Are Arsenal stars thinking they deserve the same wages as Ozil?

Is former Arsenal fringe player Jeremie Aliadiere right about Mesut Ozil? Darren N

Former Arsenal player Jeremie Aliadiere, who played in 29 games for us over a six year period is claiming that the high salary that Mesut Ozil earns is having an unsettling effect on the dressing room.

Aliadiere was speaking after the game on Stadium Astro, a Malaysian sports network, when the subject of Ozil and how much he earns came up for discussion following yet another under-par performance.

“You talk about the dressing room” Aliadiere said

“In the dressing room, players know who the highest-paid player in the room is.”

“Knowing that he’s not going to those big games, you think ‘why am I not getting this’.”

“They’re there every single game grafting.”

“On paper, he’s the biggest player they’ve got.”

Aliadiere was then asked by host Adam Carruthers if this would irritate Ozil’s team-mates.

“It could do,” Aliadiere replies.

“Losing Ramsey on a free is incredible.

“But you look at Ozil and think ‘I want the same’.

“They’re going to the big games and trying.

“Sometimes it can create a bit of tension in the dressing room.”

This is obviously an opinion from Aliadiere, however, it does make sense, if you were Aaron Ramsey and you know that you put in better more consistent performances than Ozil and yet you are offered a lower wage, how would that make you feel?

It has to be having some sort of effect on the dressing room, how can it not? the players must surely be asking themselves and each other how the hell can a player earn so much more money and contribute so little when it really matters.

I have a feeling this will not go away, not until Ozil starts to justify his high salary in the big games and starts to deliver for us.

Darren N


  1. gotanidea says:

    I have never seen any hostility towards Ozil in the game, unlike what the players showed to Sanchez. Probably because Ozil is a nice character and unselfish in the field

    However, I often saw their effort decreased when facing weaker/ poorer teams like Everton away from home. Different energy is shown at the Emirates and when playing against another top team

    Maybe Aliadiere is right about the players’ jealousy, but it only comes in the form of the lack of motivation. The issue is they have to live with the injustice for another two seasons, despite knowing Ozil as the biggest shirt seller at the club

  2. ForeverGooner says:

    Ozil isn’t deserving of £300,000 per week

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      exactly ….but you have to ask husein or gazadis why…

      Dein whom used to deal with contracts extension wouldnt pay that much…..

      1. Lupe says:

        The problem is i don’t see ozil ever justifying those wages, because he’s past his prime and he isn’t as consistent as he was at madrid. Even his agent had to justify his wages by saying clubs consider other factors apart from match performances when renewing contracts e.g fiancial impact (shirt sales, social media, merchandise etc.) So even his agent knows that his wage is unjustifiable through his past performances alone.

        On his teammates though, i don’t think there will be any jealousy towards him because these group of players have shown they have a close bond. It’s their agents we should be worried about, man utd already has this problem already with de gea, pogba and herrera due to sanchez’s insane wage. I think when its time to renew the contracts of the other star players, their agents would want parity or at least close to what ozil is earning especially since their performances may be better than his. Ramsey is a clear example of how we couldn’t afford to pay him what he wanted due to the wage bill being ridiculously high.

        Lastly, i don’t see how we can sustain this wage bill under our self-sustaining model, it will continue to hinder us moving forward, it needs correction.

  3. Xxnofx says:

    Can you imagine the uproar if ozil was aloud to leave for nothing before we resigned him .
    We are now seeing it with Ramsey ,fans moaning that he’s being aloud to leave without a fee ,this is the same Ramsey who no one thought good enough for our team now all of a sudden he’s world class .
    Buying a player with ozils pedigree would have cost 50 mil plus wages so in my book we got him to stay for a lot cheaper .if reported 300k a week 4year deal =60 million .
    Think a few on here need to look past what a player earns ,remember we are one of the richest clubs around in world football ,maybe we should act like it and pay what other top teams pay ,yes some players don’t work out ,but having players in the mould of ozil brings sales and fans to a club ,a player who can get fans out their seats now again .
    Ozil might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I will say that he’s always been loyal and has never moaned once about what was happening this season.
    @john I’m pretty sure David dein would have had to pay what ever it took to keep arsenal near the top of the league ,times move on you can’t sign a top player for 50grand a week anymore .

    1. Gizzle says:

      People keep mentioning Ozil’s pedigree . while i love the chap . i watched a player in Chelsea name Eden Hazard who is deserving of the wage Ozil earns .
      I would prefer Maddision from Leicester City .
      We saw Liverpool sell Coutinho to fund other players . The same approach should have been taking with Ozil , Sanchez and Ramsey .
      If i was i would request for 350k also when i witness what Ozil brings to this team .
      I hate bashing Arsenal players but any Coach who decides to the fate of his team in Ozil’s lap has another thing coming .
      Ozil used to be an amazing player and every now and then we see those flashes of brilliance but we need to cut our losses this summer .

      1. Gizzle says:

        sorry for the errors , I meant if i was Ramsey i would request for Ozils wages as well

  4. Red and white says:

    Ozil is a nice character off pitch but the question is not about his salary.The question is why doesn’t he give his best every single match! I know he is human can have a bad day on the pitch, but his body language and work ethics are the reason for the resentment for his wages. Ok he cannot carry the team but where is his flair and charisma like Bergkemp or Pires or Rosicky. I agree is tough playing with Xhaka and Mustafi or Elneny but you have Auba or Laca in front of you so you cannot shrug off your duties. I would rather have Danny Welbeck in my team rather than Ozil due to his work rate.

  5. jon fox says:

    Human nature being as it is, is is certain that Ozils undeserved and unearned vast salary will be resented by some teammates. So ,not only is JA correct in his thinking, those on here who doubt his spot on summing up are out of touch with how humans work and react. This does not necessarily mean that any such resentment is overt and constantly, openly, obvious, since humans are capable of being very deep and very concealed. But please never doubt its existence; that would be naive in the extreme. Respect to JA ,in his profession , in being brave and wise enough to voice this clear truth.

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