Are Arsenal the LEAST BAD team this season?

The team that is least bad will win the title!‏ by KM

Hello, hello! Well Christmas games come so thick and fast, I sincerely forgot there was a round on the 28th. Luckily I caught up to the Arsenal game, while switching from time to time to see that boring draw between United and Chelsea.

I will not draw much conclusions from a game with Bournemouth, because in a week, we beat City, we get destroyed by Southampton and then we win against a team that has it’s first season in the top flight. The only conclusion from this league I can make so far is that it’s so unpredictable that only the team closest to any sort of consistency will win it.

Last year it was Chelsea, but now you cannot put your finger on anybody really. But back to the game, king Ozil came out with another assist and a goal to his name. By far the best player in our team right now.

Other than that, I liked the rotations. We introduced Chambers, Gibbs, the Ox and Gabriel and I thought we were much fresher than we were a few days ago. And games like these are exactly the ones we can introduce those players, to both give some well deserved rest to players like Monreal who have been excellent all year and he’s played every single game so far.

So Leicester face Man City before the reverse fixtures start and then Tottenham twice in the following two weeks. The Foxes are starting to fade out, but hopefully they will make one last stand. They are starting to suffer from the fact that despite a couple of good players in Mahrez, Vardy and Kante their squad is short and the games start to crush them, plus the fact their good results so far make them favorites in most games.

Despite their miraculous campaign so far, I still feel like City and sadly – Spurs look like the biggest title threat so far, and I’m hopeful that the Mahrez-Vardy party will continue for two more rounds, because our own inconsistency means we must hope that others will also drop points against the lesser sides.

It doesn’t matter if we are top when January begins, but if we are top when May ends. We were top for more than 50% of the time a few years back and we still finished fourth. On a final note, reports from the Daily Mail suggest we’re close to signing Elneny – a midfielder from Basel. I can hardly say anything about him, but we do need CM reinforcement. Until it is on though, it’s just a rumour.

Have a great week everyone!


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  1. Yea!….we are the LEAST bad team

    But honestLy, if we had been serious with all our games past….. We could have been points ahead and clear off the other teams

    well, currentLy we are Top of the League …at Least untiL nightfall…..Lets reveL!

    A pt or 3 pts for citeh(i’m all for a Point each for em), will see us sit up ere into 2016…

  2. yeah for me arsenal need to prove themselves more.
    We are the fourth highest in terms of goals.
    we have 39 points for a half season.That means 78 points at this rate.
    We earned 4th place with 79 points 2 years.
    It should also be noted that the second half of the season is much more difficult than the first.
    We are also statistically the worst premier league team in the champs league having made the fewest chances.

    Players need to start working their socks off.We are only top because other teams are poor

    1. But we Normally do better in the 2nd half of the season.
      A win against Newcastle will be compared to the lost against westham in our 1st game of the season which will us make a massive Re-start. #COYG its all about consistency.

    2. Stupid logic, based on your opinion United, Chelsea an City only won the league because the rest of the teams were poor..

  3. I think Arsenal and Leicester are the most consistent team this season. We have lost four games already with fewer draws. Leicester has lost 2games with more draws….

    Mancity started the season on a high and we all thought they will run off with the title but they have been inconsistent judging them by their flying start…..

    Having said that, I want to believe Manc will pose a huge threat in the 2nd half of this season. We have to be consistent and hope to have a repeat of a great 2015 (2nd half of last season).

    Its a season full of surprises and the top teams have dropped major points and more surprises awaits us. We have to be focused and ready for the 2nd half of the season. I really want us to win the league…….

    Arsenal All The Way!

  4. Statistically, so far
    it is the weakest
    EPL season ever.
    Chelsea has made the
    worst start of a reigning EPL champion.
    9 losses already and flirting with relegation.
    Utd has been shite for 3 seasons now.
    City has lost 5 games already and no team has
    ever won the league after losing 5 games before the New Year.
    The league is so weak Leicester is 2nd and Spurs are 3rd !!!
    A bit tough to say the top sides have come down to Arsenal’s level
    but that’s what the stats are saying. But then an EPL title
    is worth the same whether you get 95 points or 75.
    Roll on Newcastle.

  5. We are where we are only because all our main rivals are doing badly. We need reinforcements for our midfield and we must step up our game and remain consistent if we want to stand a chance of lifting the EPL. The truth is if Mancity picks form, then we are in trouble, because there will be stopping them. So we must rake in as much points as we can as they sleep.

  6. Leicester are the least bad team at the moment…
    They’ve played one less game than us and could go top tonight…

  7. No, the least bad team is Leicester. Even the spuds have shown better form than us. City will show us tonight are they one of the least bad sides. Arsenal is no better than it was in 2013/2014. I predict identical outcome.

  8. Been a bad team is relative I suppose….bust one thing incontrovertible is the fact that we are consistently inconsistent….for the last 10 years or so…..and we are mentally fragile and prone to collapse especially when we are favorites….and we seem to perform well when there is little or no attention on us

    1. January transfer should include the best psychiatrist in the world and every player as well as the squad in whole should attend daily sessions with our newest signing.

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