Are Arsenal still looking to loan out Mesut Ozil in January?

There is no doubt now that either Unai Emery does not like picking Mesut Ozil any more, or the player himself has no interest in trying to get into the Arsenal first team. The German has started just one League game this season (same as Calum Chambers!) and had the embarrassment of being named in the League Cup team that faced Nottm Forest in midweek, a competition that is usually filled with peripheral squad players and youngsters in the early rounds.

He was also excused from going to the away Europa League game at Eintracht Frankfurt, with Emery saying “Sokratis and Mesut (are) rested for that match. We’re going to play another match on Sunday,” according to Sky Sports. Amazingly, he needed to be rested so that he could sit on the bench against Villa for the whole 90 minutes!

Well now, according to John Cross in the Mirror, who normally claims that he has insider knowledge from the Arsenal camp, is asserting that Emery tried to get Ozil to go out on loan this summer, but because there were no takers he is looking for any possible options in January, and Arsenal are even prepared to pay towards his wages and still reduce the curent wage bill.

The Mirror report said: “Arsenal want to loan out Mesut Ozil in January – even if they have to subsidise his wages.

“World Cup winner Ozil is Arsenal’s top earner on £350,000-a-week but is a bit part player under Unai Emery.

“Arsenal would therefore rather let him go out on loan and another club pay part of his wages rather than allow him to just sit on the bench or make the odd appearance.”

I know that many of our readers still think Ozil should be picked every week, but aren’t the circumstances looking more and more like that is unlikely to happen? Should he just leave just so he can get a game on a regular basis?



  1. I’m sure Ozil isn’t going anywhere and will see out Emery’s tenure. It’s daft of Emery to be doing this to the best creative player in the team. Just that Ozil is a gentleman, unlike Neymar&co who saw Emery out of the door at PSG, so will not create any issues in the dressing room. It won’t be long before the fans start having an open GO at Emery and that will be a sad day for the club.

    1. Viju Jacobs, it’s a horrible feelings when your boss single one out to prove an argument he is losing. Emery hasn’t given me a reason to believe Ozil is a bad player, instead Emery is the average manger. I love Ozil, he is talented, he has achieved a lot in his career and Emery cannot take that away from him. Everyone came and they will sure leave (one after the other). So as vindictive as Emery is, Arsenal Football Club does not belong to him.

      1. I agree with all all the sadness, Pat. Don’t know why Emery wants guys who scurry around, but not someone who is assured on the ball and is capable of opening up defences should the team play through him.

      1. Yes, though surely he is not the best in the league anymore, a declining Qzil is still the best creative player in our team!

        What a sad scenario!

        This is the fault of the management including the coach – no succession planning.

  2. So the best we can get to tomorrow is 4th if we beat Man U. Leicester have a far superior goal difference for us to get third. Lose and we likely go tenth. #Emery Out.

  3. Had Ozil still cared for his career, he would have looked for a loan like Sanchez in the previous transfer window. Because Arsenal would most likely not extend his contract next year and he needs to play if he still wants to play in a top European league

    Nonetheless, he can still be useful in other position. Unfortunately Emery doesn’t dare to try him out in other role, apart from the winger position

  4. I don’t like this situation. To play him for 70 (?) minutes.. then rest him..and he didn’t even play the whole 90 against Forest!! I mean what the hell is going on??

  5. I don’t get what Ozil as done wrong for Emery to keep making excuses for his absence form the team .
    He’s played to 70 mins this season and I thought did pretty well ,when you compare him to Ceballos who’s played one great match but looks where off the pace in all his other games I’m not sure how he’s ahead of Ozil .
    Obviously we are going to get the fans oh here who will say their usual crap but Ozil as not been given a chance under Emery ,last season it was the same and when he did get a run in the team he looked pretty good .
    If I was him I would tell Emery to fck off and try and get out of the club in January ,because there is no way he is going to get a run in the team this season ,his midfield is pretty much Xhaka ,gun,and Ceballos,if fit .
    Would love to see Emery gone by January but I don’t think the club have the balls to replace mid season so Ozil will have to leave himself or stay and look like he’s happy getting his wages for doing nothing .

