Are Arsenal out of touch in the transfer market?

Arsenal have supposedly agreed a fee with Valencia to sell Francis Coquelin this month for a lowly £12 Million, but is that a fair amount?

Chelsea this week agreed a deal to bring Ross Barkley to Stamford Bridge for £15 Million, a player with only six months remaining on his contract, and also a player who has been left out of the playing squad for the entirety of the current campaign thus far.

In the same week we agree a deal for less money, to allow our midfielder who remains under contract until 2021 to leave to join Valencia, and I can’t help but think that we playing the game wrongly.

There was interest from a number of Premier League clubs for his signature, and while he may not retain the same level of potential as the new Chelsea signing, it still seems outrageous to allow Le Coq to leave for so little.

We have missed out on many deals, with Wenger himself admitting that he came close to securing a deal to bring in a number of top players previously, and our current fiasco involving both Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez is also said to have been about money.

The pair have both claimed at varying times that the stumbling block over a new contract is simply financial, but the duo have been allowed to enter the final six months of the contract, and we could potentially lose both players this month instead of them leaving for free in the summer, but both should have been tied down to new deals.

Are Arsenal so far out of touch? Am I wrong to think Coquelin is being sold cheaply in the current climate?

Pat J

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  1. We have players getting injured every game. Koscielny, Monreal, Kolasinac,Ramsey,Giroud,Wilshere,Cazorla all in the treatment room yet somebody in the Arsenal camp decided it is a good idea to sell Coquelin, that too for 12 million and with another 4 months of football left in the season. ABSOLUTE MADNESS !!!
    They better sign someone from Fabinho,Seri,Rabiot,Carvalho to replace him. Coquelin was the only true DM in our squad and we have sold him..Shame !!

      1. We don’t need a replacement!

        We need a WC commanding defender now?

        Assuming Sanchez goes we also need a replacement for him…. Draxler? Malcom (know nothing about him)? But something tells me that Lemar is not the solution!

        1. Yes I wouldn’t call it a replacement because we never had a good DM and badly need one. Think before you speak.

    1. Another sign that Kroenje and Gazidis are huat out to make money.. any trophies are a huge bonus as a result!
      thats why Ozil and Sanchez leaving as they wont pay the going rate… no one else will come wihtout knowing if those two are staying or not

    2. surely the fact that Wenger has to get cheap tranafers like Kolasinac and greek guy with only kne big signing per window ahows the budget he has to play with
      Gazidis is the snake who keeps saying we will spend big and have huge budget to pass all the blame to Wenger who is loyal and wont say bad things about hias employers !
      This window will see another profit for Arsenal to make up the loss of Sanchwz and or Ozil… madnesa… should have asked what they wanted and negotiated and finalised within a week or sold them both in summer…
      lets see if these new guya can do anything but bear in mind their skill ia kn identifying new young talent ! shows what Arsenal will be spending on in future and hence why theyre keeping Wenger as no other manager will accept no transfer budget… ask Klopp Pep Conte and Mourinho… funny that those 4 are top of league !!

    3. Problem is, Wenger does not trust few players, and they dont get games. Happened with Jack in the past, happened with Theo/Coq this year. Now we are out of FA cup. Where do you think Theo will feature except few Europa League games? This distrust diminishes player confidence, and it shows on the pitch. Theo doesnt play for Arsenal anymore, he plays for the salary. Reducing the overhead to free up the salary, and get some fees in to recruit young dynamic prospects, I see we going a Monaco way with all the scouting department changes we did. Rebuilding is coming, and I can see we buying lots of youngsters, not world class players as replacement. So time to become slick and cut down non-performing players first. The sooner Wenger realize he has to step aside, and let a full rebuild happen, the better. Should have happened 1-2 years back, at least.

        1. wow didn’t know he never won the league in Spain, regardless he’s successful where ever he’s been.

