Are Arsenal simply conning the fans again….. ?

Arsenal Con Job by DS

Two years ago Arsenal spent the summer flighting with the idea of purchasing Higuain. Such were the club’s dawdling that Napoli stole a march on us and signed the Argentine. Most Gooners forgave the indecisiveness though as we had convinced the world that an offer over 40 million would acquire the services of Luis Suarez. Once that was laughed out of the Anfield boardroom fans grew angry toward the Board as it became clear, despite a transfer window lasting 3 months, there was no plan B. Defeat to Aston Villa at home left Arsene Wenger for the first time in his career pressured to make a marquee signing. He acted accordingly by breaking our spending record on Ozil, but we never did that season buy the world class striker we had been promised. Twelve months on we finally brought another centre forward…… Danny Welbeck.

Fast forward to the present day and it’s a serious case of deja vu. The board’s quote that we were now in a financial situation to buy ‘any player apart from Messi and Ronaldo’ was timely, a time where the club was trying to sell season tickets and shirts, this quote coming days after Cech’s arrival led all Gooners into a false sense of security.

Writing this a week before September no new faces have followed the keeper into the club, while money has been clawed back with the sale of Podolski and the loans of Szczesny and Sanogo. The best our manager can promise us is if a world class option were to become available he would be interested. In other words unless by September we have brought Karim Benzema, anger will surround the Emirates Stadium.

Could it be a ploy by the club to let us think we are in for such a player, knowing deep down it is near impossible – yet they can turn around and tell us at least they tried?

Well, with respect Mr Wenger, enquiring about a player does not prove your ambition, any club can ring Real Madrid, only an actual offer shows you are serious. Why not give the Spaniards a straight 50 million yes or no offer? If the answer is no, move on to your next target .

But it’s easier to let fans believe there is a chance of doing a deal, so you then don’t have to answer why we are the only Premiership side not to sign an outfield player.

What makes our Board think Real want to sell? Over the years it has become clear the Spanish Big Two only sell if they want to, unless they sign another Galactico what reason have they to lose the Frenchmen?

There has been hope stemming from Gareth Bale spending pre-season playing in his preferred central role, while we know Ronaldo will not compromise his role. Let’s say that’s true, let say Benzema walks into Rafa Benitez’s office and says that with the Euros being in his home country next summer he demands to be played weekly. What makes Arsenal think they would be his Number One destination?

Aren’t the Manchester clubs and Chelsea looking for a striker?
Aren’t they more likely to win trophies this year?
What do Arsenal know that we don’t? The answer is they do not….

They are merely using their fake interest as a way to justify not spending money. Then when we ask how they can do this while charging us the most expensive tickets in Britain they will say they are only in the market for a truly world class player, saying that trying to buy Benzema proves their ambition.

Do not fall for this Arsenal fans…


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  1. If you know your team need reinforcements and you do that in the last day of the transfer window, it is a panic buy whether you sign Benz, Messi, or Maradona, IT IS A PANIC BUY …
    Buying at the last day should only be a bounce if any top player becomes available

    1. From Martin Keown

      “I see Giroud as almost like a backboard for midfield players travelling from distance to try and score goals and I think there are times when you have got to role it to the centre forward and he has to be the one that makes the difference.

      Hope he hates the hold up play as well.

  2. personally, i think we will get Krychowiak and benzema. the former is a stronger rumour coming from jason burt (telegraph). while the latter, split opinions about him. some say hes coming, and some say he wont. well, just keep the fatih then.

      1. Wanayama and Cavani are criminally overrated. You guys are insane. Wanayama is a less mobile, worse passing Coquelin, and Cavani needs more chances than Giroud to find the back of the net. But I actually watch the games, its painfully clear you cannot

  3. Cavani is more likely IMO.
    No noise here but in Spain they believe talks are in an advanced state and that his
    Arrival for a medical at Arsenal is imminent.


    I for one believe this guy could take us to a whole new level and would prefer him above Benny boy (although I would take either).

