Are Arsenal still the biggest club in London?

Gary Neville claimed that Arsenal are the biggest club in London, despite the rise to fame of rivals Tottenham and Chelsea. This season we have seen our neighbours show immense consistency, building on their third place finish of last season, while Chelsea have returned to prominence with a run of form which looks likely to see them top the table.

Despite these impressions, the Manchester United legend claims Arsenal are a bigger side than the pair, but there are definitely plenty of reasons to argue against such claims. You would certainly need a hell of a lot of photo paper if you wanted to print out all the responses from the different sets of fans! Tottenham are believed to have a very strong starting line-up, whilst not being able to boast a particularly strong squad, while Chelsea seem to have been overlooked despite their title credentials.

The Blues have taken this season by the scruff of the neck, and many have insisted that it would not have been so easy if they had to play some form of European football. It seems an easy excuse, and as much as I wish those beliefs were true, meaning I could be excited with the possibility of finishing outside the top four (just this once), but that would just be too easy…

The former United and England defender has now insisted that we remain a bigger club than both sides, and that we should be the more attractive side to play for, but I’m not convinced that is the case anymore.

Gary said: ‘This is a better club than Chelsea,’ he told Sky Sports after the 2-2 draw with Manchester City.

‘Why wouldn’t players come and play here? Look at this stadium, it’s unbelievable.

‘Chelsea are a fantastic club but you’ve got to say, even Chelsea fans wouldn’t argue that Arsenal are a bigger club than them.

‘Arsenal are a bigger club than Chelsea. They are, it’s a fact,

‘That’s not a criticism of Chelsea. Chelsea are a club that’s really only grown in the last 10 or 15 years. They’ve done brilliantly well.

‘But they’re not as big a club as Arsenal.’

Alexis Sanchez’s recent claims pain me to hear, leading to reports he wishes to trade us in for a move to West London, but that is not the only reason to think we are beginning to trail in the transfer chases.

Our club has stated that they wouldn’t battle our rivals to land players, while we have seen players opt to leave to join bigger clubs, a decision not succumbed to by Chelsea players for a number of years.

If you was a professional, would you rather be a Gunner or a Blue? Who is the biggest club in London?

Pat J

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  1. davidnz says:

    Over the last 30 years both
    clubs have been very successful
    along with Man Utd they have
    dominated English football.
    However since the Invincibles in 2004
    Chelsea has won a lot more major trophies
    and the trend is very pronounced.
    Private money and TV deals predominate
    rather than the number of supporters
    most of whom are internet fans.
    I’d say right now Chelsea and Arsenal are
    enjoying similar levels of support.
    Spurs with their recent form and their
    new stadium opening soon are catching up fast.

  2. Tas says:

    We are still the top dog in London but for how long don’t know, if Chelsea build a bigger and better stadium they will for shore take over, today’s success is measured by price tag and supporters, we are OK with the price tag but we are fast loosing supporters with the new generation

  3. Jansen says:

    This is such a subjective issue. For players who have a short career span, Chelsea must be a bigger club. The last 15 years have shown if you want to win a major trophy you have a better chance with Chelsea than with Arsene.

    If you count history than Arsenal are probably bigger. But to be a truly big club you have to translate it at some point into results IMO and Arsene has not done that for more than 10 years. To me the argument becomes a bit too thin if you have not won a major trophy for that long.

    But what matters more is that players don’t want to come and play for us because we are known to lack ambition and we are now a bit of a joke.

    A Monaco fan asked Mbappe if he would go to Arsenal, Mbappe replied that it was too early for him to retire. That tells you everything.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      Arsenal are a joke and currently third in the Permiership London stakes, so how are they the ‘top’ club in London. That this is the case is entirely the responsibility of the Board who have left the dopiest manager in the Premier League with a free rein to drag the club down to his level – we haven’t reached the bottom of where Arsene_about can take us yet, just give him another 2 years if you want to see how bad things can really get. We are about to climb into the lavatory bowl with Arsene – like in the beginning of the movie Trainspotting.

  4. doggydgunner says:

    Wenger should please resign so a more ambitious manager can step in & reshuffle the squad, too many fringe players in d squad. Its either the players don’t believe in the club anymore or they don’t like the want the manager anymore, whichever one comes first but they no longer play with their hearts & its evident. The Arsenal I know will tear Man City apart yday but played like sleeping lions & managed to take their chances. We seriously need grit in this squad & we don’t have it right now, how can we concead easy goals all the time, just can’t get it, we’re better than this.

  5. Gooner Craig says:

    – Chelsea were a mid table team until they started getting pimped by their sugar daddy owner!

    – Spurs haven’t finished above us in well over 20+ years lol and have no history!

    – Arsenal finished above both of them last season, have won more trophies and have more fame around the world. All of which was self created through hard work!

    Yes, AFC are sucking right now and if you want trophies and money then yeah you’d have to say Chelsea are the more ruthless and ambitious club but that doesn’t mean they’re bigger! #LondonIsRed

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