  2. Yes. we are out of touch with some
    Xhaka £35 mil
    Chambers £16 mil
    Mustafi £35 mil
    I think they are worth less than these prices.
    Holding and Kolsanic were bargains though

    But we lack Top players innit. Even more so when Alexis and Ozil leave

  3. -Pointless loan spells.
    -Scouting potential world class players in their teens but not pushing for them.
    -Dithering when in it comes to paying over the odds for players.
    -Letting our best players run their contracts down to their last year.
    -Getting pocket scratch change for players(coq and gabriel).
    Who has the final say in all of this? Madness
    Hope the appointment of the new director of football can sort all of this.

    1. exactly.. lets see who comes in and Wengers comments if no one and Sanchez leaves.. I doubt he will let Sanchez leave without eg Lemar or Mahrez coming in

  4. Selling sympathetically again.
    FC clearly wants to go to Vskebcia for a change in League and maybe to join up with someone he knows in Gabrielle.
    There is talk though that the figure is more like 20/22mil that Arsenal want and are likely to get.
    The fact Le Coq wants to go and Wenger is helping him out I have no problem with but to say that the replacement will be Ramsey, xhaka etc and then eventually Maitland Niles again seems crazy planning. And yes injuries again are causing hsvoc,(or are they? This had happened before suddenly lots of players became injured during the transfer window and once shut were healthy again!).
    On ancelotti I’d love to Wenger to leave end is season ancelotti cone in on a one season contract,(see how he does) and eventually we go for a younger arteta type manager.
    Can’t argue that ancelotti had experience of winning in many leagues and of managing difficult personalities Robben-Bayern.

    1. Coquelin is a deadwood just how you guys think we can get above 20M for him is beyond me! Would you pay that for him? As for Ainsley Miatland Niles replacing Coquelin I fully agree with Wenger on that! Niles is homegrown, really good and with potential and we must promote the youngsters if we are to give any credibility to our youth system and Academy. Our squad is already overstocked with 27 players which effectively means Coquelin DOESN’T even have to be replaced.

      1. Someone with senare!!!

        Coquelin hardly got games at Lorient and the German club on loan and only had a run of games alongside Cazorla. Who wouldnt look good slongside Cazorla?

        I would take 12 million on offer and save some 65k pw in wages-I say that’s a good deal?

        Like to see AMN and Willock get some chances as has shown enough to me to believe they are better than FC….

  5. There are several problems why we cannot command a decent transfer value for our players.

    1. Players do not want to play for arsenal – other managers know this and can use it to hold arsenal to randsom

    2. Wenger is seen to be cheap – if your cheap seen to not be serious and always go cheap why would other clubs take you serious and not go cheat?

    3. Contracts run too low – no power to say pay us or he is staying

    4.arsenal is not considered a big club. – smaller clubs are usually easier to strong arm into lowly deals

    5. This is probably the most important one. ARSENAL FANS DRIVE DOWN THE VALUE OF OUR PLAYERS. – we are a very critical club and this costs us. Saying this player is shit and that one is shit week in week out. Players like poor walcott can score 19 goalsand still get a poor reception. If I was him i would leave and if I was another manager at west ham I would laugh and play wenger all the videos amd comments of fans sahing his shit and and offer 10M

  6. It’s not so much as being out of touch it’s just that Wenger dithers so much. They endlessly scout players so many times whereas other clubs watch them a couple of times and then make an offer. Take Liverpool with Van Dyck, they needed a centre half, they offered the asking price instead of starting with a low offer which Wenger does, and then bosh…they’ve signed him. We must have lost out on countless signings because of Wengers dithering and low offers for players.

    1. Supposedly Mavrapanos is a first team signing. Looks like were gonna try and skate through til end of season.

  7. We have to buy now, surely. Anyone hearing anything about a CDM were trying to keep quiet about, players should be hearing things. Bad for Jack he really was making a good fist of it, his off the ball game improved since I last seen him. Elneny is not a good balancing act with Xhaka, and for all the running he does he is a little stand-offish for my liking. I think Niles will have to play, or are we thinking about putting Bielik back into CDM due to Mavrapanos signing.

  8. Barkley is at least twice the player Coq could ever be. Versatile midfielder versus one dimensional workhorse.

  9. Yes Arsenal have lost touch. In today’s market you have players like Jonny Evans who is going for 25-30m and he is a decent defender who is 30 yrs old. 12 mil is a Championship fee.

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