Are Arsenal ready to be considered Premier League title contenders? (Opinion)

Arsenal sit top of the Premier League table after six matches, but many fans are reluctant to raise their expectations just yet.

As much as we want to not be too biased in our thinking, the reality is that Liverpool and Chelsea already have huge challenges on their hands to be in the thick of things when the title is being decided.

Tottenham and Manchester United could well be amongst those if they can find a new level of consistency which seems quite the jump, which leaves just Manchester City as the only ‘guaranteed’ team to be up there come the end of the season.

While it almost seems dirty to say it at this point in the campaign, we have to be considered as City’s most likely challengers at this point, although the Premier League betting odds do not currently reflect that.

Liverpool still remain as second-favourites to lift the title, while we rank third at present, but even Bacary Sagna believes that we are the most likely to be challenging Pep Guardiola’s side come the end of the term.

“I feel Arsenal can be the main competition to Man City for the Premier League title, who of course remain the very strong favourites,” the former PL full-back told Betway.

“I don’t see any other team that can challenge them. Of course you can’t totally rule out Liverpool, but they have lost Sadio Mane and don’t look the same without him.

“Mane and Mohamed Salah complemented each other so well and were so consistent, I’m not sure Liverpool will be feared in quite the same way this season. I think teams are just playing the way they want to play rather than just working defensively to stop Mane and Salah.

“Having already dropped points it’ll be difficult for Liverpool to catch up.

“With Arsenal having made a perfect start it feels like they could be the main contenders to compete with this incredible Manchester City side for the Premier League title.”

I know we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves after many disappointments in previous years, even in last season’s push for fourth, there is definitely an argument to be made about the rest of our rivals struggles, and it isn’t incomprehensible to think that we could well be the last team within touching distance of Man City come the tail-end of the campaign.

Does anyone think that Man United could be set to right their wrongs? Who are you expecting to see at the top end of the table come April/May 2023?



  1. Rubbish talk. Premier League title contenders in our dreams. Not with this midfield. Not with this much children in our starting lineup. Not with this inconsistency. Not this season

    1. I’m not saying Arsenal are going to win the league, but saying ‘not with this inconsistency’ with 5 wins and 1 loss against Man U at old Trafford is rather a harsh comment surely.

    2. What inconsistency and children are you talking about?6 wins out of 7 in competitive matches?Inconsistent? Do you actually know what it means?If we avoid any further serious injuries I a confident we will finish in the top four along with, Man City, Liverpool, and ,sadly, Spurs.I would like to take this opportunity to give credit ,where credit is due to Xhaka .While I have never been a great fan in view of his lack of pace and suspect temperement,this season he has been consistently good in every aspect This season he seems to be playing off the front foot ,anticipating situations, and winning the ball without having to resort to foul play.Currently he is a major asset to what is a very young side ,and without him we would ,I suspect,struggle, particularly in the absence of Partey.

  2. Arsenal have their hands full finishing in the top 4 with the additional European games, let’s be realistic we don’t have the quality yet to talk about title challengers.

    We lost the tactical battle at utd, and didn’t finish the chances we had. Haven’t seen that special edge or shine a team has to be champions.

    We are building towards that, but we are still several players and a couple years away from that currently.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with your first paragraph, Durand and I think we are building
      What though, do you think of Liverpool and Chelsea’s chances? Both look nothing like recent incarnations. Could this be the year that other top teams lose ground?

      1. I consider Chelsea as competition for top 4 and haven’t written them off as some have.

        Liverpool have struggled for traction so far, but will find some form with Klopp still there. The loss of Mane hurt more than I thought, and I don’t think a lock for 2nd this year.

        I think City will likely win PL again, but 2nd – 4th is interesting between Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and spuds.

        Someone has to lose out, and how deep they go into European games and injuries will likely be the deciding factor of the finishing order.

        1. Durand
          I’m certainly not discounting anybody but I don’t see any reason to think that Klopp can’t have a poor season based on what we’ve seen so far. Is it right to conclude that ManU will succeed because of their manager? Will Potter make an instant impact? Why should we do worse? Is it lack of confidence in our manager? Is it a belief that we are not good enough? Clearly it is far too soon to predict the final league positions but why do we have this habit of underestimating ourselves?

          1. I think Potter has shown capabilities in how he managed a team with less quality than the Chelsea he is joining. He seems quite the tactician and getting it across to his players as well.

            Klopp has the CV and can get a lot more from what he currently is with Liverpool.

            Ten Hag is learning about his squad, and even though he has experience, it is still hard to say where he will finish, but I doubt fighting for the top 4.

            Personally for me Arteta is still learning, and struggles with tactics after a team adjusts to him. He is still learning after 3 years, and don’t think tactically he is on the level of a Klopp, Conte, or managers fighting for top 4.

            Decimating the squad in January I feel was a mistake, and how he handled the last 4 games down the stretch under pressure showed he is still a coach who is learning.

            It’s not bashing our manager, but he still seems naïve about some things, like the gung-ho approach against utd. They clearly were content without the ball, and to sit back and get us to over extend and then hit on the counter.

            Yet, we still played a high line, still not compact and too open in the midfield, and I don’t think he put the best defenders in the back line; meaning Tomi and Tierney.

            I’m just an armchair fan, so what do I know compared to experts. Sometimes I just see the same errors and mistakes resurfacing, and the mental hurdles we should be over after 3 years of his management.

  3. Well the only way we can be considered is if we show it. Until that happens it’s still talk. It’s all on the team to prove they are contenders

  4. We would have been close to challenging for the title, with such a great early window of signings. But Edu/Arteta screwed up the end of the window when we needed a minimum, of a quality midfield player. Suddenly memories of the disastrous January Window reared it’s head. What a farcical last day of the window. We had weeks to sign a midfield player and cocked it up. It’s total complacency and negligence. We will challenge of a Champions League place though.

  5. Its too early but adding a few more, 1 or 2 quality players in January in our midfield and striker position would make us really strong. GJ could play on the wings along with the new striker and we do really need a strong quality back up to Partey.

  6. Contenders. Obviously April Fool’s day isn’t it?
    You should not be cracking jokes like this especially after just one day following the Queen’s demise.
    Although if Leicester can do it why not us. This we will only know after our points total in Mar/Apr 23.

  7. In tough matches, Tottenham have pulled off a draw. In our first tough one, we lose 3 -1.

    Why did we lose after ‘playing better’? Counter attacks is waht all big teams are going to use to beat us. It happened very often last campaign especially when Partey wasn’t playing or when he was not up to his level.

    Defensive midfield is our real problem plus Arteta’s high press that leaves our backyard open all the time.

    I’m not sure we will even get top 4 talkless of being title contenders

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