Are Arsenal set to postpone Liverpool game as well?

The latest Arsenal transfer news is that Pablo Mari is on course to going out on loan to Udinese in Italy, but we have recalled Miguel Azeez from Portsmouth, which will at least give Mikel Arteta another possible body to cover in midfield ahead of the very young Charlie Patino.

But it is still very unclear whether we can field a full team ahead of our (previously postponed) League Cup semifinal against Liverpool this Thursday. Partey, Pepe and Elneny are still at AFCON; and although Aubameyang will have returned, he will certainly not be ready to face the Reds at Anfield.

Martin Odegaard is still in isolation with Covid we believe, but with rumours of further infections we won’t know much more until tomorrow. Soares, Saka, Kolasinac and Chambers are still being assessed after injury, but we are only in hope that Tomiyasu and Smith-Rowe will have recovered enough to take part.

Despite all this, today’s Daily Mail is reporting that “Arsenal will assess their squad before deciding if they have enough senior players available to fulfil Thursday’s Carabao Cup semi-final second leg at home to Liverpool”.

We know that Arteta keeps telling everyone that “he wants to play” but he told us that the day before applying to have the Tottenham game postponed….

I imagine that today, Arsenal will be giving every player a lateral flow test and the results of those (including the false positives!) will determine if we can play on Thursday, but considering we only had ONE player out with Covid at the last postponement, it could also depend on how many of our injured players are fit enough to return.

One thing is certain. If we ask for another postponement with just one Covid case, the media will be baying for Arteta’s blood….

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  1. I hope not, because it’s just a League Cup game. If we postpone it, we’ll create a fixture backlog that would likely affect our players’ fitness

    1. “Just a league Cup game” is one game away from a final at Wembley. Hardly just another game mate….

        1. It’s better to have a focus on top4 or 6 than to be chasing a league cup that won’t really add anything to our status in Europe, the league or financially. It’s isn’t wise to postpone the match.

          1. If we win it… we got the conference league… if Liverpool or Chelsea win it… we got a chance of the conference league. If you think we are getting top 4 you are deluded.

    2. Get that game Postponed immediately.. until we have enough fit first team players, I say don’t risk losing it

      1. We’ve postponed the NLD, so delaying the League Cup game could make us play three games in one of the weeks

  2. I can not see how the club were so under prepared for January and not only that but the windows been open for 18 days and still no developments of incoming players .
    I would imagine we will get a loan player in on the last day of the transfer window ,maybe the club didn’t notice we had a good chance of getting a top 4 spot .

    1. Dan! It is not easy to get a good value player in the winter window. Most teams don’t want to lose their players half of the compaign. Getting player in is not as easy as you think, everything is not about money.
      We have had alot of bad businesses in all our previous winter window, we don’t to repeat such.
      Some people here mentioned Coutinho and Signed signed by Villa; we can’t get Coutinho’s wages on our wage bill at the moment and we don’t need digne at the moment.
      All the midfielders we were linked to don’t want to come mid-season, so what can the recruitment team do? They are trying whatever they could do to help our depleted team. we just gotta Trust the Process!! Though, I’M NOT AN ARTETA FAN

    2. 😃😃
      Did you say we have a good chance for a top 4 spot
      I am not a person who says
      Told you so 😉

  3. I wish we’d play and if Arsenal has made an application to postpone I wish they would be more transparent on the reason.

    My only mixed emotion is that we wouldn’t be here if not for Liverpool’s very dubious handful of false positive PCRs a few week’s ago.

    My main frustration is with the FA and PL who continue to demonstrate a level of incompetence in their decision making process that beggars belief.

    1. Having just seen we have offloaded Mari and Kolasinac makes me reevaluate who I’m most annoyed at if Arsenal asks for another postponement. Take the high road and play the game.

  4. Kolasinac gone to Marseille for free! Mari deal almost done to Udinese!

    Damn, we’re really clearing out the players we dont use. Talking about ruthless.

