Has Arteta made Arsenal practically unbeatable this season?

I am very glad that the World Cup is nearly over and we can get back to watching our beloved Arsenal get back to our title challenge, and we may as well win the FA cup and the Europa League while we are at it.

Mikel Arteta and our young Arsenal team had the heartbreak of missing out on a place in the Top Four right at the end of last season, and it was clear that our squad was thin and that injuries were partly to blame for our end of season slump, but it would appear that Arteta has used that disappointment to give our team the mentality of not wanting to lose any more games in the future.

From the last game of last season against Everton, Arsenal started a winning run including pre-season and the new season  that stretched to 11 games in a row.

Arteta addressed our lack of backups by bringing in 5 players, but only Jesus and Zinchenko have played a major part so far, with Turner in as backup keeper, Marquinhos being nursed as a star of the future, and Fabio Vieira recovering from his injuries and settling in to London life. Yes, Arteta and Edu had to spend a good few quid on those five, but we hardly had to win jackpots at 10 free no deposit casinos to pay for the last three incoming plaers mentioned. The rest of our title-leading squad are simply made up of our improving youngsters.

So, after our 11 game winning run, we unluckily lost to Man United despite being the better team, but we maintained our spot at the top of the table, and since then we have played 17 more games up to now, including our Dubai Cup games.

Despite the fact that most of the time we were playing two games a week, the only TWO games we have lost in that 17 game run were our League Cup game with Brighton, where Arteta played a decidedly second string side, and a Europa League tie away at PSV, with also a good amount of our regular starters missing.

The only real avoidable “blip” in our awesome run was the draw away at Southampton, but as they are a bit of a bogey team for the Gunners and the match was sandwiched between our double header against PSV, I think we can accept such a minor setback in the great scheme of things.

I absolutely loved the way that Arteta has instilled the winning mentality into the side, and watching how we easily disposed of both Lyon and AC Milan in Dubai makes me think that Arteta won’t allow our players to rest until we have won every single game this season.

On our return to the Premier League on Boxing Day, we will also have Elneny, Zinchenko and Smith-Rowe available in the squad, and Fabio Vieira looks fully integrated and ready to play a big part too. The future is bright, the future is Red and White!

And if we get the icing on the cake in Mykhalo Mudryk, I honestly don’t see us getting beaten again….

Can you?

Sam P


  1. We already lost to Man United and I expect a few more losses before the end of the season.
    But Arteta seems to be building a very mentally strong team. We will see as the season keeps progressing.

  2. As a Gooner who likes accurate language and thinks the title of this article needs sendingup, as its plainly a ridiculous concept at such an early stage and with such a shallow numbers squad, I offer this thought.
    To be accurate, we are fourteen thirty eighths of the way through thisPREM season and have lost one out of fourteen. so far.
    It depends on whether you believe , (I DO NOT)that one defeat in fourteen counts as “practically unbeatable”and on your view of the remaining twenty four games meaning we go unbeaten, (I do NOT).

    I scorn this whole headline therefore but that , for me on MISLEADING HEADLINE RIDDEN JA, IS SIMPLY no more than I ever expect, sadly.
    Accuracy, in JA language, seems to be frowned upon. Sigh!!

    1. So you loved the article then Jon???


      Dictionary definition…..

      virtually; almost.
      “the strike lasted practically a fortnight”
      Similar: almost , nearly , very nearly

      1. Pat, since you are in no way stupid – artful yes, but not stupid – then you obviously CHOSE to miss my whole point.

        If a team such as City or ourelves , goes unbeaten in all BUT two or three games a ,that still does not make them ” practicaly unbeatable”!
        The word “practically” means so rarely as to be only very runlikely to happen at all in a single season.
        It is my contention that one loss in fourteen is not anywhere near being “practically unbeatable. And we are as yet , having still to navigate another games unbeaten, even to be beatable only once. WE NEARLY LOST AT LEEDS AND AT SAINTS TOO.

        Your headline for SAM’S PIECE, is nonsense , hype too,and as so often, done simply for click purposes,as all thinking Gooners well know, and dishonest as well.

        THAT is my point, so would you care to address THAT point?

        Had the headline instead, simply asked how few times do Gooners think we will get beaten this season, then no argument from me. But that would not attact so many clicks, as we both know and THAT is where you are coming from in reality! I dislike dishonest, inaccurate and deliberate hype, hence my post!

          1. More deflection tactics I note, with grim irony!

            Care to address my question and stop trying to artfully change the subject??

      2. You are either unbeatable or beatable, no such thing as nearly unbeatable.

        The writer says Arteta won’t rest until we have won every game this season, we’ll I don’t know what Arsenal they have been been watching because we have not won every game.

        Maybe they meant all remaining games, but this is just an assumption on my part.

        I need to agree with Jon here.

  3. “Arteta has used last season top 4 disappointment to give our team the mentality of not wanting to lose any more games in the future”.

    This is what I kip telling people when they say we will fall again like last season. Am kinda glad things turned out this way. The way our mentality is now any disappointing defeat can propelled us to tittle wining game run. That’s how mentally strong we are now

  4. I dont think for one minute, we are “practically unbeatable” but we have racked up a serious amount of points. Our squad is a top four squad and it was last season, or should have been. So lets hope we rack up a serious amount of points from boxing day to May but we wont be practically unbeatable. The real expectation should be top two and challenging from here on in, to not make top 4 would be a total disaster. But if we dont make top four, we most definitely are not “practically unbeatable”

  5. I have to say that this being included as a link was disgraceful in my book:

    “10 free no deposit casinos ”

    It was so artificially woven into the text, in a sentence that adds nothing at all to the gist of the article that it’s an obvious way to get this advert for betting on the site. Shame.