    1. Playing poorly
      Last season Bellerin scored more assists then him
      He doesn’t even try to defend or get the ball back. So if he isn’t hitting assists or scoring goals then what use is he

      Ceballos is a much better central midfielder

      1. Innit, Ozil doesn’t defend or try to get back the ball? But our defence does, xhaka does and then do foolish things, Sokratis, Luiz (2 penalties) already and I don’t pick on any player at all. I believe in all our players, my absolute problem is the coach, his tactics, his mentality and experience. If our defenders don’t even know how to defend then the responsibility should fall to Ozil. Think wisely my friend. We have a coach that doesn’t know how to enhance our talents.

  6. Ozil available for loan, and Arsenal will subsidise his wages! This is a dream come true for ANY club out there. We’re constantly being told that he’s world class, so I am sure they’ll be a very long queue of clubs, begging for his signature. Did anyone watch yet another amazing assist from De Bruyne yesterday? Why doesn’t Ozil ever make assists like that? They’re both world class playmakers.

    1. So you think Ozils job is only to make assists ,if that’s true you have seen his stats for assists haven’t you ?
      Try looking it up and come back here and tell us about the assists he’s done through his career then we can talk about De Bruyne and compare him to Ozil .

      1. What a surprise it’s you! I said the other day, it’s always you trolling my comments, and not the other way around. You did it yesterday, and you’re back again today!

        If you’re making a case for Ozil being better than De Bruyne based purely on assists, then you are more delusional than I thought! How many assists was it last year from a 350k a week player? Please refresh my memory. Do you even watch these two play? Clearly not! I am not sure on how many assists he has had, but De Bruyne’s all round game is on a different level compared to Ozil’s. He has been unbelievably consistent since arriving in England, whereas Ozil has had only one top season for us, has rarely done it in the big games, and has contributed very little for about 2 years now.

        You may say in the short time we’ve seen Ozil this season, he hasn’t done a lot wrong. Which is a fair point. Then again, what has he really done though? We have teenagers with barely any experience producing more than him, and fighting for a spot in the team, and I am only seeing Ozil jogging around, making extremely simple passes, and taking almost zero risks. I expect a lot more from a so called world class player.

        Put it this way, if the manager doesn’t fancy him anymore, what has Ozil done to prove him wrong?

          1. Got that right. Ozil may not the same as he used to be but there’s always one thing about his pass, he makes it look simple. He’s always like that and if it is that easy he wouldn’t be in top clubs and Germany national team, let alone considered one of the best no.10. You may not like his style of play but great players are not considered great just because they’re full of energy. Even Messi just walks when he’s off the ball. He makes it look simple when dribbles past the defenders and scores. So I guess when he fails to score a lot you would think that he’s lazy and just do a simple dribble?

          2. oh my. an Ozil/Messi comparison, lmao. Messi runs Barca’s entire midfield AND attack. Come up with something better.

        1. Please people when we talk about ozil, can we stop bringing up his wages because he didn’t pick up the wages on his own, the club offered it.
          If u feel he’s not worth the money argue with the board that gave him the money.

        2. My apologies to everyone! Clearly I know nothing about football, and Ozil is world class, and vital for us to able improve.

          All those games we won last season, and created plenty of chances without Ozil, were obviously part of my imagination. The fact we were better without him, is clearly not real, it never happened.

          Hopefully he plays against Utd because he always brings his A game to the big games, especially the ones away from home. Without him, I’ll be surprised if we create anything!

          1. Yep, I must have missed something too. I would have liked to see all the assists and the brilliant passes that split open defences, let alone all the defensive cover tackles and recovering the ball. Must have happened while I wad outside having a quick smoke.

          2. it’s delusion and revisionist history at it’s finest, TMJW. As if entirety of last season didn’t occur, and Emery didnt give Ozil a chance. Man had 2 EPL assists, was horrible in the majority of the games he played, bad attitude, couldn’t be bothered with UEL final, yet people want him starting every game, some even want him CAPTAIN! A man with zero leadership qualities. It’s ridiculous, and I can’t wait until he is gone so we can finally stop beating the dead horse that is Ozil’s hot/cold Arsenal career, which for some reason is made to be exceptional by some fans.

          3. Well, some of you have already forgotten that when UE finally played his four top players – Ozil-Auba-Lacs and Ramsey, we won five straight games in a row…the only time we managed it all last season.

            That must have been some thick, long roll up you were puffing away at SAGooner!!

