Are Arsenal’s empty seats putting more pressure on Arsene Wenger?

The Arsenal fans again showed exactly how they feel by Konstantin Mitov

So we beat Stoke 3:0 and to be honest I can’t be unhappy giving the Potters a helping hand to the championship, but for me the biggest story was the attendance again.

It’s not the weather, it’s not the kick off time. People very well know what happened this season and after Wenger was handed 2 years for his failure, this season it’s got even worse.

The excuses have dried up and very interestingly Arsene missed the pre-game press conference. He looks tired from the pressure at Arsenal. He will not quit though, and it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be sacked. If we were talking to potential replacements, the media would surely know, right?

The story about Tuchel made no sense really, due to the history with Mislintat, and it was only fuelled by Mattaus’es interview. What is worrying is that if we’re getting a new manager and we’re not talking to one now, then we’re heading for another season of misery with him in charge.

It’s a World Cup year. If you are joining Arsenal, you’d want to know what you’d be working with. We’re likely to sell Ramsey, Bellerin is 99% gone and Wilshere might leave, and although I’ll not miss those players too much, who will play?

We don’t have a proper winger in the squad and the defense needs massive rebuilding. This was one of the worst first halves of football I have seen and before Lacazzete came on we were pretty dull.

It was nice to see Alex sharp and it was great to see Aubameyang giving him the penalty to lift his confidence! It’s all about the Europa league. It was really sweet to see such a gesture and I really hope a new manager puts both of them o together next season.

Onto Thursday, a lot of people underestimate CSKA Moscow, but it could be a very tricky game and we can shoot ourselves in the foot at any time, so don’t take it lightly. They beat Lyon 3:2 away and a trip to Russia is always hard!

That said, we should have enough to win, and I have a sneaky feeling UEFA might push us and Atletico to the final in an attempt to generate more views as this European competition especially isn’t too popular. Hopefully we’ll do the job on Thursday!

Have a happy week!



  1. Kenny Rolfe says:

    What you saying Konstantin, EUFA are crooked? The best is when draw’s are being made and they twirl the balls around with the forefinger and then pick the same ball up. Agree with you , hilarious.

  2. Twig says:

    UEFA might push us to the final? What are you suggesting?

    1. Jeremy says:

      It is the best bet for more cash to UEFA.

      Just imagine what could be the turnout at the FA cup final between non-league teams.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    The question and the article don’t line up. We deserved to beat Sto comfortably, the first half was indeed poor but we showed enough to earn our goals. While Sto had nothing going forward, if they had of been braver it could have been very different walking out for that second half. I agreed with Smith in the commentator box, I thought Ramsey was our most consistent player throughout and he was a driving force. Second half though Ozil played some beautiful stuff. Auba and Lacazette look like they might be a handful, if I were a CB I wouldn’t want to face two speedsters with finishing finesse.

  4. Grandad says:

    Since their return from injury i have tried to give Welbeck and Wilshire the benefit of the doubt when others have slagged them off for some pretty average displays.Regrettably I am now of the opinion that they will never reach the standards required to make a meaningful contribution towards the revival of Arsenal and along with 3/4 others in the current squad they should be moved on.Their performances against Stoke was the last straw as far as I am concerned.It will be interesting to see if Gareth Southgate shares my views and does not include them in his World Cup squad.

    1. Jan says:

      Took you too long my friend..

  5. AndersS says:

    To the question:
    Empty seats put more pressure on Wenger than the poor football. In the end it seems the only thing the owner worries about is the bottom line and empty seats seriously affect the bottom line in the long run. Maybe the seats were already sold to season ticket holders, who didn’t turn up, so it doesn’t show in ticket income straight away. But it shows straight away in matchday sales (food, beverages, merchandise etc.). On top of that, if there is less desire to watch Arsenal from ticket holders, there is also less desire from corporate guests etc., so sponsors are probably feeling they can’t attract their stakeholders as easily to a game, and that is also bound to rub off negatively on Arsenal’s bottom line.

    1. jon fox says:

      A welcome sensible post , full of financial reality.

  6. Tarquin Battersby-Smythe says:

    Until Monsieur Arsene Selfish goes we will not reach the top 4 again. He is a fraud, with the tactical nous of a Pygmy. I wonder what the actual crowd figure was yesterday; to claim 59,000 plus was a misleading lie. Just wonder when we’ll get rid of the French fraud in charge, the sooner the better.

    1. Me says:

      He is not a f*cking fraud is he – really !
      He annoys me but I respect the mans achievements.
      He has won multiple trophies for Arsenal and revolutionized the way we played.
      Its just that his time has come to an end and that is it – nothing more…

      1. jon fox says:

        It might have been “nothing more”(to quote you) IF he had left while he still had a legacy left to glorify in. By overstaying for a decade he has, instead, left a drifting club, in ruins, without ambition, without leaders and with a stadium regularly half empty. Yes, you are right in saying “his time has come to an end.” It would have been far more insightful though had you said it – as I and others did – a decade ago. You can be SURE the money men who make club decisions will act to throw him out, mostly on the empty seats and on what financial damage that does to the club and it’s future financial worth.

