Are Arsenal simply going for the cheap option in choosing Arteta?

Arteta A Cheap Option by Dan Smith

It’s been reported that Arteta stayed behind in London last night to have talks with Arsenal, which sums up just how penny pinching our board are.

Should we wine and dine our ex captain, make him feel valued, maybe drive him down from Manchester, put him up in a posh hotel, take his whole family out to a fancy restaurant? Nah… just wait for a fixture against the team he works for and see if you can grab a quick word off the record.

He literally had one of the best seats in the house to witness how poor we are. It’s odd that the man who could be about to return to the Emirates was celebrating our downfall.

He’s brave not to have been put off by our performance as clearly more comfortable years await at the Etihad.

Certainly, our players were not playing like they cared about impressing their potential new boss.
This would be the Spaniard’s first managerial role so you have to trust those in the game who stress what a great coach he is and how valuable he’s been to Pep Guardiola (although how many times do we hear a great coach doesn’t mean a great manager?)

Yet am I meant to believe that after three weeks of intense deliberations, the Kroenke family feel the best candidate is a rookie?

Remember this is the same man who was days away from replacing Arsene Wenger until there was a last-minute change of heart.

So why, having already interviewed the man nearly two years ago have you not contacted him the day Emery was sacked? It can’t make him feel overly trusted that for the second time he’s declared an interest but been asked to wait if they find anyone better.

Better as in cheaper. The cheapest option was Freddie till the summer at which point they could take a new salary out of next year’s budget. They clearly don’t want to pay a massive wage while paying off Emery and his staff.

This could be or should be such an inviting vacancy, but our owners don’t care enough to make it so. They have turned us into a club no longer looked at as a big one. That I fear is why Arteta appeals to Silent Stan.

Where an Ancelotti would demand parity with Arsene Wenger and a decent transfer kitty, Arteta is so honoured to get such a chance he will tolerate the negatives, such as zero ambition.

If he succeeds he’s a genius, if he fails he just works for Pep again. The juice really is worth the squeeze.

Maybe they truly think he’s picked up standards set by one of the world’s greatest and he can copy and paste what he’s learnt. But maybe it’s more likely it’s because he’s cheap. If that’s our criteria, then we are no longer a big club. This whole process has been about saving money not getting us back to a certain level.

Even at Everton, you sense Duncan Ferguson has been informed about recruitment policy so he has clarity.

We are so tight we haven’t even given Freddie any staff. So Arteta is a better option then Poch or Allegri?

Only if you’re the Kroenke’s account manager….

Dan Smith


  1. Innit says:

    It beats me.
    No manager of Arsenal should have zero previous head management experience in my opinion

    I’m not saying he can’t be successful but it’s more risky than Ancelotti, Benitez, etc

    1. Shekar233 says:

      Arteta to be announced as a manager by thirsday end of the day.

      Not sure if i should be happy or sad.
      I think he will be a good manager.

      But the problem with arsenal is not with managers not having any ideas tactically to win the game.

      The problem is the players who are just happy to collect thier wages and go home.

      Just watch our last 5 games. Look at xhaka, ozil, auba, pepe bellerin in particular.

      They just give up too easily.

      All we need is a manager who would command instant respect amd fear in the players.

      The players should be terrified to go into the dressing room at half time when we are losing 3-0.

      I just hope arteta has that personality to kick some a**es in this dressing room. And yet he will be marginalised by players like ozil, xhaka and auba as arteta isnt too elder to them and has no experience.

  2. McLovin says:

    He’s got same amount of experience as Nagelsmann 3 years ago. Same amount of experience as Zidane 3 years ago.

    Thing is, how cheap is really? I mean we obviously have to pay compensation, so that’s already 1-2m gone. Wenger was on 9m a year, but we had no problem paying that.

    I don’t think he’s the cheapest option.. Managers usually aren’t on too high wages, except the likes of Mourinho, Pep, Wenger etc.

    We have to look for bargain buys in January, probably ones who are free in the summer or from the teams who face relegation (Bowen, Kurzawa, Doucoure..).

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Arteta appointment is because he will be cheaper than top managers, and very easy to control. He’ll be a “yes” man for sure. Completely wrong, yet obvious appointment.

