Are Arsenal really genuine title challengers without new additions?

Are Arsenal genuine title challengers? 

By Vivek Julka

Why not? I think this season is our best chance to challenge for the Premier League title. At time of writing we are currently 4 points clear at the top after 10 games played. We have won 9 of our opening 10 which is near perfect.

Previously I have been very critical of Mikel Arteta and I still stand by some of the judgements I made, however he is doing a very good job this season and I cannot complain. And if he gets us in a title charge till the end of the season I will admit he is the right man for the job because that is what I wanted and what we should be doing as we have spent nearly £400 million under him.

We have started the season off superbly and have come through some tricky tests including Liverpool. The Liverpool game was a big eyebrow raiser as we have struggled against them home and away many times in recent years. The Man United loss came down to naivety from Arteta I felt as we played into Man United’s hands with a high defence line, but that is one loss in ten so it is not too much of a worry based on this season.

The fast forward football this season has been a joy to watch and a stark contrast of what we have seen before under Arteta. The addition of Gabriel Jesus has transformed our attack and finally William Saliba has been given the chance after 2 years to show why he is one of the best young prospects in Europe. Also, the resurgence of Granit Xhaka has been one of the main reasons we are top of the table. He has had many critics, including me and deservedly so but has shown his best form since joining Arsenal in 2016 and I hope it can last for the whole season.

If we are talking about the title we have to mention Man City, the current champions, a team that has won 4 of the last 5 Premier League titles. They are the favourites as they have the experience and quality. And they have a machine up front in Erling Haaland who has already scored 15 league goals this season.

If anything lets Arsenal down this season it will most likely be our squad depth. An injury to our key players such as Gabriel Jesus or Bukayo Saka is likely as we have so many games and it will definitely hurt us as we don’t have good enough replacements. Eddie Nketiah is nowhere near the level needed to win the title and I don’t know why he was handed a contract extension on more money. We need to add to our squad in January with proper quality. A centre back, centre midfielder and forward is badly needed.

Overall, we can challenge for the title this season, we must not show any fear and just go for it this season. This is a good chance to win it this season as teams like Liverpool and Chelsea are in transitional periods leaving Man City as the only threat. But we must add in January to have a chance of winning the league.

Vivek Julka


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  1. Some would say the season before city signed eh was any teams best shot. Big hill to climb but I’d love to see it

    1. Let’s see how we gonna fare against next two lesser opponents. If we continue to perform like the one against Leeds then there is no chance.

  2. But Arsenal must break the bank in January and sign that world class midfielder and striker that can play as a winger.

    Our starting eleven can win us the league, but equal reinforcement is needed to take us cross the line, when fatigue and injuries chip in.

  3. Vivek Juikam well done, and how are you,?
    This Epl season’s campaign in which Arsenal are seriously challenging to win it, is looking will be Arsenal season already to win the title again. Since the Arsenal Inviolables last won it in 2023-2024 season’s campaign.
    Arsenal topping the League this season after week 10 into the campaign is not out of the ordinary but something really special that is ongoing at Arsenal that is happening this season as us are seeing.
    Before the Qatar 2022 World Cup begins in November, I can foresee our dear own Arsenal still topping the League. When the Gunners would have played So’ton (A), Everton (H), Chelsea (A) and Nott For (H ) to claim all the 12 points that will emanate from those 4 games. And claim them to remain on 42 points topping the table after playing 15 games. With the only big game among the 4 games being the one at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea. But which the Gunners will dispose off the Blues to remain on top before they play host to the Irons at the Ems on Boxing Day.
    And from 1st Jan 2023, when the winter transfer window will be opened. Arsenal will go in into the transfer market to search for the new right players who they will need to sign to reinforce their first team squad to sustain their Epl title win bid this season.
    And will sign the new right top top quality players they need to sustain their title win charge. And win the title at or before season’s end.
    So therefore, to me, I am seeing no any serious concerns that will make me feel concerned of Arsenal not winning the Epl title this season. For, I am absolutely more than confident of seeing Arsenal lift the Epl title trophy at the end of this season.

  4. Man City dominated Liverpool at Anfield since the first half, whereas we couldn’t even win the ball possession against Liverpool in the first half at the Emirates. Liverpool trashed Rangers in Scotland, who’re far more dangerous than any Norwegian team, yet we were hardly able to capitalize on Bodo/Glimt’s mistakes

    If we can dominate the big teams at their turfs since the first halves, then EPL title will be a big possibility. We’ll see our progress in Stamford Bridge next month

    1. What are you always on about? Manc dominated Liverpool and pool thrashed rangers but they are both behind us after 10 games.

      I haven’t seen anyone on this website claim we will be the runaway champions this season but let us enjoy this great run of games. We have suffered a lot for so many seasons.

      You are just so annoying and more so because I am 90% sure you add these comments to generate sone responses. But I just couldn’t control.

