Are Arsenal preparing to seal first summer transfer?

There has been much debate on JustArsenal as to whether the Gunners are still in need of a new top-class striker to rival Olivier Giroud next season. For the ones who think we do need one, the two most popular targets would appear to be Paulo Dybala and Alexandre Lacazette, who are both 23 years old and have already proven themselves in the top flight.

Now it seems that Paulo Dybala is definitely going to be leaving Palermo this summer and negotiations with his next club are already far advanced. The Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini reported in the Metro: ‘A team should close the signing of Dybala in the next 15 days,’

‘He will not go for less than €40million euros.’

The Argentine hitman is also rumoured to be wanted by Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid as well as Arsenal, but Dybala is much more likely to secure a regular starting place at the Emirates than at the others, although United could possibly need him as a replacement for Falcao next year.

With the crazy exchange rate at the moment, €40million euros is only 28.5m GBP so he is well within Wenger’s price range, and if he continues to improve at his current rate then this could prove to be a very solid investment for the club. We all know Wenger loves Olivier Giroud, but the French striker will be approaching 29 years of age at the beginning of next season so it makes sense to have a much younger replacement waiting to pounce on his starting spot as soon as possible.

Who thinks Dybala will be a good buy for Arsenal?

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  1. Honestly, I really don’t know much about him. Watched him once or twice. But from what Scooby and Shaggy have been saying, I guess he’s very good. If Arsene thinks he’s good enough, let’s get him.

  2. It would be good to get him signed early, then follow up with additional CB like Subotic, DM to support Le Coq, and quality GK to challenge Ospina. Would be happy with that. Get business done by June, and if we make 2nd or 3rd in EPL, we can have a proper pre-season to get whole squad focused and ready for a winning season.

  3. sell walcott,podolski,campbell and get bale..we ll be spending around 40 million if bale costs 70..we have ox,welbeck, wellington as back up for that position..

    sanchez ozil/cazorla bale with giroud/welbeck upfront, i would be drooling all over me..

    1. Sell Walcott? Really? Why on earth would we sell Walcott? Just because he a bad game over the weekend then we have to sell him. I am surprised.

      1. no, i m not..i know he scored goals frequently even after returning from his injury..all i m saying is if we can get bale we can sell him..if not keep him..

        1. Wtf is the so called bale doing?? 9 games without a goal, and you want our very own theo out? Think again

              1. Theo fit throughout a season guarantees between 20 odd and 30 odd goals with his assists and goals, thats not to mention his ability to scare the life out of defences making them likely to error. There isnt many wingers in the pl who provide so well as our Theo.. hazard silva Sanchez sterling i wouldnt say too many more.

  4. I think danny has the potential to be a lethal striker for us. I remember one pundit saying, if he were to be more selfish he’ll improve. Just neeed improvement with with that first touch.

    I don’t know bout ya’ll but im confident an cautious for tomorrow. Should wenger go allll speed and direct, (sanchz, danny, theo) oorr technical’ish(ramsey,ozil,cazorla,giroud)? we should dismantle them if sanchez,santi,ozil and danny are on the pitch, ill leave the decision to the manager.

    We can win, we allwaaayyysss thrive under pressure for some odd reason but don’t do enough as per(Bayern, Milan) but our squad has changed and so ha our play. I have this tingling feeling we’ll progress in CL, retain FA cup, finush 2nd.

    Kos,santi,giroud,coq will be veryyyyyy crucial tomorrow.


    1. IMO

      If you can’t as a long standing profesional footballer playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world, control a football you will NEVER make a top class forward, midfielder or defender.

      Danny is a tryer but will never be anywhere near top class.

      Dybala is.

      1. I think youve hit the nail there. If Welbecks first touch was first class like all leading strikers should be well then i think his goal scoring ability would dramatically increase. Sometimes it looks like hes reacting to his own touch as hes not quite sure where ball will end up, he gets away with it at times with reactions being quick but every second for a striker really matters and the first touch gives you that time.

      2. The Barca faithful and Spanish press will tell you that Alexis’s biggest weaknesses are his first touch and being too right-footed. But he has still managed to carve out a respectable career – all players have weaknesses. Pleased to see the results of your intensive scouting and have a 22 year old Argentinian playing for a mid table Palmero confirmed and inked in as “top class”.

        1. Yes but it’s a matter of degrees here surely? Alexis is not ‘perfect” but on a scale of 1-10 he would get around an 8 whereas DW a two.

          Messi probably has deficiencies (Doesn’t track back enough? No he does that too. ) but if he does they are minor..

          Dybala if you have watched just 2 minutes of his youtube highlights you could see he has more ability and goal threat than DW will ever have. You can be a teyer but you will never have natural talent. Dybala has both as well as application.

          I say buy him and ignore the ney Sayers. Or we could miss out on a 2nd Messi..

          1. I actually rate him and would love to see him at Arsenal but would see him, initially at least, as a squad replacement for Podolski or possibly, depending on what is really happening, a Theo replacement. I would far prefer him (even at £30M) to any of the “big names” touted around this site; Cavani, Falcao, Martinez etc etc. I could be wrong but don’t see him as a PL centre forward option for some time at least but he is one of those types who Wenger obviously likes that could play anywhere in the front 3 behind the CF. I rate DW as a squad player and decent option and am open-minded as to how much better he can become – I suppose bottom line is I don’t see Dybala as an either/or option for Welbeck.

  5. If he is a very good finisher with some other qualities then sign him up. King henry was from italy too, around the same age.

  6. It would be fantastic To get Dybala. If not Dybala then Lacazette would be great alternative.

  7. I watch Palermo on few occasion last season. Ditto for this season. This boy is a fox in the box, quick, agile, good positioning and good vision for goals.

    However, I do not know if he can repeat same feat in premiership. Italian Serie A is a different kettle of fish altogether.
    My Final Decision: Give him a chance to play for us.

  8. This summer has the potential to be a fascinating experience for Gunners all around the world. So many questions buzzing around the Emirates;

    1) Do Arsenal need another striker (Dybala, Lacazette)
    2) Is another big money DM acquisition necessary to complement Le Coq(Schneiderlin, Wanyama)
    3) Will Theo sign da thing
    4) Is Schez’s time in London coming to and end
    5) Are BFG’s days numbered as first choice CB
    6) Will Santi(age)or Ozil(return to Germany) possibly be shopped around.

    Oh the excitement in Red London


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