  4. Alex says:

    Emery who was experienced and signed instead of arteta failed woefully. Arcelloti most fans favorite failed woefully in Napoli some weeks back. Cheaper option but he understand the league, knows the club and he learnt from the best.

    1. Kedar says:

      But when you had Jose, there was no need to looks elsewhere…
      We are in big problem with Arteta..
      We will hunt for another Coach after 4 months…

      1. Mike says:

        Regardless of who we get it is a risk either way. Not everyone was happy prior to Mr Wenger’s arrival either and he proved us wrong for approximately 12 to 13 years so whoever we get let’s get behind the coach and support the team

        1. Ausgooner says:

          At last, Some sensible talk. Regardless of the appointment, get behind him and the team.
          I was certainly not agreeable to emery, but no one can perform when you’re getting harassed and abused constantly. I say give Arteta a go, he can do no worse than what’s happening at the moment. I hope everyone involved in the Wenger out movement is happy, you can blame the manager, the team, the board and even the majority shareholders, bu the bottom line is if you are walking on to the field knowing you will have shit thrown at you then you’re not going to turn up.

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      we should go for Ranieri…he has proven to have worked well with budget

  5. Arteta has learnt from Pepp and knows Arsenal in and out. Can motivate young players to play the Arsenal way. Can sort out our defence. Worth a try and certainly will not get any more worse for Arsenal.

  6. agu eman says:

    Because of Wenger’s later dictatorial years Arsenal has made the
    significant decision to depower the managers position.
    So now the new appointee is given the designation “Head Coach”
    I have been advocating for this change several season’s now.
    So I was excited about the appointment of the new Head Coach”
    What puzzles me is why we are appointing Arteta who has had no “Head Coaching” experience!!!
    My take on this is as follows.
    Josh wants top 4 so the Kroenke’s can sell the club to help pay off
    the spiraling 2 billion dollar blow out on the Inglewood stadium in LA.
    Emery was told top 4 or sack and now he has failed Josh has now
    personally stepped in to take direct control of proceedings.
    Arteta with no head coaching experience is there as a political appointment.
    To be fair many manager/coach appointments are laced with politics.
    Mikel is a yes man and will do exactly as he is told.
    Arteta comes much cheaper than established “Coaches”
    He knows Arsenal, knows the PL, speaks English and is non political.
    As a player at Arsenal he was at the heart of Arsenals dodgy defensive midfield
    but stuck doggedly to orders and was rewarded with the captaincy.
    No matter how bad it got at Arsenal during Wengers later years Arteta stayed loyal.
    So his loyalty has been rewarded with being head hunted for the Head Coach position.
    I doubt the club seriously considered any one else. The decision was made weeks ago.
    Is it an example of nepotism? Maybe but many clubs appoint former players.
    Political appointment or not I will back Arteta like I did Emery and Freddie.
    And if we start winning games make top 4 and get rid of the Kronke’s I will rejoice.
    Welcome home Coach Arteta 🙂

    1. jon fox says:

      agu eman, You say,blithely and without providing ANY evidence whatever(of which there is none to provide anyway) that Arteta is “a yes man”! If you are going to claim your own bizarre opinion as “fact” then you are certainly going to get shot down by me sonny boy! Guardiola, by contrast, the current double champions manager strongly says the direct opp[osite from you. Actual evidence sonny. Try it sometime!

  7. James says:

    I dont agree, Raul and Vinay had a plan to develop the club using youth strategy. Using our academy Whilst bringing in future worldie signings I.e Leno, Marinelli, Saliba and Guendouzi. At the same time giving the job to a young up and coming coach. Whilst giving him a long term contract and time to change the club from what it has become to the Arsenal of old.

    Arteta was so close to getting the job 18 months ago, then Gazidis stepped in.
    He called Emery for an interview nobody else and yes Raul and Vinay were present, but Ivan had the final call as CEO. His decision was terrible “again” and chose Emery beacause he had more “experience”.

    A man who yes won things but with teams full of experience and quality. He had no experience or reputation of bringing through and developing youngsters. The very same as Ancelotti, Allegri and Tuchel I might add. These coaches have only ever worked with top players, top squads with top budgets. The only managers with top flight experience I want is Nieglesman or Rose and your not going to get them mid season.

