Are Arsenal really trying to sell Alexandre Lacazette? (Opinion)

There are numerous reports claiming that Alexandre Lacazette is on the transfer list this summer, with Ian McGarry even moving to claim that Arsenal are ‘desperate’ to offload the Frenchman, but I’m not so certain.

Twice in the last two weeks, Arsenal’s official Twitter account has moved to post successive posts to celebrate/praise Laca, on June 25 as well as today, and with the striker having topped our goalscoring charts this term, he may not be top of the club’s unwanted list.

His contract on the other hand has to strike alarm bells for the Gunners, having entered into the final 12 months of his current deal, with the risk that he could push to leave on a free transfer in the summer of 2021.

Weirdly enough, there is very little rumours about the striker’s future, possible next club, or even rumours about a possible new contract to keep him beyond next summer.

The relative silence is really confusing considering the situation, especially while we are being linked with different strikers as his potential replacement.

I may be way off base here, but it almost seems as though the club is happy to keep Lacazette going into the new season, whilst also considering bringing in his replacement before he departs, which could be wise for the club on the whole, although the likes of Eddie Nketiah and Folarin Balogun may well be the biggest losers in such a move.

I personally can see us going into the new season without agreeing a new contract with Laca, although it will be a far from ideal situation…

Why do you believe we are hearing so little about Laca’s future?


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  1. Arsenal should try to shop at Barca’s garage sale. Many hidden gems up for grab..

    1. Heard they had a wage bill of 700m and cut to
      Still looking to trim even further
      Problem is getting bthe players is half the task
      Matching what they are currently on would be suicidal
      Saying that… we have been done that before in the past 🤭

      1. I say we go all out for Coutinho. He just lacks confident and will thrive when he is the star of a club. Imagine him getting his best form back, all clubs will be terrorised..

        1. Would prompt for Aouar if the rumours are true
          Can see MA going back in fkr him at the price being mentioned
          Since Liverpool Coutinho has never been the main man so yes he looks like he has lost a bit of confidence
          Will be happy when xhaka is finally sold and we can build again from the middle

        2. I don’t know how true it is but i read today that they would accept around 20M for Coutinho!

      2. The past you meant, I assume, as recent past.
        In the recent past, we were playing in Europe every season. We were able to afford those kind of deals.

        At the moment, we don’t even play in the third-rated European Conference League.

        We can’t afford such players anymore.

  2. Rather than Laca leaving for free next summer, I would rather we cash him in. Though, no complain if he stays as he definitely improves the team..

  3. I read in an article 2day of Arsenal’s link with the Genk & Nigerian striker Paul Onuachu. It will be a bomb of a signing, very explosive. He will light up the EPL. But the question is, will Arsenal sign him? I think we should, after releasing one of Lacca orAuba.

  4. Obvious to me there is no clear plan here. Can anyone articulate or define “the process” or “the project?”

    18 months and still doing a CB shuffle, AMN was in, then out, then loaned.

    Saliba was here til December, Arteta expressed regret for leaving him out of Europa, then loans him.

    Willock played, then loaned, now what?

    Martinelli got healthy, then a few cameos. I’ve heard Martinelli say he sees himself as a winger, what does the club see? He’s only been here over 2 years. Had an injury, but that doesn’t excuse a decision on his position.

    Now it’s White and his versatility.

    If Arteta wants a CB then buy a CB. Want a midfielder then buy a midfielder.

    This “jack of no trade” failed with AMN, isn’t helping Chambers or Arsenal, lets not repeat with White.

    Perhaps if Arteta had a philosophy or style then fans could understand transfer moves. Now it just looks like he’s chasing the hot new trend.

    Decision on Laca should have been made in December before January window. Now it’s Ramsey 2.0.

    Sell Laca while he is worth something. He’s not for the future and neither is Auba. Pick one and sell the other, so our next striker can settle in without pressure from day 1.

