Are Arsenal set to make a huge mistake with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang?

Looking through Arsenal news today a headline jumped out at me claiming “Arsenal preparing HUGE new contract offers for two key players” Those capitals for the word huge was part of the headline for the record.

Obviously, I read through the article and it was clear that the two key players were Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Reading further into the article it said this

Both could be in line for substantial pay increases if they put pen to paper with the Gunners again, with an offer of over £200,000-a-week reportedly possible for each man.

OK, I will start off saying they do use the word over but it cannot be much more otherwise they would have said over £220,000 or £250,000 etc and so to my thinking we are not talking much more than that figure.

The thing is that the Chinese clubs are reportedly offering £300,000 per week to Aubameyang, that is a cool £5 Million a year more or £15 Million over three years and no matter how rich these players are that is the sort of money that one finds very difficult to turn down, especially as you enter the twilight years of your career and you are looking to secure your financial future.

Even worse, £200,000 per week is only £20,000 per week more than what Arsenal are already paying Aubameyang according to some reports.

For some players it is not the amount of money that is always important but feeling devalued does matter and if the best that Arsenal can do is to offer our Golden Boot winner an extra £20k per week to keep him at the club then that tells me they are not serious about keeping hold of him.

And you have to remember that they all know what Mesut Ozil earns and to be told that you are worth a cool £150k per week less does take some accepting, I mean, Aaron Ramsey did not accept it did he?

Either we are serious about keeping Aubameyang or we are not, if we are then the club needs to offer him a much better deal than he is on right now, one that shows him how much he is truly valued or we just sell him but to make a token offer is just bad business whatever way you look at it.

I smell another huge mistake coming.


  1. He can leave if he wants more money

    He is not much of a dribbler anyway and we need younger attackers that are more willing to risk their legs for the team

    His goal record is excellent, but Arsenal require lethal wingers that can be constant threats throughout the game and can score more opening goals

    1. Isn’t that what we want from our strikers?To actually score goals?Or am I missing something here?And bearing in mind he and Lacazette will only get better why would anyone want him out?
      In regards to dribbling-this seems to be a point you always seem keen to bring up.What has this to do with scoring?Aubamayang is NOT A WINGER.He is played wide but that doesn’t mean he is s natural winger.And I would like you to let me know who in the last 10 years has been a more consistent scorer than him.

      1. Phil, you don’t get it, we need dribblers, like Iwobi who can go past two or three players then pass it back, hit the first defender or launch it into row Z. Why do we need goal scorers like Auba when we have dribblers? We also need a left footed right winger, or is it a right footed left winger, who knows? ?

        1. Declan-it is posts like we always get from GOT thatvleave me speechless.22 goals in a team that struggled for most of the season and some want him out?We should be looking to get players in that can assist him even more.Even if we struggle again next season I know who my money would be on to be our top scorer
          And please do not get me started on Iwobi-he is exactly why we are where we are are.If a talentless joke of a player is thought as being Arsenal quality then we will soon be in the tier BEHIND Leicester Wolves Everton

          1. No one sees Iwobi as being of the “real Arsenal” quality. At least we don’t see him as poor as you paint him. Concerning Iwobi being the reason we are where we are today, you are right. Without him we would have been worst last season.

          2. Aubameyang, already earn 200,000 pounds. Don’t know how you can increase his wage further. Lacazette earns 100,000 pounds. He may get the wage rise. The much maligned Iwobi only earns 30,000. You want him to play and score like sterling who earns 259,000 pounds.

          3. Tall midfielders, dribblers, inverted wingers,a false nine’s, where does he get these phrases from, probably the Internet, mind you, I must say, he makes me laugh, sometimes he’s hilarious. My brother used to call me a greedy dribbler when I wouldn’t pass the ball to him when I was about ten years old.

      2. Arsenal need goalscorers that are able to score more opening goals, not the second or the third goal in a match

        He has been consistently scoring in one and half seasons. But let’s see what would happen in this season, if there is no new assist creator arrive to help him out

        Van Persie and Sanchez were consistent goalscorers in several seasons, but we need to find better attackers than all of them

        Aubameyang is a world class striker and I liked his dribbles when breaking Valencia’s left flank, but we need someone that can do it weekly

        1. I agree he’s payed to score goals that’s what he does ,leagues top scorer this season but you want the club to sell him .
          Premier league stats
          49 games played
          32 goals scored
          9 assists
          Europe league stats
          10 games played
          8 goals scored
          For someone who likes to talk about stats,how can you say he should be sold .
          He has another good 3-4 years left him him yet ,if he was to be sold I would lose faith with this club .