    There is an evident problem with so called senior players like Aubameyang (ignore his goals for a second), Xhaka, Ozil and now Luiz who never turn up. They also seem to be calling the shots which is causing issues. This should not happen, they all need to move on. I’d rather us fail with 7-8 Martinelli-esq signings than witness these senior players let us down week after week.

    Ljungberg has already alluded to this issue within the team. Telling his senior players in numerous interviews they need to step up if were going to improve. Have they? No.

    it’s the younger players who have stepped up, like Guendouzi against Villa, Martinelli against West Ham and Saka against Liege. This for me points to what direction we need to go in. These boys have shown hunger and desire and have the qualities to succeed. We need to give these boys a coach who can enable them to grow just as he did with Sane, Stirling and Jesus.

    We all knew this was going to be a tough 2-3 years and its proven to be so far. It’s been made more difficult and possibly delayed by another final bad decision by Gazidis. The next 2 transfer windows are massive now. We have a Skeleton of a good team. We need to strip out the diseased parts and add meat to the bones now. This can be done quite quickly, but it starts with the right “type” of coach at the helm.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      The only most sensible comment on here.

      1. Diogenes says:


    2. agu eman says:

      Emery missed CL football by one point in the league and made the EL final
      in his first season despite having no English and knowing nothing about the PL.
      How was this a bad decision by Gazidiz?
      Will Arteta make top 4 by June? If not perhaps he should be sacked then.
      And Arteta may yet get the kind of defensive reinforcements Emery was denied.
      Emery wanted to strip off the “diseased bones” like Ozil Mkhitariamn Mustafi
      and bring in top talent but the players would not leave.
      If as you say we need a manager to bring the youth through why go any further than
      Freddie who is the one who brought this talent through in the first place?
      No this is definitely a political decision but it is what it is and I will support Mikel.

      1. Diogenes says:

        The important thing is you said you will support Mikel.

        We’ll see if you’re a liar or not.

    3. jon fox says:

      Great and sober minded analysis with reAl thought behind it JAMES. WELL SAID!

  8. Arteta first must talk directly to the senior players who are lazy and spoiling the atmosphere Are they serious enough to play for Arsenal? He should not hesitate to bench the Seniors and give chances to the young players who show more desire, passion and commitment to the Arsenal cause. The Board should help him as much as possible and firstly start with the January transfer window with a good CB and DM.

  9. gotanidea says:

    Arteta would be worth the gamble if he joins in the summer

    Unfortunately he will be welcomed by five tough EPL games and any manager would have difficult time with the faint-hearted players

    Luckily he directly witnessed how Guardiola instructed Man City players to destroy ours, so he might know our weaknesses and how to fix it

    1. Gunnerphilic says:

      @gotanidea. Arteta is apparently not the only coach who knows our weaknesses from recent matches. But I will side with him taking over.

      Those who think Arteta is appointed because he is the cheaper option are totally wrong. Take a look at Frank Lampard at Chelsea and learn wisdom. Did they appoint him too to save a few pounds? He is managing for the first season and the sky has not fallen on us all.

      Must a coach be expensive to be effective and fit for purpose? Why are guys like Ranieri, Ancelotti, Mourinho and the likes made to stare down the barrel of the gun in recent times in spite of their pedigree? It must be remembered that they started some somewhere and were considered minnows at the beginning.

      Let Arteta be given a chance. If and when he becomes too adamant for his employers, he will be fired. So much for being a yes man.

      1. dan Smith says:

        That’s because where Chelsea were at the time were having a ban on transfers, therefore needing someone good with young talent , Lampard and Jody Morris had proved that at Derby
        In the Champions Leauge and with a transfer ban Chelsea were in a position where they were willing to accept this season was a transitional one
        Arsenal are not in that position
        For so many reasons we need to get back into the CL
        For financial reasons, keeping our best players, attracting better ones and just lifting the overall mood of the club we need to improve
        Getting Emery, now Arteta just to save money in the long run is costing us huge
        Every season we waste the bigger the gap

    2. Sylva Olabanji says:

      Yes I agree Arteta just might know how to fix our problem. But summer might actually be perfect. December games are coming fast players mentality would not change overnight neither will adapting to new training style be easy for the players. I also hope the players would have enough respect for Arteta

  10. Reggie says:

    Yes Arteta is the cheap option, our board have hamstrung our finances with the way they have bought without success for the last few years. One bad decision after another.

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