Are Arsenal playing a dangerous game with Wilshere’s future?

Jack Wilshere is believed to have been offered a new contract with reduced terms, but can Arsenal really afford to play hardball?

The England international has proved to be an important player for the team since making his return to first-team action, and has been consistently amongst our better players since coming in to cover for the injured Aaron Ramsey.

Arsene Wenger now has a huge conundrum as he looks to find a way to accommodate both midfielders Ramsey and Wilshere, with the duo likely to battle for one spot in the current formation, and both are deserving of regular playing time.

Despite Wilshere’s firmly impressive campaign thus far, we are said to have made him a offer of a new deal with negated terms, likely including increased pay depending on appearances due to his recurring injury problems of previous seasons, but with such little time remaining on his current deal, that could prove to be dangerous.

Juventus are said to have come in with an offer for Jack, who is available on a free transfer this summer, and is allowed to talk to clubs outside of England about his potential exit this summer, and that could well tempt the 26 year-old.

The England international has reiterated his desire to stay in North London, but the offer of a reduced contract may convince him that he isn’t as important to the club, and may be tempted by the opportunity to play for Juventus, and the potential to win titles and challenge for the Champions League also.

Could Wilshere be tempted to cut ties with Arsenal? Does the midfielder deserve to have his salary cut due to his injuries?

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Pat J

Updated: January 22, 2018 — 11:35 am


  1. Jacks essential.

    He’s a huge part of our rebuild.

    1. we’ve been rebuilding for a decade and wilshere has been injured for most of it. If Arsenal make him essential they are being foolish because his fitness is not reliable at all and our reliance on his fitness has derailed out season so many times. All fit in August, then out until April. Not Jack’s fault, but you can’t rebuild a team around a player like that. For all we know Jack’s season could end next month.

  2. a reduced wage for wilshere is a spit to his face and no one should have to blame him if he eventually leaves…….we should just give him what he earns at the moment and get it over with….is it a must to wait till deadline b4 concluding a transfer

    1. its a spit in the face? He’s been eternally injured for ages and is putting together his first good string of performances in the past almost 5 years. Arsenal are being cautious, and a lot of outlets have reported that his wages increase greatly if he meets a certain number of criteria concerning games played. If this were Diaby being offered something like this people would be going mad, but Wilshere is the fan favorite so automatically people defend him with little logic.

      1. spot on mate,Wilshere has scored a GAOL in2 YEARS and a half and people turn him into the new Cruyff.

  3. did we get 35mil+mikhatarian or just mikhatarian?

    1. I think it ask a straight swap but hey, whatever.

  4. Mikki confirmed, welcome, what number are you playing?

  5. Miki is gunner, hope we get PEA too..

  6. Sell Wilshere ASAP….take Ramsey,Chambers with him…time for “ British core” to be pulverized,the only way to have a great team again.You may say whatever you want,but Arsenal’s decline begun whei Wenger started that crazy idea of “ British core”….mediocre players “ for the future”….The biggest lie of the century was “ UEFA fair play rule” and Wenger was the only one who believed in this enormity-for 10 yeras,he’s paying the price.The “ homegrown quota” was another lie Wenger believed in,the rest of the teams just ignored it…..sell all British players,overpaid and overrated with no football value…I think this is happening right now,getting rid of all of them…good job…the Invincible team had hardly any “ British players” and was a joy to watch…

    1. So here’s the thing – it doesn’t make sense to commit to players just because of their nationality (as Arsenal did with that PR stunt five or so years ago). Equally it doesn’t make sense to get rid of players because of their nationality (as you are suggesting). Anyone who has watched the last five games knows Wilshire is anything but mediocre. Arguably Ramsey was our best player in the first half of the season and Chambers is still young and showing progress. All have a role to play with Arsenal.

  7. Offering Wilheshare a performance
    based contract is wise and fair.
    But its not like he will be paid
    300 pound a week base salary
    with a 50 pound bonus ceiling
    like an average fans job might offer.
    Willheshare’s “performance” based contract might look like this.
    50k p/w regardless whether he plays or not.
    Hardly an impost. The leki should get paid each week.
    Add 10 k for every sub appearance. 60k
    Add 20k for every start. 70k
    Add 10 k for an hours play 80k
    Add 10k each assist 90k
    10k each goal 100k
    10k win bonus..110k
    So any where between 50k and 110k p/w.
    Not too shabby.

    1. I agree that given his injury record his new contract should start at about 50k and be incentive laden but given the money being thrown around I’d expect the high end to be about 50k/week higher. If, and it’s a big if, Wilshire stays healthy he deserves to be one of the team’s top earners. I’d be disappointed if the club try to lowball him (relatively speaking of course)

  8. Dunno about the Wilshere contract but it’s nice to see Arsenal being described as “Playing Hardball” for a change, instead of paying top wages to people for hardly ever playing.

  9. Excellent news

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