Are Arsenal set to pay the price AGAIN for over-haggling?

Arsenal have been trying to negotiate a deal to sign Thomas Lemar from Monaco for much of the transfer window, but reports are now claiming that Liverpool are keen to hijack said move.

The Gunners are known to be strict with their spending, and are proving once again that they refuse to give in to the craziness that the current era of finances have allowed to happen, and now look set to miss out on another key target over the price.

Monaco have overseen a mass exodus this summer, with Bernardo Silva, Benjamin Mendy and Tiemioue Bakayoko having already joined Premier League clubs Manchester City and Chelsea, and Lemar and Kyliam Mbappe look likely to be the latest to continue that saga.

Arsenal were believed to be leading the chase to land the young French playmaker, and still are according to the bookmakers, but the latest news may well force the club to treat the matter with more impetus, in fear of losing out.

The club have poured plenty of time and effort into bringing him to the Emirates Stadium this term, and it would be a huge blow to lose him to a rival after so much work.

The Reds are believed to be eyeing Lemar as the man to replace Barcelona target Philippe Coutinho, who looks likely to move clubs should Neymar force a move to Paris Saint-Germain for a monster €222 Million.

Arsenal have supposedly failed with a £50 Million bid for the Monaco man, and look likely to miss out on their target over the price, but Liverpool may well be willing to splash the cash once Coutinho is snapped up.

Will Arsenal ever learn the way of the window before it’s too late? Will this Neymar deal trigger a number of moves?

Pat J


  1. gotanidea says:

    I think Lemar will only come if Sanchez or Ozil leaves. Arsenal has to focus on CM first, because I saw Xhaka, Ramsey and Ozil cannot offer something new or some improvements in the preseason matches.

    If there is no Barcelona’s calibre midifeld general/ playmaker in Arsenal, they will struggle to dominate and unlock the opponent’s defense. I hope Arsenal can get Seri and Rafinha, since their combined price could be lower or only slightly higher than one Lemar’s price.

    1. Atid says:

      To be totally honest, the way things are we have alexis who appears he no longer wants to play for the club and ozil who seems like he cannot play for the club. Yet on the other side we have two much younger players in lemar and mahrez who desperate for the club. They will cost about what we would get for ozil and alexis combined, but cost about half of the salary. Both mahrez and lemar are versatile, score goals and create lots of assists. I think that in the 3421, lacazette would thrive with those two behind him.

  2. Kostafi says:

    What to believe? You’ve got Kev and Resource in here purporting to be ITK (in the know) so if we believe them, once Monaco sign Dia-whatshisname, the deal is done. On the other hand, Monaco played hard-ball with Mendy making sure they got more for him than Spuds did for Walker. Monaco president beamed that they bought Mendy for £11m and sold him for £52m a year on. Anyway, Man Shitty had to up their bid to get their man. Which is exactly what Arsenal ought to do, put up or shut up.
    I honestly think Lemar should not be considered as a Sanchez replacement and should be signed anyway. It’s time Sanchez stopped feeling he was too big for Arsenal. With Lemar, he would only be Arsenal’s 5th most expensive player…

  3. Muff d says:

    Vvd as part of swap deal

    And we’re set

    In other news I’m dating scarlet johanssn
    And my Bugatti is in thE garage

    1. dennis10bergkamp says:

      What swap deal?

    2. Arsenal_Girl says:


      1. Muff d says:

        Virgil van dijk

        1. McLovin says:

          Vinny vin Diesel

    3. tas says:

      muff your lying you don’t have a garage 🙂

      1. Muff d says:


    4. soccerboy says:

      Vvd? Who is VVD?

      1. sam-afc says:

        Virgil Van DONK

  4. sam-afc says:

    Lemar will be joining once Alexis leaves

  5. Janssen says:

    With or without Lemar (but prefferably with) we will stuggle to regain a top 4 spot.

    It is dangerous and difficult to predict the outcome of the PL at this stage but it seems to me that we will compete with Spurs and Liverpool and Everton for the 4th spot. I expect Man U, City, and Chelsea to fight for the PL title.

    1. Kostafi says:

      We will finish 3rd or higher with Lemar, 2nd or higher with Sanchez switched on.

      Spuds were atrocious in Wembley last season, and will be stretched again this season with CL football. They rested Walker and Kane ahead of their Chelsea game and crashed out to Monaco. Their priorities while building their stadium will be Top4 (seem familiar?)