    Surely, surely few players are coming in?!

  5. You slam Liverpool for following the rules … all positives (subsequently proven false or otherwise) still means they had to isolate and Liverpool had to close the training ground…then you stick it to Spurs cause you had injuries and just 1 (ONE) COVID case! And you let senior players go out on loan! Talk about double standards from the Arsenal fans!

  6. Yea Yea Yea! Kolasinac is injured and wouldn’t have played anyway, Mari is a 4th Center back and can’t start anyway too….
    Injured/Covid players/suspended:
    Saka, Smith, Ode, Xhaka, Cedric, Chambers, Tomiyasu

    Fit players:
    Laca, Martinelli, Nketia, Tierney, Tavares, Gabriel, White, Ramsdale, Leno, Patino, Azezz, Hutchison, Jules That’s 11players and 1 goal keeper. NOT UP TO 13 PLAYERS ANYWAYS

    There rules to play the youth system in order to protect them.
    Arteta is taking note of the recovering players in other to determine if we have enough legs to play the tie, don’t crucify him like it was intentional. Burnley postponed 5 GAMES and noone is saying anything about it., Spurs postponed 4 GAMES, noone is saying anything about it, Why are everyone trying to crucify Arsenal?? Why always Arsenal??

    1. Burnley Vs Watford EPL match scheduled for tonight has been postponed! Noone is saying anything about it. The 6th game Burnley postponed this season.
      Don’t know why people are making a big fuss about Arsenal postponement. Guess they all wanted Arsenal to lose after all.

  7. The game is going on, Ødegaard is back in training plus others are expected to return too.
    Knowing we might not play on Sunday because of Burnley and knowing that there’s a two weeks break. I can’t bear not watching this team play for another three weeks FFS, so I’m happy at least the game is going on tomorrow.

    Kolasinac is gone, contract terminated.
    This will be the fifth termination under how many years now?
    Ozil, Mustafi, Sokratis, Willian and Kolasinac.
    You won’t see Dan Smith making articles asking who’s paying these guys off. So far he’s pretending terminating contracts means we save money and we don’t pay them, except Willian of cus who chose to walk away from the money. Getting rid of players we don’t need and want, that’s the ruthlessness we’ve always asked for.

    Anyways it seems all these outgoings means one thing, we could make that big money signing this month.
    I hope so, I hope Vlahovic’s celebration last night was really farewell to the home fans.
    For now we focus on Liverpool

    1. Vlahovic is claimed to be heading to Juventus instead of Arsenal.

      I like the player but who knows he might not suit playing in EPL we have seen a few to strikers turned flop in EPL.

  8. Kolasinac came to us on a free and has now left on a free, I don’t see any problem with that. As far as I’ve read, it didn’t cost us anything to let him go and he gets a signing on fee at Marseille. Mari gone out on loan, fair enough, but with AMN and others out on loans we have to hope there will be some incomings. Looks like Patino and Azeez could be in contention to play against the dippers on Thursday.

  9. With 8 minutes to go, Ghana are on the verge of going out. We could get Partey back by Thursday, he is obviously fit Stick Auba on the bench.

    Still can’t get my head round Mari, Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles and Balogun all leaving this window without replacements, while the AFCON is going on and Xhaka still has to serve a 3 match suspension?

  10. OT:- arsenal needs to get a jet down to afcon to move out partey immediately so he can be available for Liverpool’s game

  11. What pitiful, paltry goals. The Caribou Cup. I’d rather see ongoing improvement in personal and performance on the pitch than celebrate such a nothing tournament.

  12. Would it be wise to sign a central midfielder now that Ghana has been knocked out of the Afcon, Thomas party should be at the emirates by the weekend and should be available during next week midweek game.
    I say arsenal postponed another game till next week, let the pundits and haters bark and bleat all they want .

    1. Yes. Totally agree Augustus Ceaser. Burnley just got the sixth game postponed. One game and the world act like the heavens are falling. We all just started….haters beware. COYG.

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