Tottenham set to beat Arsenal to Schneiderlin?

The Southampton midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin has been hugely impressive this term, highlighted by his inclusion in SkySports Team of the Season So Far, picked at the mid-way point in the season. His performances in the two previous seasons with the Saints has also proved that he is ready to play at a higher level.

The Secret Footballer claimed that Arsenal had already agreed a deal to bring him to the Emirates previously, although that appears more and more unlikely as the season draws to a close.

Now the bets trading site Betfair have been forced to slash their odds on him joining Tottenham this summer from a massive 10/1 into 6/4 favourite to join up with former boss Mauricio Pochettino, after having a ‘enormous flurry of bets’ on the outcome.

Spurs were, of course, close to signing the Frenchman last summer, before Southampton closed the gates on any further key-players exits, after Calum Chambers, Luke Shaw, Adam Lallana, Dejan Lovren and Rickie Lambert all moved clubs.

Schneiderlin has made it no secret that he wants to be playing in the Champions League next season, and that is not an option for our North-London rivals. In fact they have not yet claimed their place in the Europa League yet with two games to go. The only conceivable way I can see Arsenal missing out on his signature is if we have pulled out of the race.

Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla have been two of our better players this season, and we also have Jack Wilshere who operates in a similar role. Schneiderlin may have conceded that he would struggle to break into our first-team, and is now willing to join Spurs fight to try and break into the top-four, which is all the more tough given Liverpool’s return to the top-six.

Could Schneiderlin earn himself a first-team role at the Emirates? Should we keep looking for a younger/better option as back-up to our current squad?

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  1. It would be a rather bizarre move if it was to take place. Spurs are not much of a step up to Southampton, if at all, so I don’t get the reasoning behind the rumours. That being said, if we are really interested and put in a bid that entices Southampton, I’m certain Schneiderlin wouldn’t even take a second look. So if he does join someone else, it is most likely because we were never interested, which would be a shame. Him or Wanyamma would be great coups for our squad.

    1. @WM
      It’s more about him wanting to play under Pochettino than playing CL football…Would rather have Kondogbia, to be honest. Morgan does not impress me in the least.

      1. I think when it comes down to choosing Pochettino Vs Wenger, I knew who I’d play under for player development. I like Kondogbia too, but Schneiderlin is a solid option. There are many choices out there, I just hope we dip into the market and get one.

        1. Sure are there seems to be plenty of players available in every position but GK. Gundagon rumour im not sure about as it originates metro but same time i would believe Wenger keen on this player.

          Kondogbia looks a typical Wenger buy but maybe before he made name, not sure if Wenger would pay the money needed now that Coq is in plans.. pity.

          Schneiderlin again im not sure same reason for Kondogbia – Coq. Thats why i worry these spu rumours true. Wenger rarely brakes the fifteen mil barrior when recruiting… especially when he feels no urgent need.

          My own thoughts……
          Whatever you want to call him box to box or an all rounder as i prefer… Strootman, i believe would be a clever buy. We had article on how to cope against 10 man defences and i believe for our brand football to get round them opposition must feel threatened from 20 yards out – We need midfielder who can shoot from distance not only that but score somewhat often. Doesnt have to be Strootman although he is a very good athlete competitor and player.

          There is also M Verratti, Carvalho, Wanyama, Benders, Gustavo, Kramer.. much choice i think you can agree. Lets hope Wenger means business.

      2. He’s quite hyped up indeed. Kondogbia might be as well, but at least he’s a proper DM, not a B2B with defensive qualities. And he’s proven that he can do the job by doing it against us 😉

      3. We get the reason why but it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. He has constantly mentioned CL, they don’t have that. He wants to upgrade, spurs aren’t that. They aren’t even going in the right direction.

        And if I’m not mistaken Schneiderlin was making noises of leaving even when saint pochettino was managing the saints.

    2. Why on earth would Schneiderlin choose Spurs over Arsenal?

      You might as well write this article:

      “Messi to stay at Barca rather than sign for Arsenal for £1?”

  2. It would always be a mystery to me how a player can even think of choosing Spuds over Arsenal. Not trying to slant Spuds, but just out of curiosity what reasoning a player could give for such a decision? Unless there is a huge pay offer at play i just cant see anything else. Or just may be the connection of love and respect for the former non-proven, fraud manager. I am so perplexed that this all saga starting from last season seems like BS. There can’t be any other explanation. Or is there?

    1. In the same way people choose to play for Atletico Madrid instead of Real Madrid, I guess. Promises, prospects and pay, three P’s.

      Players like Hugo Lloris and Verthongen I see no reasoning in choosing Tottenham though, as Arsenal apparently showed interest as well. Maybe cash mooni makes you think too fast for your own good?

  3. Kondogbia for me is better dm and better box to box. Better at everything really. But wouldn’t be disappointed with morgan.

    1. I would prefer Kondogbia, he is more of a holding CM yet I can see him coming on and playing alongside Coquelin when we are holding the lead, make the lung bursting strides forward on counters but quick to get back and defend.

      I believe it is obvious that Coquelin would start the season as 1st choice hoding CM but he will need rests and we should be going for all competitions so Kondogbia will get PLENTY of oppertunities to try and grab the starting place…. Just like OOOOOOOOOOOspina done ^.^

  4. Release: podolski, rosicky, diaby, flamini
    sell: Joel Campbell, Walcott, Jenkinson
    Buy: Cavani, Schneiderlin, Cech and Hummels

    1. Aww wno, we gotta keep our little mozart.
      I know Rosicky is getting older BUT he is dedicated to us and I think he is a good player to have for squad depth, he knows he isn’t going to be a starting star anymore buy yet he fights for the team.

      Players can learn from his attitude.

