Are Arsenal on the verge of a club and England revolution?

It has been noticeable the lack of representation at the senior level in the England side over recent years but it never used to be like that.

Using the Wolrd Cup as a yardstick the last three Squads in Russia, Brazil and South Africa had the following Arsenal players in the squad.

Russia 2018 – 1
Brazil 2014 – 2
South Africa 2010 – 0

Compare that with the three world cups previously

France 1998 – 3
South Korea/Japan 2002 – 4
Germany 2006 – 3

So, a clear decline and there is a correlation with Arsenal domestic success and decline.

Last Premier League title was 2003–04 and Champions League finalists in 2006 after that final and the world cup of that year no more titles or champions league finals.

Now, I know that our teams were dominated by foreign players but those odd English players that were in the squad and were part of the world cups did make a huge difference, I mean, what would we give to have a Tony Adams or Sol Campbell in defence right now.

But I digress, what is the revolution?

Well, I read an article on the Premier League official website and they did a little piece on four Arsenal players that could make a breakthrough to the senior team in the coming season, Reiss Nelson, Eddie Nketiah, Bukayo Saka and Joe Willock.

All four are London born, all four have represented England at youth level, all four have played for the senior team and not one of them is older than 20.

Ajax play numerous youngsters at a time, Man Utd did it and went on to basically dominate the domestic game for a decade and there are more and more teams taking the same road.

If any of these four make the breakthrough at Arsenal then the chances are very high that they will be selected for England, that is how it generally goes and there is no reason why it has to be just one, all four deserve to be given the opportunity of regular first-team football.

We are not talking about them replacing Messi or Ronaldo, are we?

I would suggest this is the sort of revolution that Arsenal fans would love to see, four young English lads born not more than a stones throw of the ground playing for both their club and country.


  1. I hope Nelson would be given a chance to play in EPL matches and I wish he would be more consistent than Maitland-Niles/ Iwobi

      1. He is Polish and so was not the focus of the article, it was based on England players only.

    1. I like those four and Smith-Rowe they should all be given a little more action this year. I saw Saka come off the bench when we played Leicester at the Emirates and he was a real handful and nearly scored a couple of times.

        1. Haha maybe but he was very average against Qarabag so I’ll stay cautious! Robben was world class ?

  2. I agree with Akan I think Joe Wilock and ESR are the ones who will make it ? OT it seems we’re linked to 10 new players everyday! And the newest being a Torino CB I never heard of! At least we’re finally competing with the Bayern Munich’s and Real Madrid’s of this world ?

    1. Oi Oi Kevin ? you ok? I’d say it was 10 players every bloody hour!! Even Zaha popped up again earlier – there’s still hope ?
      I honestly cannot wait until July 1st.. that’s when things should start happening!!

      1. Hey Sue how are you ? ? Haha yeah I should have said that ? Zaha hahaha we’re getting linked with players valued at 6 and 7 million ? hopefully Sue just over 5 weeks of the transfer window left ?

        1. Kev..I’m a lil bored now with no Arsenal.. I can’t wait for preseason to start.. how have we coped so far?!
          6 & 7 m.. I know you can pick up gems at that price, but it’s a little underwhelming don’t you think?
          Well Raul etc need to start pulling their fingers out!!
          Did you see Argentina last night? When I saw Messi had scored their PK, I had a little chuckle, thinking of when you said he turns into Giroud, when he plays for them!! Brilliant!! ?

          1. Well all those transfer rumours are time consuming ? very Sue it’s not like 1998 anymore where you can build a team with 40 mil there’s scouts everywhere nowadays let’s just hope they missed our targets ? haha no I didn’t see it Sue but little Olly scored a pen he’s back ? Argentina are bottom of an average group ? he can’t get out of Maradonas shadow me thinks ?

          2. They’ll be out at this rate, and what’s up with Sergio?!!
            Did you watch England the other night? That beauty from Wan Bissaka?! ? oops!

          3. Maybe you jinxed him with your admiration for his thighs ? hahaha that was a good game Sue ? lol yeah the man u man had a game to forget ? it seems to me United are trying out the Liverpool blueprint but Wan Bissaka is no Trent ? maybe we should bid for Tierney now before Ole comes calling Tierney would be they’re Robertson and Wan Bissaka they’re Trent ? Koulibaly they’re Van Dijk lol

          4. More than likely ??
            That 50+m should be halved now after that og ? I hope he does it when we play them!!
            Do you think there’s anything in it – with Tierney?