          4. The Emery out brigade will constantly ditch it out to us how great Ozil was and continue to be blind to how bad hes been for the past three seasons.. I support Emery and the board on the Ozil debacle and as I can only see one culprit Ozil himself.. The same scenario is playing out at spurs where Ericsen has been shockingly bad too since the contract situation and you can tell glaringly hes not been the same player..I dont care the hell Ozil wages,I just wanted him to constantly put in a shift and I dont care l;ess now if the board and emery think its the end of the road for him. I like the De Bruyne’s comparison as even after an injury ravaged last season,he bulked up and has always come back stronger,the same way he handled the disappointment at Chelsea.. Ozil has been shit even the games he played this season and I will be glad if I dont even see him anywhere around the team come Monday.. What lazy sulking couldn’t care less pampered player.. Man up ir get out just as it applies to emery..

        3. TMJW, if you don’t want people to comment on your posts, just stop posting.

          You make it sound as if you have watched every single one of the 140 minutes Ozil has played this season….just like that other ridiculous claim that you had seen every one of his 400 plus assists for the club – AND -that they were all against rubbish teams. Pure poppycock and BS.

          Why does the fact that he earns £350k a week come into your thoughts regarding his playing abilities – as you have said you don’t spend a penny at the club and haven’t done so for years, why worry about it anyway, it’s not your money is it?

          Put it this way, to make such vindictive claims like you have even sound reasonable, one physically has to go to, at least, some matches, something you have admitted not doing, so stop pontificating as if you are the leading expert on Ozil.

          I get you don’t like the guy, can’t stand what he is earning and want him out, but don’t make these wild and ridiculous claims about seeing all his performances.

          By the way, really pleased your enjoying those youngsters that are coming through…I assume you mean those players who were signed by our previous manager, someone else you had no time for as he signed only “deadwood” players!!

          If he goes he deserves to goes, if he stays he deserves to stays and the same goes for Ozil as well.

          1. Right said Ken. Even about his wages it’s the post truth because Ozil wanted 225k for his new contract and it was Josh Kroenke who upped it to 350k so a Sanchez like scene didn’t happen.
            Plus the fact that he did play during the unbeaten 22 game run doesn’t matter, neither the fact that Emery’s tactics tried to create other #10 players by isolating Ozil on the pitch.
            The professional that he is, Ozil put in his shift and was enjoying playing with the youngsters and he was hooked, and you know what “it’s Ozil’s fault again” for his haters.
            Ozil is a diehard gunner and despite all the problems he had never been a dressing room problem.

  7. Not sure about the fans “having an open go at Emery” as Ozil very much devides opinion.

    On balance has he done enough throughout his stay with us to date …. not for me, hence the bench beckoning on a more frequent basis.

    It soon became obvious, Mesut Ozil was not going to be to Unai Emery what he obviously was to Arsene Wenger.

    The time is very much approaching where the hierarchy are going to cut their loses one way or another.

  8. Emery trying to Laon Ozil us a joke, we need to send Emery on a permanent Loan and free transfer to china. He’ll do great there!

  9. Valid arguement regarding Ozil’s production. However, why is Ozil benched yet Xhaka starts despite fouls and costing points?

    Or Sokratis and Luiz start despite errors costing us points?

    Chambers and Ozil couldn’t buy starts, yet knuckleheads like Sokratis, Xhaka, and Luiz walk into starting 11.

    Emerys reasons, err excuses, don’t hold water for me. It’s more hypocrisy than tactics, and we struggle with creativity and defending with his selections.

    1. Give Ozil the same chances and run of games he gives to our clowns Xhaka, Sokratis, and Luiz. If Ozil fails ship him out. While he’s at it, bench the three clowns as well to avoid any stench of hypocrisy.

      1. But Durand, you make a sensible suggestion, while a coach who gives a player 70 minutes, then drops said player, then rests him stating he wants him fresh for the next game, then leaves him on the bench, then selects him as captain for another 70 minutes, doesn’t think like a first class coach does…either come out and state the situation as he did with mustafi – or play him – don’t try and play mind games.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. Statistically speaking, Xhaka is far worse than Mustafi, yet Xhaka gets to play every game, and now is named captain? Luiz isn’t being dropped, yet I do not think I have ever seen an experienced new signing start his Arsenal career as bad as he has.

      There was a fair amount of logic to Emery’s decisions last season, but it’s like he’s just lost the plot this season.