      Liverpool’s weakness last season was at the back. Where have they strengthened? Up top. They struggled when Mane went to AFCON, so they got Salah (Egyptian) to help. Anyway AFCON is now in the summer. Klopp is a fantastic Cup manager so expect him to stretch his team in CL and LC.

      Man Shity look to have the depth, while Chelski will have CL test their depth this season- both look best equipped. United have as usual gone for ‘quality’ over quantity. One injury to Lukaku and they are back resting rashford in the big league games to focus on the Cups. Mou likes anything shiny…

      AW isn’t taking Europa too seriously hence the mix of kids at the Emirates Cup against ‘Europa quality’ teams. Expect the first 11 to assault the League title this season. COYG!

      1. Janssen says:

        My worry indeed is the Europa league and its effect on our PL campaign. If we don’t take the Europa league serious and rest our best players for the PL we have a chance in the PL to do better than last season. If we try to win the Europa league like Man U did we risk injury and fatigue to hamper our PL campaign IMO?

        To me, the Europa league would be a great competition to give our young players like Nelson and Maitland N and Biliek a chance to gain valuable experience and fast track their development. If we lean on two thoughts and we play some of our injury prone players like Kos, Ramsey, and Theo we could end up with the worst of both worlds, no Europa league trophy and no PL challenge.

        I think the advantage of no European football (Chalease and Leicester when they won the PL) is under-estimated and the difficulty of Europa league is also under estimated. In fact, I think playing the Europa league is more of a handicap than playing CL.

    2. McLovin says:

      United won’t be contending for the title. They are our rivals for the 3rd and 4th spot.

      Nor do I think that Everton will challange top 4. They lost their best goal scorer in the past 3 years and have replaced him with quantity rather than quality.

      1. tas says:

        I’m predicting that we will have less injuries this season because i feel that we will rotate players at the early stages of Thursday night football and hopefully this will help us in securing top 4 EPL, unless AW has other ideas

        by the way where is Bould? lately did Lehmann done him in? ( i didn’t see the match yesterday was Bould there? )

        1. amb98 says:

          Bould has been with Wenger at the games. He wasn’t at a few of the games in Australia and China because he had surgery.

    3. Bigperf says:

      Lol United finished below is and what exactly have they done in the transfer window that we haven’t? I’m a bit confused why people are rulling us out but backing United who have the same number of transfers as we do ?

  6. tas says:

    now that Neymar looks to be leaving Barca there are roamers that Barca is after Ozil, i think Sanchez who wants to be in CL should go back to Barca OH wait Sanchez is no longer a bench warmer 🙂

  7. John Ibrahim says:

    Ozil + Sanchez and Ox and that 125 million to be write off

    This does not include Wilshere and Carzola both are free to leave at the end of the season.

  8. Paul says:

    Of only we could sell ozil, do away with mertesacker, get rid of ospina and sack arsene wenger and the physios, AND THEN GET TUCHEL OR A VERY GOOD COACH, I’d be the happiest man on earth….
    Though, sack wenger, get a good coach and every other thing will be added onto arsenal f.c

  9. gooner4life says:

    I say this every window all talk and rumour but no real business done Wengers comments about the contracts being an ideal situation just shows how out of touch he is I wish David Dein would come back to look after these issues .Wenger is as usual waiting until all the targeted players have been signed he will come out with his usual claptrap about how hard it is to get quality players.How come all our rivals don’t seen to have this problem’?

  10. paulus says:

    when we have a manager who states its good for players to be in the last year of their contracts, and then try to haggle over every transfer, its no surprise we might lose out..
    think back to the other players we have been interested in over the years, but wenger wouldn’t pay the prices, hazard and Mata before Chelsea bought them, the laughable 49 million and 1 pound offer for Suarez, is it any surprise to anyone our transfer dealings are a joke

  11. gooner4life says:

    I think Wenger is a very poor business negotiator buy a player for £40+mill then let him go for free.If that was any other business he would be bankrupt financially .I believe he is bankrupt of ambition and ideas.He is going to leave when his contract expires but what legacy will he leave a mid table or even a championship club.How can Silent Stan be pleased if he loses money on every player because the manager thinks it is idea to let players leave for free.

  12. Truthbetold says:

    ??? I’m just having a laugh at All u deluded lots who blindly fell for that crap from That source guy & his wannabe Kev about Lemar ‘s announcement due on Wednesday…..??? just two days to Wednesday

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