Are Arsenal really in for this Barcelona star?

Whilst Arsenal may be on the search for a top quality striker this summer, it doesn’t stop the rumours appearing for other positions on the pitch. Despite the fans making it clear that Arsenal’s priorities should be in attack, it seems that Wenger may still have his eyes on a few wingers, which arguably is also a position we are relatively weak in.

Arsenal do have plenty of midfielders and wingers for that matter, however the quality of wingers is exceptionally poor. Alexis Sanchez maintains one wing position on the pitch, but after our Chilean star, the quality of winger dramatically drops. After Sanchez, Walcott, Oxlade Chamberlain, Campbell and Iwobi follow, all of whom aren’t exactly on Alexis’ level. I think Campbell and Iwobi are promising, whilst there is still hope for Chamberlain. Walcott on the other hand is out the window. With this in mind Arsenal really do need to look into signing a new top quality winger, but not before a striker has been secured.

The names of Draxler, Gotze, Isco and Mahrez have all been mentioned, all of who can play across the attacking front and now Barcelona player Arda Turan can be added to that list. Turan, who made a name for himself at Atletico Madrid, only moved to Barcelona last summer and only managed to make his debut in January as Barca had their transfer ban enforced. However it seems that the Turkish star is already looking to leave after realising that he int going to get first team football with the front three of Neymar, Suarez and Messi ahead of him (bit obvious really).

Turan was bought for €34 million by Barcelona but has only made 25 appearances and he now wants to move away from the Spanish Giants in order to gain more playing time.

Personally I wouldn’t like the 29 year old at Arsenal because I just can’t really see him fitting into the Arsenal style of play. At 29 we also wouldn’t get too many years out of him and I’m sure Barcelona would want to try recoup a large sum of the fee they paid for him just last year.

Should Arsenal be looking at Arda?



  1. Watching a sports channel here last evening and saw the `breaking news` “Alexis Sanchez to leave Arsenal for Juventus who have upped their offer to 30 million pounds and Sanchez wants to leave”. Tell me this is just a crazy `hacker` having fun.

  2. lol please tell me how he has indicated he wants to leave, or that we are going to sell him.

    1. Sanchez must have no faith in
      any English team delivering him
      a title if he has to go off shore.
      Can you blame him?
      Last season City was weak, Utd worse
      Chelsea Sh#te, Liverpool struggled
      Spurs well he won’t go there and…err Arsenal.

    2. @Shah
      I don’t want Sanchez to leave. But you have to be wary of some of these rumours. I remember when the rumours regarding Thierry Henry started…as well as Hleb, Flamini (first spell), RvP, Fabregas…just to mention a few.
      Just hope for the best regarding Sanchez.
      Remember, this is Arsenal…a lot has happened, and a lot can happen.

      1. You don’t hear Sanches commenting on this long running roumer, if you ask me there is a lot of truth in Sanchez wanting to leave but the price has to be right , Hope I’m wrong

  3. My fear is that if Sanchez goes
    Wenger will only buy one
    more player either a winger
    ” or ” a striker, not both.
    So our “third” signing will actually
    be a “replacement” not an “addition”.

  4. NO, why would we be interested in another midfielder ??! What we need is a goalscoring FORWARD

  5. I hope not…we really don’t need a player of his profile…another midfielder on top go it! I also hope that after the euro is over we finally see our transfer business picking up! And what a better way to start with a forward and a good one!

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