    Arteta and Edu haven’t fixed anything in 18 months, merely busying themselves rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

    Shocking how no details or specifics exist on “the project.” Completely malleable concept, a pretty soundbite clearly aimed to ease restless fanbase.

    Enough is enough. Will 8th place in December be the last straw, or will more excuses about time, player attitudes, and Wenger be used to buy more time?

    Just curious but when can he be fairly judged? Personally if we start slow again and midtable by December, then Arteta has to go.

    He will have amassed 10 or more new players, 2 years to implement his style and philosophy, and spent well over £150 million on transfers and wages.

    1. Durand. You just nailed it. I’m really worried. We have no focus as a club. This news of Aston villa coming for Smith Rowe is sickening. Arsenal should give him a good contract asap. Arteta has no excuse. If he can’t perform, he should be sacked.
      We bought Saĺiba for 27m pounds. He is in his 3rd season and is yet to play for Arsenal. I doubt if Arteta knows what he is doing.

    2. I have been behind Arteta, Durand, as you well know.
      He won’t get beyond Mid to late October without obvious improvement as far as I’m concerned. By then he will not be able to hide behind the rookie tag. I’m not expecting miracles but I do expect a lot more progress next season

      1. SueP
        Thanks for the comment, I always enjoy reading your sensible opinions.

        If Arteta can’t have the club on a clear course with obvious signs of analytical progress and inside the top 8 by December, then he has to go. Most sensible fans would agree it’s fair going into his 3rd year in charge.

        If 2 years isn’t enough time, then why was he hired in the first place?

        Nearing 10 new players, over £150 million spent, can’t blame Wenger or Emery now after the clearout.

        He has to stay within the top 6 points wise and close to those clubs or else the knives will come out.

        1. Durand
          Don’t believe most t teams have a clear vision and especially in the past 12 months
          Leicester probably has the clearest but they have blown it at the death for the past 2 seasons
          Chelski had a project and then . Spent a shed of money. Lost there bottle. Replaced there manager and went on to a top 4 spot and won the CL. How’s that for a plan
          Spuds.. New stadium. Sacked the manager and will.lose there best players
          MANURE United. Top 4 lost a final but look fickle
          Who knows what any team is aiming for
          Project is a buzz word for let’s make it up as we go along
          I stand firmly behind MA as I hate seeing chopping and changing
          He has improved us Defensively but going forward we look blunt
          AUBES wasn’t at the races last season so hopefully he steps up this season for us
          O do hope he pulls it off and gets us back in to the top 4 but like suep I can see a change coming if he doesnt get a winning consistency going

      2. Though I dislike Arteta’s “need huge investment for complete squad overhaul” stance, I admire and respect the way he guided the club to clinch a couple of trophies and reaching the UEL semi-finals. This man has talent without a doubt.

        But, his poor player management is risky and will cost the club dearly in the near future. I wish that we recruit some well experienced wise-head to deal with player management and let Arteta handle only the coaching duties, tactical plannings and the match-day duties.

        And no more huge investments on players, until all the dead-woods in the squad are cleared and qualification to Europe is secured. If Arteta agrees to the term and work with the squad, let him have the full season. Else, he can walk out respectably out on his own terms. No sacking mid-way through the season accepted.

        1. @VasC, yeah he is got talent for failure. Winning single FA cup dies not make you a talented manager, don’t need to talk about community shield that’s hardly an achievement unless that is all you won. If above was not true then bring Di Matteo to Emirates as he won UCL with Chelsea so he is more talented then Arteta. The real caliber of manager is how his team’s performs in league and on that front Arteta has failed bug time. No, he is not talented and we are just wasting more time & money with him.

          1. Someone was kind enough to let me know that Arsenal were the third best team in the league based on the team’s results after Christmas last season. If that’s true, then the team is moving in the right direction under Arteta.

