Are Arsenal really bigger than Juventus, Tony?

I love how Tony Adams talks about Arsenal. by Dan Smith

Adams said: “Aaron Ramsey is too good to let go. Why would you go to Juventus anyway? They are a smaller club than Arsenal – that’s the way I’ve always felt about the Arsenal.

I miss the day when our captain saw playing for the club aas n honour, instead of being made skipper as a thank you to our best player for not leaving. Yet the idea that he cannot understand why Aaron Ramsey would choose Juventus over us is simply saying what Gooners want to hear.

And no, it’s not just the (reported) 400,000 pound a week wages why the Welshman is moving to Italy. In his late twenties, Rambo wants to add to the 3 FA Cups he has won. In Turin he will be in a team that are massive favourites to win Serie A, wheras it could take years for us to become Premiership contenders. In fact, until we change owners, I understand why every player in the world would choose the Old Lady over the Gunners.

Not content on dominating domestically, they spent 100 million on Ronaldo in an attempt to win the Champions League. Stan Kroenke has yet to put 1 pound of his own money into his club. Juve have enough imagination to know Ronaldo pays for himself in terms of shirt sales and sponsorship deals, while understanding that the more successful they are, the more money they make long term.

Our owner has proved he’s content making a profit, with TV contracts meaning it’s not even essential to him for us to be in the Champions League. Instead of asking why a midfielder would pick them over us, we should be asking the same about their manager. This time last year, there was talk of Allegri feeling undervalued, frustrated of the obsession of his record in Europe (yet again there is a chance he might leave this summer).
Replacing Arsene Wenger, he should have been one the top names we were looking at. Living in London, a billionaire owner, modern stadium and training facilities, there should be a lot to attract people about working for us. Remember we were giving Mr Wenger one of the highest salaries in the world, so can afford anyone. Instead we took the cheap option, Emery is happy to work on a small budget for the sake of a job, whereas Allegri would demand a kitty to make us champions.

Still think we are bigger then Juventus, Tony?

He’s right that Arsenal are a different club compared to his playing days but even then, Juventus had a better record in Europe and boasted the likes of Zidane, Nedved, Del Piero, etc. The depressing thing is we should be a bigger. The year we got to the Champions League Final, they were being relegated due to the Calciopolli scandal. Throw in the revenue streams of the respective leagues’ and we were miles ahead of them at that point. Yes, we had to transition as we paid off stadium debt, but surely that should be easier to dropping a division, a points deduction and your star names leaving? It highlights the woeful job Mr Kroenke has done that upon his arrival we were loaning them Bendter (that’s how low they fell) and now they are buying Ronaldo and taking one of our best players.

So sorry, Juventus are a bigger club, but they really shouldn’t be.

Thoughts Gooners?

Dan Smith


  1. With what Juve had achieved and the respect that all came with it, personally, i think they are all eroded when their match fixing scandal became a public knowledge.
    Much accolades to their greats, Pirlo, Del Piero, Cannavaro, Rossi, Allegri, Davids, Buffon, Zidane, Platini, Zambrota, Baggio, Vieri, Chiellini and the rest.
    A cheat will always remain a cheat.

  2. They are by far bigger than Arsenal and they always will remain so. Does it bothers me? Nope

    1. KS gunner, Your faintheart comments will not go down well with the vast majority of our fans who are bothered that ANY team is more successful. That you are not bothered shows either a non true Gooner or a person who is content to settle for mediocrity in his life and ambitions. Neither of those two possibles will endear your comments to TRUE fans. MANY OF WHOM VEHEMENTLY OBJECT TO BEING THOUGHT A LESSER CLUB THAN A CHEATING MATCH FIXING CLUB. THINK ON!

  3. “I love how Tony Adams talks about Arsenal, let me write an article to show him how daft he is for talking that way…” really now?
    what do you expect?? He’s Mr. Arsenal, of course Arsenal is bigger in his view, in his heart Arsenal probably is the biggest club in the world.
    When the English media talk of Man Utd as the biggest club in the world you don’t see their fans pointing out that a Real Madrid or Barca is bigger.

  4. Depends how you define bigger. Arsenal are bigger worldwide. Juve obviously define italian football, have a more illustrious trophy cabinet, and have had some of the most talented players ever play for them, more than Arsenal has. If we are speaking about who is better now, it is an obvious answer. If we are talking about global appeal it is Arsenal. If we are comparing richness or history I’d give the edge to Juve. All depends how you define a club being big and how broad you are speaking.

  5. “…loaning them Bendter (that’s how low they fell).”

    That year when they fell so low, they won the Serie A.

    1. You must remember, it’s Arsenal who took the game around the world in the thirties when Juventus were mere fledgelings.

  6. For a supposedly fervent Arsenal fan, this is a weird question to ask!!
    I believe my club is the biggest in the world, the greatest in the world and the most frustrating in the world.
    Tony Adams is Mr. Arsenal and has reacted as any true gooner would/should do.

  7. Dan, the lack of a transfer kitty is one issue as to why Allegri wouldnt come to Arsenal. It is also well known that he is not interested in learning a secknd language. It was muted that he was being appoached to manage Real Madrid, but is not prepared to learn Spanish. There is very little chance of him managing outside Italy.

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