    Whose idea was that? Did the author slip it past the proof-reading stage or is this down to the site ownership?

    P.S. My view is that anyone following that link needs a brain transplant. Betting is a mug’s game.

    1. Who cares .
      They can run their website how they see fit and they shouldnt have to answer to readers like yourself that have no say on how it’s run .
      It’s football forum nothing more .
      Oh and the opinionated poster above you called you a mug ,seeing you like a bet jonny boy

    2. Yes Jon, my answer to you was, in these EXACT words was “JA has NO financial connection with ANY bookie at all on a commercial basis.”

      That remains true, are you now again going to say that we must have a commercial connection to Kevin Campbell, coz we occasionally mention his quotes. Or do we have a commerial connection to the Sun/Mail/Mirror/ESPN, etc because we report on their stories.

      Jon, when will you EVER talk about the football instead of insulting the authors or telling me how to run my website?

    3. I want to believe the site missed it, because surely they do not want their users to take part in such a thing.

  6. Arteta’s tactics are clearly superior to many managers, but I believe we’re one step away from disaster. If Nketiah gets injured, we’d need a good replacement

            1. That was last season when we used different tactics. The ones we’ve been using this season are clearly superior

  7. Yes we looks practically unbeatable, since the beginning of the season.

    What impresses me most is our new found never say die attitude,

    The ability to snatched a point and at times victory from the jaws of defeat.
    I discover for sometimes now the gaffer can set his side up to be very hard to beat, he can also make his team very attacking as well.

    Now this tells me the minute the gaffer have all his hand pick players at his disposal, it will be practically impossible to stop him from winning anything he sets out for.

    It is for those reasons I urge the gaffer to wear a blinker and make a bold bid again for all the players he genuinely thinks he need

  8. I don’t think it is unreasonable to think we will lose another game from the restart to the end of the season but it is how we respond to this this.
    Unfortunately teams have now had the time to reset and I expect pool to be much better and came at us with force when the season gets going again
    We are so much better in terms of tactics and mentality so I still believe to be in the top 4 come the end of the season.
    If we are still sitting top or within touching distance come end of March then who know what can happen. Maybe we can start to dream of actually being champions again
    Upwards and onwards

    1. We haven’t or shouldn’t have to worry about Liverpool and the like. We just need to worry about ourselves. If Liverpool did catch us, that would be our fault/problem, not down to any improvements they may make.

  9. We need to sign that Ounahi kid from Morocco 🇲🇦, what a talent…he reminds me of Santi. He will be a perfect replacement for Xhaka. He has got skill, good on the ball, vision, good passer, composure and does not give ball away.

    1. Agreed…..also Amrabat as cover for Partey… both will be happy to-be squad players and compete for 1st team

  10. Let’s see how we fair against City, Utd on the 2nd leg, Chelsea, spuds, and Newcastle. We should be beating the smaller fish in this pond, and consistency goes a long way.

    We have really improved from last year, but I don’t think we are as far along as the article suggests. One or two losses in a row could either derail us or sharper our focus, so let’s see how we manage those situations.

  11. A lot will depend on how all the teams respond after the break. I don’t think it will help us at all as we were full of confidence then and now this enforced time out has broken the momentum.

    Hopefully we hit the ground running

    1. Pat, I did, in case you hadn’t noticed, in my post above timed @ 1.37pm!
      Ialso did not agree with your headline; no change there then!

  12. There should be a difference between :

    Has Arteta made Arsenal practically unbeatable this season?
    Has Arteta made Arsenal unbeatable this season?

    Doesn’t ‘practically’ make the sentence mean that Arsenal will loose very few games…a game or two or three….?

    1. You’re probably one of the few that actually understand the message Pat was trying to pass across… Folks like Jon Fox just want to criticize, every opportunity they get

  13. No.

    The effect of the Jesus injury is yet to be seen. There are some positions where the cover deosn’t seem all that strong and we don’t know how much is available to spend (not only KSE’s limits but limits due to FSR rules too).

    I can’t see a good defensive midfielder, a good winger and a good striker all arriving in January, especially after the money we spent in the summer in the same accounting period. And all that was spent last summer as well…

    Not long I read that £50m was the maximum possible this winter due to FSR. We’ll see if that’s right.

    The only way I can see those 3 positions maybe getting filled is if we’re buying players that are not well known in this country (Brasil again?). And avoiding buying players based on WC form, whose prices will be over-inflated but will at least serve to push other clubs into focusing on them (and overpaying for them).

  14. Admin Pat, is there a something like a WhatsApp group for those of us here?? I’m a big fan of real time messages

  15. The way we defend as a team and how we press high up the pitch goes a long way, this is why we are one game loss from 14. Having reliable players both defensively and offensively working in a unit, you add that up, and what you get is…a very difficult side to beat.

    Jesus’s injury is a big one though, we all feared it happening for a reason. There will be more injuries to come, so these next two transfer windows are paramount, we must act, then can we stay ultra-strong for an entire season

  16. Let’s not get carried away. We’ve only dropped four points. No arguments there. However the tide can swing. Dropped points from not converting even half chances or the opposition making the most of theirs will make a big difference coming into the second half of the season. Plus I think every team fancies their chances for points when playing Arsenal. There is a lot to prove post December, 26.

  17. Well, I definitely think the first eleven players at full fitness can make the team unbeatable. But that is no way they are gonna play every minute and every game. And we are playing in a league throughout the season. The best team is not the strongest, the fittest, the most talented or the most popular team. The team collects the most points after 38 games wins the EPL. Arsenal beat Leicester home and away when Leicester won the EPL. Liverpool beat top six team last season but still lost the league. How many times does these facts needs to be shown for fans to understand?

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