  2. Dont let Auba goes,it will take arsenal another 5 years to win something. Mark my words

  3. Aubameyang is similar to Ozil. They approach games the same way. Just like Ozil whose weapon were his final balls and assists, Abumeyang only weapon is his goal scoring exploit. He is our fastest player but he barely runs on the field. Soon when the goals start drying, he will become as useless as Ozil. He is another fraud waiting to happen. If we really are serious we should be doing everything to keep Laca.

    1. Good observation. They are both man of statistics

      Many popular players know which statistics that make them look good and focus solely on those numbers, but suck at other things

      Arsenal need team players, not some social media celebrities and shirt sellers that only chase personal glory and money

      1. Here is a statistic for you-Aubamayang was JOINT TOP GOALSCORER IN THE PL LAST SEASON.
        And you two lovebirds want him out?Unbelievable comments

        1. Phil I don’t want him out. I am only against another outrageous wage, which may hurt us soon

          1. “He is another fraud waiting to happen”.
            They were your words
            I hate to think what you would write on a player you wanted out

          2. Yes Phil. If you give him the bumper deal today and tomorrow the goals dry off. We will struggle to get rid of him

      2. gotanidea, have you even thought WHY Ozil sells more shirts than any other Arsenal player???

        Ask yourself the question, think about it and then you might come up with a reason such as:

        Arsenal fans across the world identify with him and spend their hard earnt money having his name on their £60 plus shirts.

        So if you don’t want Aba, Lacs or any other player to want personal glory and money, should we design our shirts in the shape of a bhuddist monk?

        We have the golden boot player in our squad and you want to sell him?
        Aba’s goals statistics make him look good, that’s what he is employed to do, not run up and down, round and round, making goal line clearances.

        You obviously never saw Thiery or Wrighty play, they also were there to score goals.AND THEY WERE media celebrities and shirt sellers…you want to sell the whole squad is that it?

    2. And exactly who do we replace him with?How much would it cost to replace the most natural goalscorer we have had at this Club for a long time?
      You need to think things through PAL.Ridiculous to even think we can do without someone who was joint top PL Scorer in a side with no immediate structure.He will always score goals as it’s so natural for him.With a winger in the side surely it will only improve the team

    3. If we sold Auba we could create a much more balanced squad. It shouldn’t be ruled out. We should stop being afraid to sell our best players. We should’ve sold Ozil AGES ago but many ppl feel we are nothing without him.

    4. The greatest ever English striker, don’t let anybody tell you any different, Jimmy Greaves, never got a sweat up but consistently scored 30-40 goals a season throughout his career.

    5. Exactly my thoughts Martin. In another season or two were going to have another Ozil situation all over again. An under performing player on huge wages that no one wants to buy. Best to sell if we can get over £70-80 million and re-invest in several critical areas. If you can get 2 younger wingers that can contribute goals e.g. 15 each he won’t be missed. Sometimes you need to make sacrifices for the greater good of the club.

  4. Keep Lacazette sell

    Make 140m +40 mil
    Promote Willock smith row
    And buy CB 60m
    Tierney 20m
    Maddison 50m
    Winger 50m

      1. First of all snowflake is a term used to describe someone in a racist context secondly Auba is 30 and helave very few years at the top left maybe 1.5-2
        So selling for a good price is a good idea

        1. The term snowflake has nothing to do with racism. What an utterly ridiculous comment.
          I was going to explain it but you look up the meaning.

          1. Incredible Declan how some people turn the most harmless phrase into a racist issue. Political correctness equates to democracy gone mad.

    1. Why would we make £140m +40milif they are all dross?

      Is it that our fans think every other club in the world actually wants our so called dross, or is it our fans who are talking out of their backsides?

      Anyone can put up a list of players who they want at the club and players they want to sell.

      In: Messi and Ronaldo £300 million ( £100k a week max salary for both of course).
      Out: Iwobi £200million Jenks £100million Bould £0 but his salary will make up the £200k a week salary for Messi and Ronaldo.

      There you go, done and dusted…AND…we still have £40million to sign six world class wingers on £10,000 a week, due to money made from the sales of Ozil’s shirt money.

      It’s so easy, I wonder why it’s never happened in real life????

    2. I agree, if good offers come for Auba, even Laca, just that I love Laca on the field with or without ball. Then, terminate Ozil’s contact if no suitors show up

  5. Well Liverpool sold their best player last season and went on to win the champions league, if the money gotten from his sale will be used wisely then he could be sold.

    1. Coutinho wasn’t their best player though whereas, Aubameyang is our BEST striker and selling him would make ABSOLUTELY NO sense!

  6. If selling Aubameyang meant getting Pepe I would say go for it but not on any other condition. Even then we’d still need a back up striker or maybe two and a fraser type on the left wing. It is a lot of change…could be negative.

