Are Arsenal now out of the race to sign this top striker?

Arsene Wenger may feel that Arsenal have a great attacking line-up this season and back in January he reckoned that the Gunners collection of Alexis, Giroud, Welbeck, Perez, Walcott and Ozil were even better than the Invincibles! Wenger said: “I think certainly numbers wise and quality wise, this is the best attacking unit. We had never so many players who could perform and score goals – certainly never.

“Bergkamp, Henry… and Van Persie [came] behind them. Wiltord, Pires, it was not bad. They had the quality, but [we have] the large number [now].”

That has now been proven not to be the case, although an argument could be made that they haven’t been managed in the best way, and there are now many Arsenal rumours linking us with new top strikers this summer including big names like Benzema (as usual), Mbappe and Lacazette.

But it now looks like Arsenal could be out of the race for Alexandre Lacazette unless we can still pull off a miracle and somehow get back into the Top Four to reach the Champions League for the 21st season in a row. The Lyon striker, who has already scored 30 goals this season, has made a statement that will worry Arsenal fans. He was quoted as saying: “[The team I will join] will have to be in the Champions League and play good football,”

“Passing the ball, not just hitting it from box to box. Not kick and rush. That would not work for me.”

Arsenal may well be a passing side, but there are very few people that would give us a chance of playing Champions League football next season. Does this mean we have no hope of signing Lacazette?



  1. big g says:

    Does this mean we have no hope of signing Lacazette?
    In short, yes.

    1. lord wafflebury says:

      Had a chance to get him last year before his price inflated…instead offered less than west hams rejected offer ffs…happens time and time again with our penny pinching dinosaur of a manager…so many people here are right on when they say we miss david dein..,would never have been in this mess in his day.

  2. gotanidea says:

    “[The team I will join] will have to be in the Champions League and play good football,”
    “Passing the ball, not just hitting it from box to box. Not kick and rush. That would not work for me.”

    Lacazette knows what good football is. He knows he wouldn’t last long in a team that cannot build the attack from the back, cannot possess the ball too long, has kick-rush style and always make long kicks from the goal instead of playing the opponent’s attackers with passing game, like Arsenal.

    Most Premiere League teams have this football style, that’s why they cannot compete with the other top European teams with an open play. Luckily some managers with good fooball philosophies came, like Guardiola, Pochettino, Klopp, Koeman and Conte. Hopefully their managerial style can influence other managers in Premiere League.

    Lacazette is out of reach, but I’m sure there are many other strikers like him. It is Arsenal staffs’ job to find players like him. If Leicester City can get Mahrez, Kante and Vardy for very cheap prices, Arsenal should be able to do it as well.

  3. stubill says:

    Lacazette: Wants CL football = No
    Mbappe : Too expensive = No
    Benzema : Too old for price probably wanted, and he’s scum = No

    Any top striker wants CL football and an ambitious club, neither of which Arsenal will have next season, so we’ll settle for mediocre players yet again, unless there is a massive stroke of luck, and the board and most probably Wenger do a massive U turn.

    The future looks bleak.

  4. Juhi McLovin says:

    Are we already in the Europa League group stage? Correct me if I’m wrong:

    – if we finish 5th, we will qualify for Europa League group stage
    – if we win the FA Cup, we qualify for Europa League group stage
    – if we lose the FA Cup and still finish at least 6th, we will qualify for Europa League group stage because Chelsea are already in the Champions League

  5. Espion_arge says:

    Even if we signed the worlds
    best 22 footballers nothing
    would change. We would still be
    scraping 4th in may 2018.
    The only change we need to make
    is the Manager.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      IF we had three-five of the worlds best CB’s, in front of one of it’s best GK’s, flanked by two of the best fullbacks. All behind two of the best CDM’s, with options on bench. Some of the very best attackers out wide ..and through the middle. Come on now, it would make the world of difference, sure that sounds better than that Pep-Barcelona team, better than that Bayern team also. Look at that Juv defence, see that first Tott goal we let in, you think because of tactics six Juventus defenders would have done the same.