  4. If you actually believe anything that is written in Metro, Squawka, The Star etc then you deserve to be slapped. The thing is that no one in the media know who is being spoken to by AFC. They are throwing darts at the board hoping that one will get lucky and hit triple 20

    1. @Geerude – spot on – metro is a total joke and I think it’s the star or the mirror that had Bale , Benzema, Isco , illarmendi and Cherysev all being sold in separate articles they posted – RM wouldn’t be able to field a team if half the rumours were true !

    2. Though I do really hope we sign good players, but I’m somehow awkwardly waiting to hear the excuse Arsene will give if in the end we sign no one

  5. Of course they are conning the fans

    Same plan as usual…big names linked, competitors spending big, the “we’ll buy talent if available” and bemoaning the transfer fees and wages.

    At the end of the window our expectations are lower.

    Pogba to Chelsea is getting serious and United WILL but a striker, by the end of the window our competitors will most likely have spent:

    150m for City
    120m for Chelsea
    120 to 200m for United

    We are in the same bag as the other big 3 and our current spend is 10m, that would most likely be covered by loan fees and the sale of Podolski and Campbell.

    Unacceptable IF (and I emphasize the if) we do not bring two top class players.

  6. Instead of asking Arsene about buying Benzema, Cavani, etc. I wish they would focus on expectations. If Wenger likes the club as is, then what are the goals?

    Winning the league, quarter finals of CL, are obtainable. Always surprised by the masterful misdirection; always talk about transfers not end of year results.

    If he feels team can win league but finishes 3rd or 4th, hold manager and players accountable. Bench or transfer under performers. Club on the cusp of truly being great but incredibly frustrating never getting job done.
    Reminiscent of Lucy snatching away football just before Charlie Brown kicks it. I hate transfer window more than Wenger does.

    1. It’s not only goals we need to think about but true leaders on the pitch to galvanise the team when we haven’t got our playing head on…we all know we fail to turn up 10 games per season.

  7. Wenger is just waiting on the big teams to make their moves 1st so he can buy the left overs. Won’t be surprised if we end up with Ballotelli

  8. Though I do really hope we sign good players, but I’m somehow awkwardly waiting to hear the excuse Arsene will give if in the end we sign no one

  9. Mr wenger wanted Ozil and he got him. He wanted Sanchez and he got him. He wanted cech and he got him.
    If Arsene Wenger wants Benzema, he will get him.
    So lets just get behind him and support/accept his decision(s).

    1. he wanted inler he got him.
      he wanted higuain and he got him.
      hi wanted suarez and he got him.
      he wanted ibrahimovic and got him.
      he wanted lewandowski, draxler and hazard and he got them all.

      dumbest akb comment ive ever read

    1. Rght now anyone better than Giroud in terms of finishing will be good, So eithe is good although £50m for Benzema seems to much, he isn’t better than Sanchez. Maybe Cavani has more energy when not on the ball to chase down opponenets, but he has been in french league for a few seasons now, you don’t want him to come to epl and become like Falcao. I read somewhere Arsenal had the most shots in the first to 2 epl games and we only scored 2.

  10. Higuain 107 goals in 190 appearance for Madrid
    Benzema 87 goals in 188 appearances for Madrid

    I don’t know if thats to do with Ronaldo and Bales stingyness when in front of goal or not though.

  11. Cavani was unsettled last season….
    I heard him on TV in Spanish which is my native language. No doubt. He said he wanted to go.
    I don’t think much has changed today.
    As much as I agree it is difficult for 3 parties to agree to get a deal done. …but it’s not impossible.
    Wenger must know that even as a statement it’s important to get two names.
    Let alone the fact that we have to have covers. Danny is not njured and Arteta is aging.
    At this point I think any recognized cf and dm would do.

  12. I wonder why the board,manager and staff wouldn’t asses their current team and make improvements,somehow it seems like we are crawling while some are running,yet we want to get to the destination before them………..that’s unrealistic.

    1. @Onochie

      It will interest you to know, we actually don’t have any destination. That would help explain the continue presence of a fraud as a manager.

  13. Please who knows the where about of LEO on this site, I need updates from him. As regards transfer, arsenal nd wenger, I reserve my comment till the end of transfer windoW but am afraid.

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