          5. Hahaha your the reason Argentina are going home ? utd could always throw in Ashley Young as makeweight ? god, I don’t know what to believe Sue but we should make it happen because Monreal is too old and Kolasinac is useless! If we do sign him and get Bellerin back we’d look a lot stronger providing we get rid of Mustafi and bring in a CB who can actually defend, anyone at this point is an upgrade on Mustafi to think people were crying on us linked with Jonny Evans deary me he’s better than anything we have lol ? Japan vs Uruguay tonight ?

          6. Haha!! He’ll score when they next play ?
            Young – hunchback! ?
            Oh Kev that sounds bloody good to me – if only they saw it that way! I’m gonna be so p****d when we start the season if Xhaka & Mustafi are still with us!
            I wasn’t keen on Evans ??
            They should thrash them.. Cavani brace ? Suarez might have a little nibble – on what I don’t know!!

          7. I’ll take Lee Evans right now over Mustafi ? I heard inter and Atletico want Xhaka ? Sell him put a ribbon on him ? but in all seriousness we should try to offload elneny Jenks etc first that should be mission number one ? I think you rate Ashley Young don’t you Sue ? ? Haha you hope ? oh I’m sure Hannibal will get his fangs into something before the tournament reaches a climax ?

          8. Haha Lee Evans ? he’d do a better job for sure!!
            Yep, I agree – we have to get rid of them.. probs end up giving them away ?
            Fangs ? so funny, Kev!
            So is Torreira playing? It’s on at bloody midnight ? no consideration for the oap’s who want to watch ?

          9. Well you know what Sue Luis Suarez always has a career in vampire movies when he retires ? haha no doubt about it ? I think West Brom and Celtic are interested if possible Jenks elneny or Mustafi to Celtic for Tierney ? That would be a great deal and would keep our 40 mil budget ? probably not Sue they should go with the team that hammered Ecuador but he might come on ? haha you could watch it from your stair lift ? ?

          10. Well he’s already won oscars for his theatrics ?
            Hahaha yes from my stair lift with my magnifying glass ?? you’re such a cheeky sod!! Haha!!

          11. Haha but you love it ? you know I’m joking though I’m not even that much younger than you ? I’m watching Uruguay as we speak the Ecuador highlights ? so you working tomorrow Sue ?

          12. Yes, you’re right, I do! ?
            I sure am, Kev.. how about you? I’m glad the weekend is almost here phew!!
            Oh you like Cavani more than I do ?

          13. Oh of course Sue it’s that silky mane that’s just hypnotising ? yeah but it’s Friday so it’s all good ? glad you do ? well Sue it’s past your bedtime so I will bid you goodnight and will chat to you tomorrow if you’re on of course ??

          14. Hahaha ok sorry Sue ? you have one too and don’t work too hard ? a vape cloud ?️? goodnight Suzanne sweet dreams ????

      1. Yeah let’s get Wenger back before he’s snapped up by a plethora of interested clubs ? a 70 year old out of work almost 14 months ?

  3. Arsenal/england x1

    Osei-tutu holding medley thompson
    Maitland-niles chambers willock
    Smith-Rowe nketiah nelson

  4. I do not understand why we are not moving up Krystian Bielik to play.
    the guy is good and can only get better as he play. he has the physique, the build, height and he chips in goals like good defenders do. this will be the most annoying thing arsenal will do if this guy goes to another club.

    1. Agree with you about Bielik.

      You never know he might be included in the first team squad after the kit reveal this season.

      Regarding our English youth, we definitely have promising talent to blood and incorporate in to the first team.

      However, there are a lot of them knocking on the door:


      And I can’t see them all coming through this season. I think a couple of them will go out on loan again (looking at you ESR and Saka) simply because they are the youngest and have more time to develop.

      AMN is pretty much first team now, although not a starter. Same with Nketiah, he’ll stay on as backup. Considering how desperate we are for wingers I’d love to see Nelson given a chance. I can only see Willock getting the odd cup/EL group game.

  5. I think we can definitely promote a bunch of our youngsters into the team, shake things up and give them chances to prove themselves, as well as light some fires under some of the lacklustre starters and force them to be more competitive.

    A lot of the transfer speculation is frustrating but if we just go for Kimpembe at CB and get Tierney in exchange for Jenkinson with maybe £10m to go along with it, we’d be looking a whole lot better already and a lot of our attacking creativity can be supplemented by all of our youth coming through.

    If we are able to actually shift any of the surplus/chaff we have then maybe we could get in some more experienced/proven talent out wide, but defence should really be our priority because our youth may well actually be able to solve the majority of our attacking problems.

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