      1. If our performance keeps declining, Man City would likely overtake us

        Many fans are talking about title challenge and I’d like to bring their expectation down since our team isn’t that good yet

        1. Gotanidea you kept saying this since our first game against Crystal palace until now! You’re becoming bored

            1. ATM I wouldn’t seriously consider Arteta’s men as
              genuine title contenders but this team without
              reservation is good enough to finish in the Top 4
              come seasons end. Injuries and Arsenals collective
              ability to be CLINICAL at the most important times
              will be the key talking points going forward IMWO.

              Now if the Kroenkes sanction QUALITY January
              additions in both midfield and on the wings than
              all bets are off and what a ride the 2nd half of the
              season is going to be.


        2. You must admin after day you become so negative..want attention? My suggestion to you just enjoy the game..

        3. Expectation?. We expect after arteta clean the house we gonna make something special..the last time we make a good start was 2007..our start now is the best in arsenal history..

    2. Cannot win ball possession? how we win.maybe alien kick the ball to the net?..what I saw in the game first goal we in POSSESSION. how you can win a match without kicking the ball..I put your in the Sama bracket with Dan the negative

    3. Are you joking right now or are you just stupid?? You mention man city but forgot the fact that they lost, man city couldn’t beat Liverpool last season they even Lost twice to spurs a team even arsenal trounced at the Emirates yet city won the league so what the hell are u on about ? are you saying that we should win every game before we are looked at as title contenders ?

    4. GaI I disagree with you that Rangers are dangerous than Bodo Gint Bodo Gintq would give any premier league team a run for their money. Premier games is not about dominating a team. It’s about getting result. Sometimes you underate Arsenal a lot Arsenal are not on top by chnav

  5. I would say at the moment Man City are / should be clear title favourites, because their squad can handle a few injuries, whereas injuries to EG. Gabriel Jesus / Thomas Partey + Granit Xhaka / Gabriel + Saliba / etc would effectively end any title challenge due to having vastly inferior replacements (Especially in Eddie Nketiah). So to become genuine title contenders Arsenal at least need another quality striker (Ivan Toney for me please) + at least another very high quality midfielder + probably another player as well.

  6. On paper Arsenal are not title contends but on the field of play we definitely are. Yes our squad is not built to challenge for the title but on the field of everyone that has been given a chance to play has played played their hearts out.

    I think for now let’s focus on getting the best results before the world cup and the rest will be taken care off after Christmas

  7. Why are we even talking about Title Challenge for now? Lets concentrate on finishing in the Top 3 safely and minimum Top 4.

    Lets take it Step by Step instead of over doing it. We still look weak overall for a title marathon in my opinion.

    Cement Top 3 and then start fantasying about the Title..

    1. We don’t talk about the title..maybe the player also think the same think..they think it’s okay to lost 15 games after this.yes arsenal lost 15 match and win another 13. Points 39+27= 68

  8. FORGET ABOUT TITLE CHALLENGING. Its 10 games into the season and we’ve played so well, but title challenging wasn’t our aim this season. Aim was to get back into Champions League. And we are in the top 4 by 8 points, so that’s our goal. Everything else is a bonus.

    It will be much easier to play on when we forget title talk and the stress that comes with it. This young team (and manager) don’t need it.

    Match at a time, my friends, match at a time..

    Tomorrow’s PSV game is a must win, we need to top our group and PSV are no easy challenge. I would go with a strong team:

    ——— Turner
    Tomi – Rob – Gab – Tierney
    ——- ASL – Xhaka
    ———- Vieira
    Saka – Jesus – Eddie

    I have to say with the injuries to ESR, Elneny and Zinc, our squad seems so very thin.. My eye will be on Gakpo who has the most goal involvements in Europe this season..

  9. It’s good that most sensible people are not getting carried away with our start and forecasting a Premier League winning season.
    They aren’t are they…

  10. It will depend on the injury sustained by players. Of course they will be genuine title contender if the first team plauers are nit injured. But in term of squad depth, players to operate in the both flanks and also AM and CM need addition. Given the long season and World Cup, the players will be playing more games that add to the risk of getting injured and burnt out. Kan

  11. Injuries to ESR and Zinchenko have highlighted the lack of depth in certain areas and has led to a dependency on Saka and Martinelli, who really need to be rested before they burn out.There is a good case for playing Vieira on either wing where he has featured for his previous Club, and where his ball retention qualities would aid our attempts to control the vital midfield area. Even Man City play with only one dedicated winger on occasion, as they did against Liverpool,and Arteta may have to adapt his favoured system to give our young wingers some respite.As for the much maligned Nkethia, he too can operate on the flank, and can be effective with regular game time.One game at a time is the maxim which should be adopted by all our fans as I am sure it is by our Manager and his support team.Finally, the suggestion that we need another CB is ludicrous imo.

  12. In arteta I trust from the the manager,the the process..karaoke pls

  13. Even if we get lucky with injuries, the first team would be knackered before the season is out, and then our performance would likely drop. City needs to lose more points before I’d call us genuine title challengers, it’s a bit early to call it on our part

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