            Though he may have learnt a lot on tactics as Pep’s assistant, he is yet to master the transfer dealings and player management. I prefer that he is restricted to perform duties he is good at and hand-over the transfers, contract negotiations to an experienced wise-head. Replacing him right now or in the near future isn’t going to help the club in any way.

    3. It would perhaps be helpful if any of these convos had any reality too them. You just named a bunch of questions the media are speculating on because they don’t know and super imposed them on that meaning Arteta doesn’t know what he is personally which is quite literally insane. Not to mention your using said speculation to get mad. Take Laca he’s up for sale but we won’t give him away because he has quality. Not complicated and entirely sensible. Yet framed as a mistake somehow for a player Wenger bought. Confusing.

      As to everything else our fanbase won’t give Arteta beyond Christmas that is obvious (British Valencia we are fast becoming) doubt it will matter either way, haters will find a way to claim they were always right but Arteta got lucky when we start the season well. In terms of the outright lies, he has not had 1 proper window, this is his 1st. Jan is always nonsense (universally accepted) and last year Arsenal were in turmoil because of the pandemic and the window became damage limitation not squad building but noticed none of that managed to fit into your essay. Strange.

      If you were actually paying attention, you’d see the plan for the summer is pretty well co-ordinated and we’re acting on it. Whether you agree with the moves, its happening.

      1. I take on board a lot of what you were saying Angus as the club are generally tight lipped about their plans

        I also don’t think it’s unreasonable for Arteta to be showing real improvement after 2 years in the job. There has to be a point at which his learning on the job becomes having learned from his mistakes. I fully appreciate that it takes a while to turn a supertanker and that the results have been patchy but the supertanker must now make stronger moves up the league otherwise teams who historically were behind us will take our place. I have a degree of confidence that Arteta can take the next step but will accept that if he can’t then there may need to be another solution

      2. Angus, so now you are saying Arteta has not had proper transfer window. Are you for real? We bought so many players in last summer when Arteta and Edu were sole responsible and then in January even in pendamic we bought Partey. I mean you are calling out ppl who want to see progress haters while on other hand you are so blinded by your love for Arteta that you deny the facts which are Infront of you clear as day light. You suggest club spends 400-500 million in transfer window then it will be considered as a proper transfer window??? No wonder the owner does not care about as because our own fan base has no ambition and make up excuses for failure so why should he bother.

          1. @Admin, yeah because some of us have their eyes open and can see mixing water with sugar does not give you Coca-Cola lol!. I mean how much evidence do you need when you have seen the way club struggled last season. I am just trying my best to push the expectation and success requirements high by our fans becaue we need that if we want to be back to where we were before unless you want to be Leeds or Newcastle United.

            1. Everyone wants ARSENAL to be successful. Ranting that we need to sack the manager every week whether we are playing or not is hardly helping towards that goal, is it?

        1. Illogic, You are not a supporter but sound more like a troll. You do nothing ever but condemn! That is not how a supporter behaves.

          Are you a Spud? Serious question actually as you sound like someone who hates Arsenal. You should take a look at yourself, because IF you really are a fan then I want nothing to do with anyone who writes as you do. You are a disgrace to our fanbase, that is IF you are really a Gooner AT ALL!

    4. Durand, like you I ask the same questions: what is the “process” or the “project”? Mikel Arteta is keeping his cards close to his chest, with no explanations of his plan, what he deems success or how he will deliver?

  5. Arsenal also praised Xhaka on social media, yet we all know he’s got an official offer from Roma

    About Lacazette, I think Arsenal are struggling to find a good buyer for him. They will lose a lot of money if they have to sell Lacazette under 20 M

    1. That’s very true GAI
      Try thinking about it in the same way that the club paid out Ozil’s final year salary in full without him kicking a ball. What’s worse?

        1. We can still get a season out of Lacazette. He finished last season well. With his age and goal ration last season getting a good buyer above 20m could be difficult.

    2. Laca has gone from a UCL player at Lyon to UEL player at Arsenal and then to not even a Conference League player right now, at 30.