      1. Emery has kept his word regarding his desire to create friction with some players.

        Emery has be false about his other statements, despite being in charge for 18 months.

        What about the attacking football he said he prefers?
        What about pressing and being protagonists without the ball he promised?
        What about him saying he’ll make efforts to improve the defending with the dossiers he had on players?

        Only improvement I’ve seen is with the youth; Saka, Willock, etc… and that’s due to Freddie NOT Emery.

        We know this because all these youth have talk about their conversations and training with Freddie, and given him so much praise and shine.

        I’d rather put the club in Freddie’s hands based on the evidence of youth improvement. With Emery and the £200 million worth of 12 new players, what has he really done?

        Besides making defense worse and slowly killing Arsenal’s attacking DNA that is?

      2. ThirdManJW, if the day comes when you criticise Emery,I think the man is truly finished, you stood by him last season. I never thought Emery benches Ozil because of anything other than he just simply doesn’t like the player. Imagine the amount of players fans criticise on this website, even the new players, how are we supposed to move forward. Are we going to send all these players away and buy new ones just to satisfy the headless defensive tactics.

        1. I’ve criticized Emery plenty. I’m not like Wenger fan boys who couldn’t see any faults in their messiah.

          None of us know the situation with Ozil, but we do know he has disrespected Emery more than once. Couple that with his ineffective performances, we can see why Ozil isn’t being used anymore.

          1. He has disrespected Emery? I haven’t heard that until now? Ozil was hired to do a job so is Emery!!! We need wins, performances not quarrel and vindictiveness.

          2. Pat, can I ask you if you think UE has disrespected Ozil at all?

            Perhaps TMJW, you might want to answer that one as well?

    3. Last season in the five matches Ozil started with Ramsey, Auba and Laca, we won them all. Says something about putting the right players on the pitch!

  10. Ozil was naïve to think a team would be built around him, waisting his time with no trophées and ambition owners… Our issue is not Ozil but Emery and board!

  11. Wenger left Arsenal in a terrible mess.
    He left 20 garbage players many on huge wages.
    Arsenal right now has only one quality player Aubameyang.
    6 decent players,Tierney Bellerin Lacazette Guendouzie Willock Pepe.
    The others are average to sh#te.
    People don’t realise how weak Arsenal is right now.
    Nor do people realise how strong the league has become.
    Top four is now a top 10.
    In fact the Arsenal squad is rated as the tenth best in the league.
    City Liverpool Spurs Chelsea Man U Leicester Westham Everton Bournemouth
    all have stronger squads than Arsenal.
    Wenger ran the squad depth down to this low level and he is totally to blame.
    Arsenal’s central defence is the rated 20th in the league.
    Socritis Mustafi Luiz Chambers Holding Mavro are all useless.
    Xhaka and Torreira are weak.
    Kolasinac is useless AMN is not good enough.
    Ozil is over the hill and Mkhitarian is in Rome.
    Lacazette has a systemc injury requiring rest.
    So we rely on Aubameyang and Guendouzie to win us games an impossible task.
    The squad is full of sh#te and no matter what selection Emery makes
    what tactics he employs the squad remains sh#te.
    Manchester United at home should win by at least 7 goals.
    Anything less than a seven goal defeat and Emery is a genius.
    Predicted score. Man U 9 Arsenal 2.

    1. Your message did not yet appeared when i typed mine. I summed it and repeat it before Season starts. We misses 2 elements i named, and have no coach.

      I disagree, AMN and Xhaka are good players played out of position and what they do best. But Indeed, we do not have thé squad to secure 4th place. Spurs made sure of that, they signed Ndombele who wanted Arsenal as Koulibaly tired of italians monkeys screaming un stadium.

      Bellerin – Koulibaly Chambers Tierny
      Niles/Willock Ndombele Gendouzi
      Laca Auba

      Sub : Martinez Saka, Nelson Martinelli, Torreira, Ceballos, Xhaka, Holding, Kolas.

      Instead to bring Luiz and pay 80M for Pepe in installements/credit, Those 2 addition Kouli and Ndombele would have us to play for title with a more complete team. Klopp did it, locked that défense in the middle first!

  12. It is obvious that we have talent but we needed Ndombele and Koulibaly instead or Pepe and co…Thé board and Emery are retarded! Klopp fixed it right away, after a year he brought Vandjik, locked defense!