  6. Vanpayslip is hood ornaments/junkies win awards in my tournaments says:

    No serious striker is going to want to come to a club where the manager has had Giroud as his main man for 4 years and genuinely believes he is a top player. It shows how misguided the manager is.

    Also, Ozil joined as a superstar. He was immense in the seasons before joining. If I was a player I would probably look at AFC and think if you can mess Ozil up then that is not a good sign for my career.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I think there are some players who look like they will become very good players, they sometimes decide to join a club to develop a little more at before looking to join one of the giants of Europe. We need to look at some of those. Or we could try sort out our wage structure, hopefully there are clauses in there to bring the payments down if no CL football. Then we have wages to entice some very decent first team players, make sure they are physically robust so we can go a season without too many player change.

  7. Nebsy says:

    Lacazette was out of reach last transfer window, why would things change this transfer window?

    Don’t expect anything better happening that this season in the future with Kroenke.
    The only lifeline is Dagnote making loads of money with his new oil refinery. Should it all go as planned, he’ll be even richer in 2020 and could buy Arsenal for a very inflated price. Until then, forget about the top four and the St.Toteringham’s day, Kroenke and the board are restructuring the club into a mid-table disappointment that still makes money.

  8. Franko says:

    If Wenger had not been sentimental in his team selection, we would not be where we are today. Wenger is the reason we are were we are today not the players. Mediocrity has been his main stay since our best players began to leave the club. He has benched or loaned or sold some of the better players just to keep his mediocre players in the team. He is a loser of a manager and expect him to play the same way next season just to prove a point and expect the same failures to come along with it. Lastly, I expect the fans to rant again as usual and actually do little or nothing about it. Its a boring cycle.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      He’s not a loser, he’s not at the very top but calling him a loser is a bit much. If by loser you simply mean he couldn’t win a league title for a long time, well then yes in that sense he is.

  9. Break-on-through says:

    No I don’t think that alone does, it depends also on which CL teams come in for him. If he want’s to try England and it is between us and Liv, I think our past record might stand up better than one season in how long. Also the French influence at Arsenal could play a part. I think he said this believing we will miss out on CL and then we’ll have to offer more wages than we were prepared to so to make up some what. I believe Lacazette will be at Arsenal next season. He mentioned a moment when Henry shook him and told him to push himself, he spoke of it fondly, I wonder if Henry would advise him to join AFC or if Henry might think he’s better off somewhere else right now.

  10. Simon says:

    Typical fans we over-react when things go well. Same same when they go bad.

    I know Giroud isn’t everyone fav striker, but he was one of the few standout players of the Euros.

    We have more good strikers than we’ve ever had. But the reality is you can only play 1/2 at any one time.

    I believe our team is good. Actually very good. But performances haven’t been there this season-

    And with exception of Carzola not had any big-long injuries this year.

    Ultimately that comes down to tactics, discipline, and motivation. And that’s the near sole responsibility of the manager-

    I’m a Wenger fan- but that’s the biggest shortcoming I can find

    1. Sangram says:

      I believe Giroud has been an absolutely massive player for Arsenal at 16 million.. You don’t get international strikers at that price..

  11. GrahamB says:

    Yes we do miss Dein but no one seems to be slagging him off for introducing Kronke to the club, which he did.

  12. jb10 says:

    lacazette would be perfect for our new formation up top or on the right of the attacker(currently being held by ozil)
    he has the ability to score from anywhere a game changer. he is similar player to perez so he would only be signed if perez was leaving.

    if giroud goes>>belotti
    belotti has all the Arial, power and technical attributes of giroud but younger and more mobile. he will complement sanchez well

    the player i think is taking up space is welbeck he has less ability than Nickolas bendtner but yet still he is made to be some good player because he works hard. the only advantage of such a player is throw him up top to work out the opposition defense and let the attacking 2 behind him do the damage

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