Are Arsenal “riding their luck”? The last 8 games will show if they “are the real deal”

Now that the euphoria of our amazing super comeback win against Bournemouth at the weekend has dies down a little bit, and of course the previous Aston Villa game, which was equally heart-stopping, we can now look at things with a bit more clarity.

Some may still be bathing in the reflected glory, while other fans (Like Ken1945, who was at the game), have reported that Arsenal were truly awful in the first half and were playing nothing like the Champions-elect.

According to Stan Collymore, writing on CaughtOffide, makes it clear that he is still not sure if this young Arsenal team can still go all the way to the end of the season by “riding their luck”.

Collymore said: “For me, Arsenal have had four or five different hurdles this season. First, it was to start well, then it was how would they carry on post-World Cup. Then it’s juggling the cup competitions and Europe, and would this give the other clubs a chance to gnaw away at the points deficit. Then finally, there’s the run-in, and for me that starts with the final eight games of the season – that’s when the players will be going to bed every night dreaming about lifting the Premier League trophy, because it’s so close and it can start to cause havoc with your mind. If even three or four players start getting nervous and stop performing, then I can see Manchester City overtaking them. I still think City are the favourites, and they’re hosting Arsenal at the Etihad, which can cut Arsenal’s lead down to two points.

“I also think Arsenal have rode their luck a little bit – as much as people would like to frame this weekend as an incredible comeback, my worry is that they went 2-0 down at home against a team battling relegation, with the worst defensive record in the league. Yes, you can look at it with the glass more than half full and say they started poorly and came back, but if it’s mid-table clubs hosting Arsenal or coming to the Emirates and going 2-0 up it becomes a much more difficult task. That worries me slightly, in the same way that I felt like Manchester United had been riding their luck a little bit in the games against the likes of Leicester City and West Ham. We’ll see if this is Arsenal riding their luck or if it really is the case that they are the real deal and will not let go of the title, but for me we’ll learn that in the last eight games.”

I can understand his point of view, because we do seem to having too many “comeback” games. If we didn’t put ourselves in danger of losing games so often, we wouldn’t have to come back at all!

Let’s hope Arteta can sort that ongoing problem out very quickly!

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Jonas can’t hide his happiness at finally winning a trophy with the Arsenal Women’s team.

“I’m so proud!” – Full press conference….…

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  1. I agree with Collymore. Arteta could get some inspirations from Man City’s latest games, to improve our attack

    Our defending set-piece also requires some analysis

    1. Gai, It’s time for Arteta to diplomatically prioritize the EPL in the run in. It’s almost safe to say European teams are yet to fully comprehend Arsenal’s style of play so there is a chance to win even with rotations. Arteta would not be blamed fif he doesn’t win Europa. But he will not recover firm the applaud and change of his status as a coach if he could win the EPL. He should also learn from the masters and be unique in his tactics. PepG and Kolpp remains masters in EPL.

  2. I would say the last 9 games will define us starting with the away game against Liverpool. But the Ist real test now is Fulham away and they are playing very well and this is sandwiched between the 2 EL games.

  3. We will LOSE every game if we play like we did in the first half of the Bournemouth game and we will WIN every game if we play like we did in the second half.
    A little oversimplified I agree, but once again it’s all about consistency and MA has shown he CAN get that from his squad (even when Jesus and Partey aren’t available) so let’s get back to the basics.

    1. Very true Ken.While our results lately have been better than our performances over 90 mins ,the same applies to virtually every other side in the EPL.Certainly I cannot think of a side that has been truly convincing this season, and that includes Man City, who like Arsenal have frailties in defence.Indeed the team that has impressed me as much as any in terms of the quality of their football is Brighton who are example to all fans who consider that spending big money is essential.

      1. They are (Brighton) a superbly run club and are unearthing some truly excellent players who, if and when they are transferred, are being sold for enormous fees.
        I like their style of play and they have a brilliant CB in the mould of Tony Adams, who’s name escapes me… I think it’s Dunk.

        1. Agree with both Ken and Grandad. Brighton are the most consistent team. They do have an outside shout for Top 4.
          Hope they get it.
          In fact we are going to have a tough game against them at the Emirates.

  4. Forget about the big scare on Saturday, the gaffer was distracted by rotation and players happiness.

    Recent history shows the gaffer learns and learns fast too, he will be up to tee for this one, now that he’s fully focused I cant see such an early goal shocker in this one.

    Am weary though of a certain Aleksandar Mitrovic, he doesn’t need much to squeeze one or two in any far corner, he relishes the physical games Gabriel Magalhaes has to be constantly alert, just hope the Serbian not available.

    But this a huge game from a team that has nothing to lose, how much they would love to take a scalp here.

  5. Fulham is a massive game I hope the boys are looking forward to it. We’re on the final stretch of games, there are a few high hurdles and some sharp corners still to navigate. We’ve done well to put us in this position we are in, this is what it’s all about, Come on you Gunners

  6. No team has ever won the league without performances, that could have been better.
    This team has already performed much, much better than they could be expected to.
    In the future they can be even better if they continue their development.
    Any title winner will also need a bit of luck.
    Over the season so far, I see both things that have gone for us, and certainly things that have gone against.

  7. We are fortunate that Joao Palhinha will be suspended for the game against Fulham. Hopefully the game against Bournemouth followed by the events at Anfield will sharpen the minds of our young team. We CANNOT defend how we did against Bournemouth or we will be on the receiving end of another hiding similar to or worse than the one Man Utd received. Make no mistake, Liverpool’s attack will be the real deal next season or the one after, with or without Salah, so for me it’s now or never. Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea will all be better next season. So if the boys are feeling the pressure of the run-in then it’s with good reason. This will be the best chance we get to win the league for at least the next 5 years.

    1. Some good points there Ben, although !

      You forgot one team that will be better next season……that’s right, the team that’s leading now…….Also Liverpool wasn’t great in the first half against utd, nor was they poor; but one thing I’m certain of, is that Liverpool are not 7 goals better than utd this season, just one of them games.

      You could also argue that Fulham are fortunate that Jesus is not playing, depends how you look at things🤔

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