Are Arsenal on the brink of success? Or disaster?

Would the real Arsenal please step forward? by AndersS

There is new excitement in following Arsenal, and the excitement starts well before each game. Because which Arsenal is going to turn up? Is it the one, that put in a 90% performance for one half and a 60% performance for the other, lose matches and points to mediocre teams and gets annihilated by good teams? Or is it the team that put in a 100% motivated and organized performance on a level which only the very top of the PL can equal?

After Saturday it actually feels good to be able to say; Tottenham are a really good team, but we are a lot better! And it is true, at least when we play like we did on Saturday. Unfortunately, it is also a fact, that we are lying 6th in the PL at the moment, and we are reaching the end of November with enough matches played that we have to admit the table reflects a fair ranking of the teams so far.

But it is tight. Apart from Man City, which we have to admit could be out of reach, there are no teams which we can’t finish above at the end of the season if we play like we did on Saturday. On the other hand, we face Burnley in the next round, and if the other Arsenal turn up, then we can easily lose that game, and we could in consequence go into December in 7th place, which really would be worse than anyone could have imagined at the start of the season.

You could almost say we are both on the brink of success and on the brink of disaster, and it is really exciting in a way.

So, how can we make sure we get the right Arsenal playing week after week? Is it possible, and is it going to happen?

Can’t wait to see.



  1. Atid says:

    Well if he rests the x1 that started on Saturday against Koln, then that is really all he can do. We have already qualified, but winning the group will be a real positive result. With the injuries clearing up we should be able to field something like this.

    Debuchy Mertesacker Holding
    Chambers elneny wilshire coquelin
    Walcott Giroud Welbeck

    Macey Niles willock Nelson iwobi akpom nketiah

    That is a really strong 2nd team and exciting looking bench, if giroud don’t make it then iwobi steps up and sheaf makes the bench.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    I knew this would happen. We beat Spurs, and suddenly it’s as if everything has changed! Nothing will change! One result/performance does not mean Wenger’s a top manager again, and that we’re title contenders.

    1. Jibs says:

      Who said Wenger is a top manager? Who said we are going to challenge for the title? Our best performance of the season so far and it has come against our bitter rivals. We played them off the park! We are right in the pack, which is considering our start is good news. Nobody has made a single claim as to titles or the quality of Wenger as a manager. The question being asked is can we be consistent and take a place in a very competitive top 4 or slump back into old ways. Some fans are just obsessed with Wenger instead of the team. Geeeez.

      1. Darthballs says:


        1. jon fox says:

          Obsessed eh? Well he is only the MANAGER, who buys, sells, coaches, picks, subs and decides team shape/formation, so yes, you must be right, we should not be “obsessing” about him, if we want success. Clearly we should be obsessing about the kit manager then instead, presumably? Sorry, but your silly post deserved the biting sarcasm!

          1. Jibs says:

            Yet again you bring nothing to the conversation. But keep trying Jon, you’ll get there. I believe in you!

          2. xxnofx says:

            Where are you when arsenal are losing games or playing bad ,thats right you only come out when we have won a game
            Look im happy we won but nothing has changed ,we just had a good match and they are few and far between.

          3. Jibs says:

            Could you please highlight the line where I said anything has changed? Because I don’t believe I made any statement on there being any change. I’ll wait.

  3. tas says:

    Its the first time the fist eleven have played together and in position, so yea this is the real Arsenal but i’m sure next week Peter Cech will be playing as a striker Sanchez in defense and Ozil will be sick again

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