      Any suitor will thing twice about the amount of money needed to cover the kind of transfer fee Arsenal must be demanding and the salary of the player.

      Either Arsenal must tempt potential suitors with an irresistibly lower fee than anticipated or stick with him for one more season and lose him for nothing.

      I fancy that Arsenal will agree to any deal that comes closest to their valuation of the player, instead of risk losing him for nothing during next summer in the hope of having adequate cover in his CF position.

  6. Yesterday marked the 4th anniversary of Laca signing for us.. only right it’s celebrated, as it is with every other player.
    I thought negotiations were to be held at the end of last season? I’ve not heard anything, which suggests if the price is right he’ll be sold, and I think this applies to a lot of the squad…

      1. Exactly. Our club feels like a joke at times. Never seem to learn from previous lessons.

      2. Oh, Willian has entered into the final 2 years of his current contract. Should we be worried? Will Arsenal act quick enough and protect his value?

  7. Seriously, I think Arteta is kinda confused, last season I felt Arteta should hv given Saliba a fair chance to prove himself in the early stages of d Europa league or even the Capital one cup but he didn’t , he now came out later to say he regretted not naming Saliba in his squad , (who is he telling that, after all, he drew the squad), now he had the chance to atleast include Saliba for a full pre-season training under his watch but he rather chose to loan him out for d third year out of five and he keep using Chambers( wt due respect to chambers), there’s no way u can prove yourself if you don’t get d chance. I don’t think we overly needed Ben White (for above £50m) I would hv rather Saliba be brought back for a full pre-season, and that money be used to get d proven midfielders that we need (midfield should be our priority).
    In honesty, I think Saliba have not been given a fair chance to prove himself, and I feel Arteta should seriously look into it (and that’s me being objective).

    1. Gabriel has suffered an injury in training and is now out of the Brazilian Olympic team. The sensible thing, one would think, would be to retain William Saliba. Otherwise, even with Ben White, Arsenal will be skinny in CB’s at the start of the season, if Saliba is sent on loan.

  8. Could never understand the stupidity of going for Kroenke over Usmanov … it seems to be in our dna to shoot ourselves in the fiot

  9. He is for sale (without pandemic would of been sold easy last window, for arond 40-50mil scary what we lost last window.) He won’t sign a new contract because it would be on lower terms and with 1 or 2 years extensions with option extension. Obviously he figures he can see the larger contract out and take offers then even if he did end up staying on reduced terms.

    In terms of selling his wages present a problem to a degree and Arsenal are not going to give away a player who can do a job next year. That would be insane. It boils down to whether someone wants Laca bad enough to splash the cash, if they do and he is willing, he goes.

  10. We should sell Laca. What has he done or helped Arsenal to win since he arrived? He’s been an average to good player at times, but not an elite option up front. He’s almost 30 and if we can get 20 million for him, he should go. Invest in Isak or Silva, or another younger striker who has potential to become elite. Laca is exactly who he is at this point. Nketiah and Balogun are rotation guys at best next season anyway, so sell or keep Laca, they shouldn’t factor heavily if the goal is champions league.

  11. Don’t believe the sports media. Edu and Arteta know who they want. The media just throw out names based on either agents’ PR or nothing at all.

    Arsenal had the #2 record in the EPL over the last 2/3 of the season. The side is improving, and will surprise people over the first two months of the coming season.

    They are going for young players who are already good but have room to grow, either as starters or as subs. Aouar and White will be starters. Lokonga and Nuno will sub in and out. And more to come. But hopefully not too many more: there has to be room for Smith-Rowe, Martinelli, Balogun and Willock to get lots of game-time.

    If they can’t get a good young goalkeeper they like, they will go for Neto as insurance. The only reason Willock might be sold is to get Freddy Woodman, if they like him enough and can’t get someone they like more.

    Arsenal has a plan. The media are just mischievously poking us to get us to watch/read their nonsense.

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