Are Arsenal Set To Swoop For This Real Madrid Star?

According to a report today, Arsenal are lining up a whopping £35.5 million offer for the Real Madrid frontman Karim Benzema. The Spanish media are suggesting that Carlo Ancelotti is ready to cash in on the striker this summer, and it is understood that Arsenal are first in line for acquiring the services of the former Lyon star.

Benzema has chalked up an impressive tally of 22 goals in 43 games for the La Liga giants this season and the report from the Metro further goes on to say that Arsene Wenger has identified his compatriot as a guaranteed supplier of goals and will make a formal offer in this summer’s transfer window.

While rumors such as these should be taken with a pinch of salt, you cannot help but get excited as an Arsenal fan. The recent acquisitions of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are examples that Arsenal can indeed pull off big-money signings and you wouldn’t have to stretch your imagination too much to digest the possibility of Arsenal going in for a lethal and established hitman, especially now that we have the financial resources.

For me, he would be the most ideal addition to the Arsenal attack. Arsenal fans and pundits alike have been crying out for Wenger to sign a proven goalscorer and Karim Benzema fits the bill. The Frenchman is physically very strong, full of running, versatile, good in the air and most importantly, he’s lethal in the finish and comes with a guaranteed supply of goals.

As Thierry Henry rightfully pointed out earlier, Olivier Giroud is a very good frontman but he’s not someone that can win the club a Premier League title. We need a proven hitman to lead the line and Karim Benzema can be the man. Considering Arsene Wenger’s French connection and a handful of players in the squad that are familiar to the player (Ozil, Giroud, Koscielny), Arsenal fans can hope that Le Prof can pull off this deal and bring Karim Benzema to the Emirates.


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  1. Hope we buy Benzema fingers crossed. But Real won’t let him until they have a replacement.

    1. I would like this to happen but we’ve seen in our recent transfer windows that we got top quality players from spain so how about we go in for top quality players from other country? How about Marco Reus from Dortmund or Cavani from Italy? Benzema is a quality striker though but isn’t he and Giroud going at it for International spots? Then how will they both cope at the same club?

    2. well y’all can keep fantasizing bout “Benzema” ………how old is he anyway? …. How many years of active service left in him?…… Factors you need to consider…… By the way , Looks like this summer window shopping would be done in france (i hope to God it’s Lyon, monaco or no french county else),…..then, we can all think of the much talked about sterling et al

  2. No! Striker must be upgrade to Oliver Girod. Bezema is not!!! We purchase CECH Shcniederlin, Lacazzetti/or REUS!!!!

    1. If we got Cech, Schneiderlin and Reus, we’d match Chelsea and Man City for squad quality in my opinion. Could probably get all 3 for under £90m. Throw in some player sales like Podolski and Campbell and it’s affordable for us.

  3. A goal every other game against some pretty shoddy defences for 35m …. Not convinced and he never shows up in big games … Gotta be better out there

  4. Benzema is on £200,000/week (he extended his contract last season) and I don’t think he wants to leave one of the (if not) biggest and most successful club in world football to come to Arsenal… Euuuhh nop, I just cannot see it happened. Unless, like Sanchez, we can increase his wages (Sanchez was on £75,000/week and has double his wages with us).
    Also, he might want to see if we are bringing more signings and challenging for the league and the CL, not being the “usual” silent participant.
    Top players go to top club to win trophies.
    So far, we are no where near of achieving that, no where…!!

  5. If benzema is not good enough the who is?
    If benzema is not good how is Lacazette Vietto Dybala falcao Cavani Higuain Icardi benteke.
    ? Arsenal fans amuse me. Some of you will be happy only with messi.

    1. Benteke is better. I bet you. Proven PL striker over two seasons (in a sh*t team surrounded with no recognized stars) and younger, a fighter and having Arsenal at heart.

      1. Are u stupid, how are u telling people a player with less than 10 goals this season, no medals to his name whatsoever isbetter than benezema. Abaolutely atrocious. If you watch madrid games benezema is absolutely key to real madrids success. Half the goals real madrid have scored is because of his build and skills.

        1. Benzema is key?…….. Please Look around him…….. Don’t u just see class everywhere?

  6. Benzema’s not coming to arsenal, at least not this summer. We’ll most likely sign a chicharito-type of player as a striker. We should forget about a big signing as centre forward cos a stubborn wenger ain’t benching giroud anytime soon.