  13. I think it’s better for Ozil to follow Mikhi’s decission. Kind of sad actually. But, it’s better to see him play somewhere else and enjoy his game again. Something that he wouldn’t have under Emery. We can see how he and Torreira played against Forest- they didn’t look happy. As a professional player they tried to do their jobs, still it’s understandable they might feel low as they know that the coach doesn’t consider them good enough.
    Well, just hope that Ceballos or Guenduozy wouldn’t make the fans miss Ozil when he’s gone. Ramsey and Mikhi seem to start to have happier moments in Juve and Roma. If Ozil has it too with his new club later while Arsenal again fails to impress, maybe we know now who’s to blame.

  14. Admini Martin, both Ozil and Chambers can start games in the PL and play very well in it regularly for Arsenal whenever they are fit to play but if Emery picks them. But he hasn’t been picking them to start matches regularly in the PL for Arsenal sometimes omitting them altogether in his 18 man match day squad because the duo Arsenal quality players are looking to not be in his preferred category of players that he likes to use for Arsenal matches in the PL. But why shouldn’t the duo Arsenal quality players of Ozil and Chambers be in the group of players who Emery should be using to play Arsenal matches in the PL? This question begs for appropriate answer from Emery. In fact, I was thinking Ozil will be named the Arsenal captain and Xhaka the 1st Vice captain of the club. But that was not to be.

    1. 100% with you… We make top players disgusted of football. Auba was very sad after Spurs and so scared when we messed up with Villa. Yo saw his relief, as if we won EPl.

  15. While Ozil is past his best, he is still easily our most creative player. He should be allowed to play, if not every game, but more frequently than he is being used right now. I think it is not down only to Emery because I believe he has the support of the board to do this. They think they will force Ozil out this way. However, I think Ozil will just stay put!

      1. Good bye and don’t let the gate hit you on the way out.
        Arsenal the football club is bigger than any manager, coach or player.

        1. That is such a true comment ozziegunner, also bigger than any fan, fanbase or blog sites.

          So many players and a few coaches/managers thought the grass was greener, just listen to Hleb as a perfect example.

    1. You are free to leave and go support the next club Ozil plays for.. Even Ozil came out sometime ago and said he be leaving any moment Wenger leaves the club as I dont thin he believed any other couch will accommodate is lazy ass game.I dont even see Ozil getting run of game if we have Kloop as our manager.Ozil is past it and if majority of the emery out bandwagon on here cant see that and constantly call for him in there starting line up, I rest my case.

      1. Can you provide a credible newslink where Ozil said he’ll leave after Wenger? Don’t make stuff up, if you can’t back it with actual news.

  16. Best years are behind him, but has a loyal following of fans. As we saw last season, he’s not the answer. it’s funny how players like Ozil, and Mustafi, who were bad last season, are suddenly favorites just because Emery is not playing them. These players showed their qualities last season and it landed us in a Europa League spot, along with Emery’s own mistakes.

      1. It was both. The lineups were good enough to get the necessary points at home at the very least. There were severely under performing players all around the pitch though that you wouldn’t expect to be outdone by likes of Brighton.

      2. I guess it is Emery’s fault because he shouldn’t have been starting players like Ozil and Mustafi, who were sure to let us down. I wish he injected the youth into the squad a bit earlier instead of using let downs.

  17. So if Özil really is the midfield maestro that should be given a good run in the team, I’m wondering why other clubs are not beating the door down at Emirates to sign him, even on loan. Do they know something the pundits on this site don’t?

    1. Yes I think they know better than all the trolls who jump on the Ozil bandwagon here..Even Madrid sold him long before now when he was glaringly there most creative player,It was not the end of the world and with Arsenal fans even after seeing how bad hes been the past season,I still give it to the Arsenal fans for the immense support.. Ozil has constantly let us down long even before Emery arrives..

      1. Ozil was bought by our club… identified by Wenger as the player he wanted. You are talking as if you know that RM wanted him gone.

    2. Simple really SAGooner, his ludicrous salary that was given to him by kronkie and gazidis – do you blame him for accepting this ridiculous offer and if it had been offered to you, would you have refused it?

      I would have thought that was the most obvious reason in the world why the doors aren’t being beaten down and thank god they aren’t…kronkie wouldn’t have the money to replace them would he?

    1. 24 EPL appearances, started consistently from August to November, and February to end of the season. Also, lets not forget he had mysterious illnesses on random weekends of the season. Blame Emery for that too I suppose.

