Are Arsenal set for an exodus this summer? Action needed quickly…..

А summer exodus is coming and the board are desperate for Arsene to deal with it. by Konstantin Mitov

It is a sorry state of affairs at Arsenal. The situation has gone way out of control now and this summer will spell change in all the wrong ways. Recent reports suggest we’ve offered Mesut an improved contract and he’s reluctant to sign.

We’ve not offered anything to the Ox, despite him being our best player recently. What will our line up look like next season? This summer will remind us of when Nasri and Fabregas left. The problem for me here is that at this club, even if Wenger is 10 years behind, he’s the only one who knows anything about football.

Arsene will take disappointment on the chin. He’ll dodge the negativity and point elsewhere. He will do the transfers, do the cashing in on the players wanting to leave, but this time it will be difficult. How will he replace Alexis? Remember how we bought Gervinho and until we got spanked 8-2 we did nothing else on the market?

Another summer like this will be disastrous. The board need to take action. Appoint a director of football, or somebody that knows something and can deal with part of the pressure. They need to speak now. What’s going on really? The situation is shady, nobody has clarity and people don’t seem like they care for the club.

Why don’t players get such problems with their contracts at City, United or any other top team? There are people who deal with them. The managers job is to motivate the players and put the tactics and the subs right. Ed Woodward got a lot of stick at United when Moyes only got Fellaini.

Arsene will sign the contract. If he doesn’t he risks leaving the club to go absolutely nowhere with no direction. The board is as much to blame as is Arsene for this situation. If we were a proper ran football club we wouldn’t allow this contract situation to happen. We wouldn’t allow the manager to be everything.

The fans need to demand answers. We need to know what is going on at those board meetings. Arsene is meeting the financial revenue terms that the board want, so for them theres no reason to sack him. He sucks up all the pressure and they get richer by doing nothing.

We spent 90 million pounds this summer and we look like we are going backwards. If losing money is the thing needed for change to begin then so be it. Did you see the refereeing at the Barcelona game? That penalty cost PSG dearly. We cannot compete with that kind of lobby.

I love the champions league games but this is shocking. Dropping out of the champions league can make it very difficult to come back to it as United and Liverpool are prime examples. But we need a shake up. We need change. Nobody knows nothing at the moment.

Imagine the new guy coming in. He’ll find himself in a gigantic mess. Sadly we’re not ready to transition from Arsene, but we should be preparing. Look at Southampton, they are a selling club, but they have a good youth system that produces players and despite the fact they change half their squad and the manager every other season, they are still a mid table team.

It’s because their system works and nobody is irreplaceable. When Pochettino left, they found another good manager in Koeman, and when he left and half the squad left too, they appointed Puel, got reasonable replacements for the budget of the club and it’s working.

Why did City appoint Txiki Begiristain? The sheiks don’t know football, they appointed somebody who does. If Arsene goes, who on that board knows anything? Regardless of that though, do I want Arsene to leave? All day long.

I want to be excited and Arsene has made us predictable. We need fresh ideas on the managerial front and with Arsene they aren’t coming. We also need a new coaching staff. This hasn’t worked for 10 years and counting and it wont work this or the next unless it changes.

It will be a summer of massive changes, I fear though, the wrong people will go.



  1. muffdiver says:

    doesnt matter who will come or go.

    we have one of the best first teams in the league
    and cant compete- thats the manager

    until wenger leaves none of it matters

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Teach him Cantonese and we all win!

  2. Vlad says:

    I’m not even sure what it is that I just read. It’s all over the place. No coherency, no logic. And, of course, without any real facts to back any of it. What massive changes? What exodus? Isn’t it what you wanted in the first place, Konstantin? Wenger gone along with all his backers? And now you’re afraid of consequences? Do you want CL or do you not want it? You talk about bad signings, you talk about other clubs. You talk like you know it all, when in fact you don’t. Every single club, big or small, deals with problems. Man City, which you mentioned, might lose Aguero in the summer. If United don’t make top 4, Ibra could leave. Bayern Munich are gonna be without the best right back in the world (Lahm) at the end of the season. Yes, we might lose Sanchez. But he’s just ONE player. I hate repeating myself, but football is a team sport. We’ve lost bigger players than him in the past, and we’ve survived. Life goes on. Football goes on.

    1. HA559 says:

      Sanchez became a better player here. No matter which club he goes to next, he won’t get any better, might have more goals (in french league). For him the best move would be Juventus, no Bayern (they have to many wingers and strikers so again he will be on the bench in some games). But do Juve have the Money? Maybe if they win UCL. It could open the door for Atletico but they too will be spending less because of new stadium. Atletico also have a ban (Jan 2017 and summer 2017) so they can sign Sanchez in Summer but he can play starting in January 2018. I doubt he will move to PSG after seeing what happened to them this week.

      Which makes me think some PL rival might bid for him. If CIty pay £60m+ and no one else comes close, Arsenal (Kroenke should I say) will sell no matter rival or not, We’ve seen this many times before.

      1. Vlad says:

        Don’t care if he leaves or not at this point. Too much drama which creates too much distraction.

  3. HA559 says:

    I don’t think Ox rumours are true if they are then he is a greedy isn’t he. We wait 6 years for this guy to become good and now he has played good for 6 weeks and he wants out?

