinion, they’ve got the potential to get nearer to them quicker.”

Arsenal gained their competitive edge last season, and as much as other clubs like Manchester United are set to improve next season, if the Gunners can improve even furter, then I doubt any other club other than Manchester City could be more appealing. So if you are not going to Manchester City, Arsenal could be the club that you go to if you want a real shot at Premier League glory.

Sam P

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  1. Nothing personal but anyone who thinks Rice is worth 90-100 million is seriously deranged.

    1. Rice is worth more than treble what Liverpool paid for Mac Allister, apparently 😮

      Typically nonsense English player prices!!

    2. I don’t think Rice is worth 100M but it all depends in how badly Arteta needs him for his next season plans. Rice is young with loads of Epl and national team experience I also think he is more versatile than Mac Alister. I don’t support Arsenal paying more than 90M.

      1. £100m would be too much for him, but his price tag gets inflated by his homegrown status in England, age and stature

  2. I think Declan Rice is an even more attractive proposition now because having earnt his first senior club honour, I can tell you he is going to be hungry for much more of the same. He now knows for sure what he can be part of achieving.
    Unfortunately WHU will value him possibly even higher after their success. But well done to the Hammers anyway. Incidentally, Bowen is also a player that keeps giving and very underrated.

  3. Well Arsenal think he’s a good bet, only time will tell let’s hope he can make his doubters realise they were wrong, good luck to him

  4. After watching last night match I concluded that Rice is over priced and over hyped. Except that arsenal is going for him for FA politics. If we want to close Manc up faster, we should go for Caicedo in that position.

  5. Depends on the player.

    Rice gives the impression that he does not want to leave London, Chelsea are the other team he has been linked with and not an option now for a player who wants champions league.

  6. There will be some quite improvement if team arsenal could go for RICE Coz he currently plays in english premier league and understand the league much’re better than any other player signed from other european leagues, I think Rice could fit at Emirates stadium come next season.

  7. It all depends on whether Rice himself has the last say and goes where he wants to or as so many players tend to do they leave it to their agent who obviously gets the best deal ( and a whopping cut for themselves ) and tells the player that he has made the best deal for him and persuades the player to go where the agent wants him to rather than where the player would really want to go.

  8. The last time I checked, Rice is still a Westham player and Rice is Rice, another overhyped English player

  9. Arsenal will get Declan Rice if they really wants him, because of two reasons.

    Arsenal has approximately £100 million set a side for the purchase of the Englishman.

    The Englishman actually believed £90 million is reasonable enough for his service

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