  7. Anyway,
    In order to challenge for major trophies, we need Wenger to change is way of seeing football the way he sees it right now.
    We cannot be battered by injuries (every season) on a regular basis…
    We cannot have the tactical mistakes of a manager who seems to have been left behind…
    We need some POWER and proper targeted recruitment done before the preseason…

    We have improved (according to Wenger)….!!!! Last season we finished fourth with 79 points. Right now we have 72 points and 12 points behind Chelsea…!!! What the f*ck is on about??
    He keeps playing the same team and you can see the players are just on their knees (I wonder how Sanchez will manage during the Copa America in his home country?).
    Wenger has no plan B or C… Just a poor manager!
    Selling Walcott will be a massive mistake.

  8. He is not an upgrade. This is premier league that we are talking about. We need a striker that can dribble, not afraid to shoot in and outside the box, an aggressive beast. We wanted this guy and he went to Real Madrid. Now that he’s a spent force, we can’t afford him respite. Let’s try somebody else.

    1. Your not the one who pays the money why do you bother with the price?. You should by now be interested with trophies and this will only happen if we improve our squad, talking about how much the club should be paying to players is nonsense and failure

        1. You must be kidding, this is why you called Giroud a world class ST Lo!, This is why you wanted Demba Ba when Mo says he had no striker in his squad. Shameless fan

          1. Check out the Juventus game. Benzema missed a number of open goal scoring chances until he got substituted with Chicarito. Sorry – Washed out player.
            Benteke makes more sense!

  9. Mirror, Metro, Daily Mail, Caughtoffside… I think I am more reliable than them. Next week they will link us with both Messi and Ronaldo,and try to show us how they have fallen out of favour in their respective clubs, due to emergence of Pele and Maradona.

  10. You can really peg the idiots on this site. Let’s get Giroud out of here! Bring in Benzema! They’re not almost the same type of player and neck and neck in the French squad at all! Benzema is rated higher on FIFA!

    Goddamn we have dumb fans

  11. Benzema blows hot and cold. I know it’s crying over spilled milk, but if only we’d offered a couple of million more for Suarez – he wanted to come, and he’s exactly the sort of player we needed, apart from his occasion non-footballing mishaps. I never knew him to have an off game, and puts 100% in every match, similar to Sanchez. You wouldn’t see him messing about on the edges of the penalty area and losing the ball!

    1. On paper Arsenal has a
      slew of goal scorers.
      Giroud Wellbeck Sanchez
      Ramsey Walcott Chamberlain
      Akpom Cazorla.
      Sanogo Podolski Campbell.
      11 goal scorers.
      Why do we need any one else?

  12. For those of you attacking Benzema
    Remember Giroud plus Benzema will be an improvement to Giroud and Welbeck. Worse case scenario Benzema scores as often as Giroud. Well having two Girouds would be an improvement

    Not to mention Benzema has Champions League winning experience. He is a solid goal scorer

    Id love to have Suarez, Costa, Lacazette, etc but sometimes you need to get whoever you can.

  13. Don’t really want Benzema to be honest. Better than what we have but still overpriced and overrated. We could improve our team far more by spending that £30m elsewhere.

  14. Get some proper wingers on the field, give Ozil therapy to convince him it is ok to make an attempt on goal himself, inject Giroud with speed before each match, and pay Walcott £899,000 a week for cameo appearances.

    Oh and drop wellbeck off at Halifax FC.

  15. I would throw the money at Benteke, he would be the perfect fit, youth, experience of the EPL, far better pace than Giroud and room to even improve more, Giroud is at his peak at the moment and anymore improvement will be considered negotiable. Arsenal style of play is built around Giroud and we tend to falter when playing without him in the team, Benteke would not change this style of play and would even add another dimension of pace, being able to out run the defenders, offering even more danger against the oppositions.

    Benzema although a decent forward, is not a top striker (score goals regularly), would take a while to get going and to fit in with arsenal style of play, another problem is the fact that Giroud is his rival in the france team and would face strong competition getting in the squad. Many feel that a big money striker is the solution but we have the solution here right now in the EPL BENTEKE

  16. Why Benzema..???
    Better finisher than Giroud
    Can dribble the ball better than Giroud
    Can perform skills better than Giroud
    Got pace better then Giroud
    Good in the air like Giroud
    Better long shot taker than Giroud
    Does flickons and layoffs like Giroud
    Can play pass and run foot ball very well.
    Can hold the ball well like giroud.

    In reality he plays as second striker in Madrid( Ronaldo is the first)… For real Ronaldo is the target man… Benzema will score more goals with Arsenal for sure…

  17. @fred cowardly

    I am with you on that, the partnership Giroud/Benzema will be way better than a pairing Giroud/Welbeck.

    To be fair, I don’t even know why we bought tha guy (Welbeck) for £16millions…?? Just to show that Wenger might capable of doing some great signings, but also to f*ck up astonishly. Man U got back at us for selling them and overpricing RVP.

    Welbeck, 4 goals in 3 months…!! Lol

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