Are Arsenal really aiming to sign Takuma Asano? I can’t believe it!

I don’t know if you lot have noticed, but I have deliberately refrained from reporting any Arsenal transfer rumours regarding the Sanfrecce Hiroshima forward Takuma Asano, despite the Japanese international himself admitting that the Gunners were interested.

He apparently said about Arsenal’s interest while on international duty. “I was a little stunned.

“But I feel like I have the confidence to succeed wherever I go.”

Now I am sure he is very confident playing in Japan, but there is a world of difference in working in London and playing in the Premier League. He may have won two League titles with Sanfrecce, but his total record of 10 goals in 50 appearances in Japan is hardly going to start any comparisons with the likes of Higuain, Lewandowski, or even Olivier Giroud!

The fact is that Arsenal are in dire need of a Premier League-ready goal machine, not a rookie from a small League in Asia. Do I even need to mention that Arsenal’s record with buying Asian players has been just a tad less than spectacular?

In 2001 Junichi Inamoto was heralded as a star when he arrived at Arsenal, but did not even make one appearance for the club. Ryo Miyaichi was another hailed as a world-beater, but simply went out on loan to Holland and disappeared off the Arsenal radar for ever. And I am even scared to mention Park Chu-young, who was even captain of his country, but simply could not get on with Arsenal or London either by the looks of it.

Seriously, could this rumour be even slightly serious?



  1. I was quite surprised to hear we were linked with Asano. No disrespect to him, but I don’t think he’s Arsenal first team standard…we have not had luck with Asian players either.

    1. Where is Sanogo ? Is he still an Arsenal player?
      I remeber when he forced Poldi to warn the bench ???
      Wenger will not change

      1. When I think about it I can’t reallly seem to remember Sanogo playing badly for the first team. He’s got flair but the finishing needs practice

        1. I’m probably one of the few wierdos who thinks he has potential. Bit more muscles and practice finishing imo but im no expert

          1. sanogo had some really good performances for us actually, in the fa cup I think either in the final or on the way and against bayern as well in the cl, problem is he still has many deficiencies

            balance, ball control and dribbling aren’t exactly facets of his game he can improve to make him a useful enough player to even have as a third striker.

            though I liked his mentality when playing he really pressed well and was very hard to muscle off the ball playing as a traditional nine

  2. If Arsenal/Wenger is buying this guy truly, then it is purely for business,as in to promote/enhance our fanbase in Asia as a whole…

    Bcos I see no other reasons for the interest,what promises could he have shown that Adelaide,Willock,Silva,Gnabry Ox have not shown x2…..

    Let Wenger get him, he will end up like his Asian predecessors!

  3. Even if we signed Asano, he wouldn’t be our one and only major striker signing.. this I am 90% sure of…. 10% goes for Arsene’s occasional cases of self-sabotaging, pain-inducing, delusional insanity which can happen anytime.

    1. Even Wenger is smart enough to know he can’t afford to eff it up this time around.. Things are completely different this time folks!!… in case you lot don’t understand a word of what I am saying.

      It’s a battle for relevance next season! EPL’s big money has attracted/is attracting the best of the best. It’s going to be a mini UCL in the EPL next season. Safe to say the PL is ushered into a new era.

      + I think Wenger loves to retire on a high.

      1. Can wenger please apply for the England job? Enough of his non sense. I just don’t get it. If you need 2 more players why aren’t we getting them? Striker I can understand- we will only get 1 if a big club buys and someone is not needed (then they can come to us) but what about a CB; for god’s sake there is enough quality. Just get a damn CB !

        If we were Ok spending 30 Mn- why did we not go for Vidal 2 years ago? Beats me completely- we never get winners- we only get ppl who will probably start performing in the next 2-3 years!

        With the rumours surrounding Manu if they get those players their B team will be as strong as ours !

  4. Man United sign Ibrahimovic
    Chelsea to conclude Batshuayi deal
    Klopp swoops on Mane
    City going for Nolito
    Arsenal favourites for Asano….

  5. Come on Ramsey!!! Get 1 in for the dragons. Ramsey and Bale running the show for Wales…

    1. amount of dislikes you got just shows how much blind hatred there is for Ramsey. A lot of people most not like that he’s playing well even though this is good news for next season if he can replicate. Wenger should consider a 4-3-3 if Ramsey holds form. More freedom for Ozil and Rambo who have in the past had great chemistry.

  6. You better believe!! End of last season, wenger said something i can’t forget, he said welbeck is injured so they have to buy a forward meaning he is looking for a striker to replace welbeck and compliment giroud not the other way round. On a side note, ramsey is playing so well in today’s game, too bad ozil plays ahead of him in that free role cos we can clearly see that is his best position.

    1. A good player is one who has flexibility. KDB prefers playing in the 10 role but nonetheless has scored heavily from the wings in man city.

      Ozil is a far superior player than Ramsey. He can only be a backup at the no 10. The only place he can play is the wing and he should focus on that.