    I think to please everyone Wenger in or Wenger out, give him a one year contract only. The players will be more determined to play for him in that one year than they have done so in previous 5+ seasons, knowing if it is his last year.

    What ever happens an overhaul is required in the this squad, we are talking about letting 10 players go (no I don’t agree with all the ones CHarlie Nicholas mentioned). But we will be fine to get 5-6 players in for the short term as long as they are of better quality than the ones leaving. Obviously if Sanchez and Ozil leave, there is no guarantee (especially with a new manager) that the replacement will be of same value, so I can settle for a little less (I’m being realistic here even though I want more).

    1. HA559 says:

      For Second paragraph, I’m also Wenger out but I think one year contract would be the best for everyone if there was a middle point where both parties (Wenger in or Wnger out) would agree.

  4. Trudeau says:

    Breath Konstantin. Breath.

    The chicken little “sky is falling” warnings have been a regular on the site for the last eight or so years. And you know what? The sky has never fallen. Now maybe it will this year and we really will be the laughing stock of Europe (which we aren’t) and all our players save Sanogo and Jenkins on will leave (which they won’t).

    I get it. It seems most fans (including me by the way) would like a change of manager. But let’s not pretend that the very future of Arsenal is at stake. It makes some of the more rationale concerns articulated above less credible.

  5. antiwenger says:

    Some of these Wenger fans just can’t see the bigger picture. They seem to think that spurs finishing above us is just going to be a one time thing this season.
    Take a closer look folks,Spurs will have their new 61k seater stadium soon,they are are a young squad will ALL of their players tied down to long contracts, they have a young,ambitious,TACTICALLY ASTUTE manager with a clear vision for the club,Daniel Levy has a goal for the club to be among the best.

    Now let’s look at our beloved Arsenal: Uncertainty over the future of HALF the squad,ageing squad with players well beyond their sell by date,LIKELY to lose two of our best players, Old TACTLESS,clueless,confused, deluded,arrogant, naive manager with no vision, ambition or hunger to win a major trophy,UNCLEAR about the manager’s future, Silent and absent owner who “did not buy Arsenal shares to win trophies”, Fans revolt and infighting etc etc

    It is clear that these two clubs are heading in different directions, one on a steady rise and another in steady decline.Judge for yourselves which is which.

    Finally, the common phrase we use ‘living in our shadow’ will soon be used on us if things don’t change

    1. ethangooner says:

      Pls dont compare with Spuds, they had some good games in the league but completely bottled it in ECL and even Europa League against a team from Belgium I never heard before. They have no better chance of winning the league than us. If the same results applying to us, `Wenger Out` must have started months back.
      They spectacularly lost 2nd place to us last season, talking about mental they can be even weaker than us.
      If want to compare, it should be with Chelsea.

  6. WENGER is a lucky fella……the word was falling for him on Tuesday after once again failing miserably on the CL, he was the news of the day, the world of football was announcing his demise, what happens next PSG fails Catastrophically and the attention shifts to the match of the Century, making WENGER yesterdays news and giving him a breather…..this being said, what happens to ARSENAL next will be decided a close doors between WENGER and the Board, we will have no influence on the outcome whatsoever, WENGER’S and the board biggest fear is to proof the Fans right, by bringing another Manager that can take arsenal to the next level, now the damage by leaving WENGER stay is done, aging players, WC players wanting to leave, and the seed of discord among the players has been planted, so if WENGER decides to leave it will be a gigantic task for the next manager to meet the expectations…..without being doom and gloom like my friend Konstantin it really does not look well….we saw against Liverpool what we would look like without SANCHEZ and to some extent without OZIL…..

  7. atid says:

    I can’t really see your point in this post. Your comparison about Southampton and their model works because despite all the changes they are still a mid table team? Yet wenger made a lot of signings this summer and until last week was still a top 4 team. I understand everyone’s desire to win the league or champions league. But I am from an era when arsenal were a mid table team, hell one year we almost got relegated! I can guarantee you this that out of the 20 teams in the league only one will win it. Of all the 100 or so teams that started out in this year’s champions league only one will win it, what gives arsenal the divine right to be that one team?

    The fact they we are somewhere between 9th and 16th best team in Europe is probably about right. We certainly are not amongst the best 8 teams in Europe as the next draw for the Champions League will prove.

    As for our current league standing, if win our game in hand then beat spurs and man city we will be level on points with both in the race for runners up. Like it or not we could still finish the season as runners up and win the fa cup. That would actually be our best season since we last won the league back in 2004, so if wenger did leave then where is the mess that he would be leaving behind? The under 23s are doing well even though we have 19 players out on loan. The under 18s have reached the top 8 play off stage. The club has around £200m in the bank and our two top players still have 15 months left on their contracts, only our manager and cazorla are out of contract this summer.

    Now I am no optimist neither am I wengers greatest fan, but after 20 years of finishing in the top 4 and 14 of those being in the top 3, I can tell you this club is not in a mess, I will also like to add that wenger has earned the right to take his time over his decision. He has not just taken the simple route and signed da ting, because I truly believe he wants to make the right decision. He is not blind, he is not deaf and certainly is not stupid. He knows that a lot of people want him out and the thoughts are definitely in his mind too, hence he has delayed on the contract.

    You mention a director of football? We also need someone to run the academy, for me the answer is staring us right in the face, combine the two roles and give it to wenger. Then the managers and coaches of the team at all levels can focus on their main jobs managing and coaching their players

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