        1. You can find the info yourself. And the point you’re trying to make is still non-existent. Anybody who watched last season knows he had a lot of playing time in the beginning and end of the season, and the argument that Emery didn’t give him a chance is simply false. Middle of the season he also had injuries/ilnesses (again).

          1. He was played in fits and starts which doesn’t help a fluid player to play himself into form, not does it help in building partnerships. If you count the number of flufffed chances off his passes, you can’t hold that against Ozil. While I like his game, I understand it holistically and not just pan him. Every player has his strengths and advantages and it’s up to the manager to use it to the team’s advantages. The who plot seemed to be to show Ozil up while the Tinkerman tried to make Iwodi and Kolasinac his creative players. He wasn’t playing Ramsey to his strengths too, so let’s no glorify Emery’s coaching. It’s been condemnable to be honest and it was evident from the 6th game last season.

          2. Viju, look up Ozil’s playing time last season and he did have adequate time. As ozzie said, he also had injuries during the middle of the season when he wasn’t played. Besides for that, the periods of time I pointed out are accurate, and Ozil saw plenty of game time last season. No one player is responsible for our finish last season, and Emery alone is not responsible either since we also did have good periods. I agree that Emery is not the man to take us forward, but Ozil is also not the player to take us forward either, and the sooner we can get his wages off the books the better in my opinion.

          3. Indeed, during his unbroken run of playing five games on the trot, the club posted its one and only five games of wins on the trot.

            I clearly remember Ozil coming out on twitter to say that he wasn’t injured, but was patiently waiting to be recalled (again).

            UE’s tactics (!!!!) and style(!!!!) has no room for creative players – look how Ceballos has changed from his opening game to the present.

            What he should do is come out and be as honest as he was with mustafi and Elneny – either let the player and fans know he does or doesn’t want him and we, as a fanbase, can move on…doesn’t that make more sense?

  18. Emery clearly has an issue with Ozil, perhaps ever since day 1. Meanwhile, Xhaka fouls like it’s going out of style, not to mention how many points his brain farts cost us, leads league I believe.

    Funny how Emery comes out and tells fans to support this garbage player. In fact we fans have seen Xhaka’s putrid displays for years; long before Emery ever had idea he’d be our manager.

    Meanwhile, no verbal support for Ozil, no plea to fans, no run of games to find his form, Oh no. Just condescension and derision towards Ozil.

    Contrast that with the numerous excuses and coddling he gives to Xhaka.

    Emery is a hypocrite in that aspect, and I for one hope it’s his undoing. He’s made our defending worse, killing any aspect of our attacking DNA, and plays the ugliest most unsightly football I’ve seen in 20 years.

    FFS, sooner this Spanish Tony Pulis is cast out the better. He can take his West Brom style of play with him.

  19. To sum up Özil:
    Huge talent – can make unbelievable passes and is lovely to watch, when he has the ball.
    Has always underperformed for us against big clubs.
    Has never been the player to lead the team.
    Is a luxury player, as he never defends or fights hard, which makes him a defensive liability in modern football.
    Thas is Özil in a nutshell, and why we can’t use him and why there are no big clubs lining up to take him off our hands.

    1. then use him in matches against lesser teams when defending in the final third is not the priority, when we can take our game to them instead of defending against their supposed strength over us.

      If we win all games against teams outside the big 6, draw all the home games against the other big 5, how many points will we have? We will not win the Premier League, but we will get a Champion Laegue place and then attract a better player to replace Ozil as a creative #10, so that we continue our return to be a title contender.

      This is how we should use him.

      Remember, last season, the mini revival that took us to third place started when Ozil was re-integrated into the team since Jan.

      1. DiDi, so what happened when we didn’t use him against Liverpool?
        What happened when we didn’t use him against Spuds?
        What happened when we used him against Burnley?
        What happened when we used him against Forest?

        The other problem is we don’t attack other teams (excluding villa, where the players took the bull by the horns) do we?

        Just an observation: I produced some factual achievements that Ozil had been awarded for TMJW, after he stated that Ozil was living off his w/cup medal since 2014.

        That list actually ended when Unai Emery took over as the coach of our club…simply because he’s not being played enough.
        The only time he gave him a consistent run, we won five games in a row, so make up your own mind who is making the mistakes!!!

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