    2. I am glad people are noticing how much better Ramsey plays for Wales than Arsenal. I don’t mind admitting that I was beginning to think that we should sell him. I take it all back, even allowing for national pride, he seems to be very good in the position he plays for Wales but flops when shoved to the right wing. But there we now have Ozil who doesn’t have the goal scoring knack of Ramsey or his dominance but probably better at assists. This is conundrum. Clearly we can’t have both playing No 10 role and yet neither can be dropped or sold. Since Ozil is immovable, Ramsey is wasted having to play out of position and his form for Arsenal is going backwards. Perhaps Ozil is a luxury (I know many of you will scream at me) that was hoisted on us when in fact we needed other positions filled. Sorry, again, for this heretic thought. I liked the guy, Ozil. He is pure class, but score enough goals. I am undecided as to how solve this conundrum.

      1. Lets not get carried away. EPL matches are much more tighter than the match today. In open play yes Ramsey may prove match winner but in a match there are 10 ppl behind the ball you need vision and genius and that is where Ozil and Alexis score over Ramsey. Any way Ramsey should not be the point of discussion. What i find strange is that when we should be worrying about buying ppl there is news about Wenger renewing his contract. I have been a wenger supporter all this while but i just can’t keep my head anymore. The current scenario continues and by next summer both Alexis and Ozil will be gone.

        1. Yes, I agree with you on all fronts. And you are right about Ramsey conundrum not being nearly as important as a goal scoring striker. On that, what do you call a manager who is unable to recruit one such player in four years, still looking, still looking? A club with our resources, our following, seems unable to recruit for a huge gaping hole in four years – it is a farce! Mind you, it took three years for him to accept that we need one, grudgingly.

  7. I think it has to do with promoting our brand in Asia, Arsenal are still looking to gain more fanbase in Asia and in fact all over the world…I also believe that’s part of the reasons for signing Elneny…

    But if am wrong,maybe the guy has something special,but his stats doesn’t show anything special,all in all,if we sign him,he is definately one for the future!

  8. @goonerboy. Spot on F1 did it by introducing force India and a Japanese driver. Tell you what lukaku looks rubbish tonight! Chelsea new signing will be on soon in his place.

  9. Lukaku off as predicted strong but cumbersome and predictable tonight. I hope the England boys are watching. Bale said they had more heart, he wasn’t wrong

  10. aaron ramsey, making us proud, UEFA needs to change the rule that keeps players out of the semis due to yellows, its ridiculous

    1. agree. 2 yellows and youre out of a semi final? Ridiculous. The same thing happened to Vidal during Copa America. People want to see the best players play their game. 2 yellows doesnt scream excessive fouler…

  11. Imagine if We had accepted Mourinho’s offer for Ramsey and he joins United only to play week in week out like he did tonight…. it would have been so painful.
    ..and on a 2nd thought mayb we don’t need that RW afterall… if Ramsey can perform next season as he has done in Euro16 as a false 7 it would be ‘sweeeet’

    1. Ramsey should be roaming with Özil behind the ST. Maybe we need to be more flexible with our formations?

      1. Are you suggesting that we play three at the back?. And if so, Bellerin cannot be one of them.

        1. go back to playing a more flexible 4-3-3. Recently it’s been a pretty rigid 4-2-3-1. But then i don’t know how well Xhaka could anchor in that formation. I’d rather have a hard tackler like Coquelin. Idk, a lot for Wenger to consider. All pointless without a good finisher in the team though.

    2. Ramsey of Arsenal is all about flicks, one touch, long range shots, basically showing off.
      Ramsey of Wales is the Ramsey we need to have in the team.

      1. Wales give Ramsey freedom in front of two hard working central midfielders. It makes Wales hard to break down, and Ramsey revels in his attacking responsibilities. He enjoys the responsibility of our attacks also, but he cannot be in two places at once. Even though he tries ever so hard to be.

          1. No doubt!

            We could try and get him to understand all right – or else we could think about how Wales are getting the best use out of him?.

            1. @Trevor
              You nailed it spot on about how Wales are getting the best out of him. But for us to do that, we would have to use him as Ozil’s backup in rotation for cup matches like League and FA…Because dude is dynamic. And when he is on song like he was tonight, save for the perfect passes, he outplays Ozil…

  12. I have a suspicion that the main striker we’re gonna target will be a Lacazette type of player, only allot cheaper. Chelsea are said to be willing to part with Remy, and I think Wenger might believe a good deal for Remy is a good option compared to a forty mil outlay on Lacazette. I hope I’m wrong, but if Remy is on the move, I can easily imagine Wenger mulling this one over.

    Must say, I ripped into a few people on here when they bigged up Dybala a good while back. I wouldn’t mind one bit seeing Dybala spearhead us next season. Very talented kid, never gonna happen, but I do enjoy watching him play.

    1. Zero chance Dybala leaves Juve, he doesn’t want to leave either. We missed out last season by not going for him. Remy, I’ve seen enough of in EPL and he’s not even better than Giroud so I hope we don’t get him. Lacazette I’d be happy with. If someone even better is available then great! But if Giroud remains our No 1 striker then lets not even bother playing this season.

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