      Buy Cavani? Why?
      Just to put Giroud into perspective here…
      Cavani has scored 16 goals in 32 games for PSG in his 2nd season. Lets forget that the french league isn’t the same as the EPL for now…
      Giroud 2nd season have been a lot more productive, for Mont it was 36 games and 21 goals and for Tours it was 38 games for 21 goals.
      Considering Giroud has played in the ‘weaker teams’ yet he has a better goalscoring record means nothing?

      There is no guarentee that Cavani will be able to perform in the EPL like he did for Napoli… well I hope we get that Cavani instead of the Palermo Cavani who struggled to score 5 goals in nearly 40 games!

      Cavani settled well into Napoli and done exceedingly well there,

      Just to show how well he settled, his goal to game ratio was better than Ibrahimovic (1.13 games per goal compared to Ibras current 1.16), some players just click with some teams and perform exceedingly well.

      How many times have we seen players who performed for Arsenal end up dropping off after leaving us?
      Not like Cavani is only a 21 year old with his best years ahead either, he is 28! If it takes him a season to settle then he will be 29!!! How much do you want to spend for a player who may only have 2-3 good season with us?

      1. Hilarious that you willfully accept Rosicky staying at 34 because he can still play….but later condemn Cavani for being 28. The logic is strong in this one.

        Cavani is world class = 53 goals in 92 games in 2 seasons playing 2nd fiddle, shunted to the wing half the time, hating life.

        Giroud = 57 goals in 129 games over 3 seasons as the main man, loving life.

        Girouds MAX tally he mustered in France was 25 goals across the board. You called Montpellier a ‘weaker team’, yet they were the champions that season. Cavani scored 25 his first year there and has 28 so far this term. So your idea Giroud has a better goalscoring record has been plucked from thin air and quickly debunked. Please don’t try and advocate Giroud as being better than Cavani… just leads to tears of laughter.

        I rate Giroud highly, and he’s progressed a ton in a few years here, but he is not on Cavani/Higuain/Benzema’s level by a good distance. That’s reality no matter the unwavering bias some fans have for anyone in an Arsenal shirt. So what’s why Cavani, he’s from the top drawer.

  5. Schniderlin is a good solid player and would add a whole load of depth to our squad, However he will most likely end up at Spuds for two reasons 1) He is a great admirer of Pottechino and likes the way he does things and his management style 2) whatever you may read in the papers you can absolutely guarantee that Wenger and the arsenal scouts have NOT even made contact with Southampton or Schniderlin. Because they fully believe that Le Coq is sufficient in that position and as we all know their attitude is “why spend money if we don’t need to” Wenger has already stated that he is going to concentrate on keeping his squad together rather that getting too involved in the transfer market. you can translate this as “we’re happy with what we have, we’ll keep this and probably WONT spend any substantial amounts this transfer window” wake up and read what he says in wenger speak its the same circus as usual

    1. Transfers with arsenal are never obvious and this transfer is as obvious as they come. Still think we will have some outs and ins. Just can’t guess who.

    1. @Robertthegooner
      not sure what you mean by this. But Milner is a serious impact sub and all around damn good player.

      1. have you read his previous post? he wants 3/4 of the team sold. his not going to appreciate a player like Milner

  6. It doesn’t make much sense for him to choose Spuds over us

    Every year we finish over Spuds
    Every year we qualify for Champions League
    We have higher chance of Winning Tropies than Spuds
    Yes he likes Spuds manager but Wenger is good to players most of the time.

    Anyway, if this rumour is true, it’s up to him what he does but hope he comes to US

  7. Coquelin has been a revelation and fantastic this season but Its dangerous to put all our hopes on him.

    Coquelin may get injured and then what? Diaby usually injured, chambers not there yet, Arteta lost a lot of quality, Bielik too inexperienced

    We also play four competitions (PL, CL, FA Cup, League Cup)

    We need another top DM, in my opinion

  8. In order to get Schneiderlin, we would have to pay to acquire him.
    Not happening. #IvanDoesNotBuy

  9. We will not sign DM, Wenger clearly said, we are good defensivly, so all this nonsense is just wasting time, We need CF, top quality CF. If we look our previous windows, we can expect one big name and maybe 1 squad player !!!

  10. Damn, it seams Depay is Messi, at least according to pundits hahaha, they have di maria who is much better player and still didnt cut it, so how big impact can have young Depay, next season Untd will be fighting for 4th place with Arsenal .

  11. I would personally bludgeon arsene wenger to death and put that old geezer out of his misery, if this happens.
    I can’t take anymore FAILURE

  12. Honestly, I do not see his move to Spurs happening (they are not even qualified in Champions League which is the important factor Schneiderlin previously mentioned). I do not even see a real different between Southampton and Spurs right now.
    We need a DM with his quality even if I am impress with the development of Coquelin we cannot just have one decent and adequate DM. Arteta is old (and not a real DM) and Flamini need to leave (he does not have the level in our team).
    The only way I see it possible is that Arsene do not want him and have another in his mind may be more for our need and balance (Carvalho, Gundogan, Kondogbia, Wanyama, Kondogbia…).

  13. We are not in for Schneiderlin, he has had a contract offered before and he turned us down. Now Coquelin has emerged as a first team starter, Schneiderlin would not get his name on the team sheet at Arsenal. Schneiderlin would not come yo us to sit on bench.

    If Spurs bought him it will not be coup because we are not after his signature. If we were, he would choose us over them. I would say ManYOO are the team who would be after his signature. Schneiderlin going to Spurs would show no ambition. Spurs are a selling club for start and if the Frenchman signed a contract, he can expect to start the season with no team-mates of note after seeing Kane and others exit the club before the season starts.

    1. he would be a great signing but I can see him joining man. City as they won’t hesitate to buy a homegrown player they so badly need

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