  7. Lmao…it’s a streak, first it’s sell Torreira, second it’s sell PEA.
    Delusional, we had Giroud for years and the lot of you abused and call him all sorts of names as he couldn’t get 30goals in a season at all. Someone who I’ve always said I was hurt to see him leave. Then we get PEA, a world class striker, always competing for the golden boot each season for the past six years. Comes in his first season, in a team specially known for average performance, wins the golden boot and he should be sold.
    Really I’d love to see you coach Arsenal, so maybe we can have dribblers all over the place who can’t get ten goals a season

  8. I feel like we should be adding to our attack. Not selling our best players. Someone commented that ozil and auba are only good at certain things. I agree. However, I feel ozil needs more options in terms of wingers. If we look at the seasons where ozil could assist we had proper wingers like Walcott. Okay he was not the best winger but we had him and ox too.

    We need a complete team to really see how players like auba and ozil perform.

    I think ozil with players like Nicolas pepe auba and tosic in front of him would be spoilt for choice. I’m sorry iwobi is not good enough and auba is not a winger.

    I say keep ozil keep auba add toxic and pepe and Nelson as well as a decent back four and see what happens.

    1. Our lack of wingers affected everybody. From the coach, to Ozil, to Xhaka,to our defenders and even our strikers. Emery tactical options was drastically reduced. At a point he had to rely on Iwobi, not because he was good but because those headless running became necessary. Xhaka and Ozil had to engage in sideways passes because we had no width. Our defense was subjected to enormous pressure because opposition fullbacks were free. Our strikers also suffered because no one could stretch opposition defense to create spaces for them. Getting wingers should be our top priority because we don’t have even an average winger.

  9. I believe the most important statistics of all in Football is the scoreline no matter how much one runs and dribbles as longs as its not in the back of the net then its all for not(that’s why Neymar is a joke now days “big tits but can’t shake them” no goals to back him up yet Mbappe on the otherside is sort after mainly for that fact)—-so Auba should definitely be awarded a bumper contract if that’s the only way they keep him at the club

  10. The only reason I think auba should be sold is because Emery is finding difficult to blend both him and lava together. Both are top strikers who can give you goals on a weekly basis but moving any to the wing limits their abilities. Rather, emery should stick to both upfront, get players who can function as proper wingbacks and try fixing ozil into the team. In my opinion make bellerin an outright wingback same as kolasinac and tidy up the defence.

    1. If the manager cannot blend two world class strikers together, then he has no business managing the team. That’s what he’s paid for!

  11. Emery has to make smart decisions, if a winger is bought one of the strikers will have to move to the flanks and that will definitely affect the goal threat upfront. I will definitely stick with wingbacks, kolasinac is good when attacking but poor in defending, make him and bellerin he wingbacks, get a good replacent for monreal who would be part of the first team, a reliable backup for sokratis because holding will be exceptional next season. Then promote more of the under23 players. Cos there are young lads who can offer more than Mustafi, elneny, and also lads that can fill in for the departed welbeck. We are talking about being competitive with a small size budget.

  12. Imagine if Auba & Torreira were sold & we kept hold of Xhaka & Mustafi.. my God I would be having the mother of all meltdowns!
    We can’t afford to sell our best players! End of!

  13. Lmao, such a bad idea. Unbelievable! Stop giving out mega contracts PLEASE. Just sell and rebuild with the money, smh. We are in the position that losing one of our two strikers won’t do much hard. We are so unbalanced and need funds.

  14. I think I am in a parallel universe.
    As a football club we are now suggesting we sell a player who won the golden boot, sell our one world class No.10 and expect other clubs to buy players that we identify as dross for millions of pounds!!!

    Meanwhile, spuds have a billion pound ground to pay for, chelsea have a ban on transfers, city are being investigated for breaking the rules and we want to sell any player that AW signed!!!

    As Joe Brown once sang…”What a crazy world we’re living in”!!!

  15. I’m beginning to suspect that this article was written purely to generate internet traffic, but then again, some people actually believe selling our better performers is a good idea.

    If I had the last Auk in the world and sold it for a million pounds, I would be rich enough to buy 2 Eagles or 4 Pelicans or maybe 10 Seagulls. I might be happy for a while but all the money in the world wouldn’t buy me that shiny Auk I once had.

    Our best players are like ‘Auks’, irreplaceable one-offs.

  16. guyz stop all this talkings this team is going no where as u can see it is a team that can only make players rich but still going down look the owner dont care this religated and now u r h
    ere talking of uping de the money to player in stead of talking about buying player they dont have money to buy gud players and you bussy talking about rising salaries totally rubish

  17. Giving Auba and Laca new contracts makes perfect sense. 350zil and Mkhitaryan are on ridiculous wages for doing next to nothing. That one makes zero sense.
    I’d only sell Auba if he doesn’t extend. And that’s up to him. If he’s all about winning trophies, I’d understand if he doesn’t extend and wish him all the best at his next club. Same for Laca, but the lad is a bit younger and could stay for an additional year or two before having enough of a club with no title ambitions.

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