  7. gotanidea says:

    Yes, those empty seats will give a very strong message to the board

    Therefore I still believe that Tuchel would manage Arsenal next season. Both Tuchel and Mislintat are Germans, plus they had worked together for years, hence they might be able to put aside their differences

    There are too many German speaking players and staffs in the club currently. If Arsenal recruit Max Meyer and Draxler, then we would have a strong German connection and would be strengthened by the arrival of a German manager

  8. Phil says:

    Supporters are voting with their feet.It was Easter Sunday against a team we Hate with a kick off at Lunchtime.And with the game live on TV.There were plenty of reasons not to go and it seems like some fans took that opportunity.
    If the Team was doing better in the League rather than fighting to scrape home in a Europa League slot then the enthusiasm is greater.Too much negativity around the club and easy to understand why.

  9. Me says:

    Wenger will not quit and its unlikely that Arsenal will sack him.
    What a load of rubbish that is.
    He may not quit but they cannot simply ignore half empty stadiums every home game just for the sake of a manager who has been at the club about twelve years too long.
    Has it really come to the point where the manager comes before the club and its fans?
    I just want him gone – he has pretty much destroyed his legacy for what it was worth.
    If he stays then you can say good bye to Arsenal being a big club, of being a challenger..

    1. GB says:

      Unfortunately the empty seats had already been paid for so does not affect the income at present but it will do when sponsors start pulling out after Sky get fed up with showing empty seats to the world and the dross that we are serving up.

      1. AndersS says:

        It actually does affect the income as matchday sales drop (food, beverages, merchandise etc.), when fewer people actually turn up.
        You can be sure Arsenal have a figure/number for the average spend per person in the stands, which they budget on and try to increase year by year. I don’t know the details, but I know from other sports. So. let’s say the average spend per person on matchday is £8.
        If 10.000 stay away, it actually constitutes a loss of £80,000. This may not seem a lot in the grand scheme of things, but if it happens at every game, it actually does add up.

  10. GB says:

    We were shite yesterday and though we were in the ascendency at the time, it was a dodgy penalty whatever anyone says, that started the rot for Stoke. Was Wenger bringing on Laca up front and putting Auba out wide a stroke of genius or just luck, I doubt it was the former! A decent manager would have started them both. Jack was pitiful at times and what on earth has happened to Bellerin? Mustafi gave the ball away with so many wayward passes but ironically made some really good blocks and tackles. At least Elneny was passing forward and not his fault others just passed it straight back to him. Auba could well turn out to be a real goal scoring wide player for us when partnered with a Laca. Someone like Shaqiri in our side would make a huge difference, but then again so would a decent coach!

  11. Durand says:

    I believe josh and stan definitely took notice. Josh came here to the Kronke’s crown jewel of franchises to ensure the money keeps flowing.
    Arsenal is the money maker for the Kronke’s, and with Rams stadium over $2 billion now and rising due to delays, environmental regulations, etc…. Now they pay attention to Arsenal.
    They know how this plays out, believe that. Crappy teams lose fan support and ticket sales. Then sponsors look elsewhere for better value for their money. Next less and less games are nationally televised. Finally, can’t attract top talent, and it becomes a self-defeating prophecy.

    Not to mention if any truth to addidas kit rumor. £50 for a 6th place club, future in doubt, managerial uncertainty, and no CL presently? Not happening if situation continues.

    Kronke may be silent, but no one accused him of being stupid. He’s waiting to buy out our Russian, force rest of board to sell, and sir chips and rest get what they deserve. Then he answers to no one.

    Might as well add a “Kronke” somewhere on the badge, because they are never leaving.

    1. Durand says:


      ESPN article says Kronke got approval from other NFL owners to increase borrowing for new stadium.
      Original cost was projected $2.6 billion.
      Now cost projected to reach $4.963 billion.

      Sorry about topic drifting, but wanted to give numbers to stadium statement and how he’s desperate for Arsenal to make the money he needs to spread around.

  12. Jeremy says:

    I don’t believe the season tickets holders are the main reason for the empty stadium. Arsenal FC is losing its appeal with the useless Wenger.

    The TV schedule will be a good gauage.

    Surely, no one will pay more money for mid-table battle.

    Kroenke will pack up and go at once if things don’t improve. Mercenaries like him, won’t stay to see his money dries up.

    To those boy-cotters, well done guys. Keep up the good work and together we can kick the ass of AW and eventually Kroenke.

  13. AJ GUN says:

    it was aboring first half no case about that.introduction of lacca changed the game and stoke got hammered its apleasure that we’ve given them ahand to downspiral#championship.anyway looking at the figures of kroenke’s new stadium i have to say its abig gamble which along the way “fingures crossed” suppose this continues (empty seats no champions league)and pressures mounts on him maybe jus may be our russian may benefit from that and arsenal and us the fans as awhole.anyway its a far fetched thought …..what do i know

  14. DANDY GUNNER says:


  15. Midkemma says:

    I liked seeing the empty seat protest rather than abuse hurling protests, it made a better signal for me, it also didn’t hurt the players on the day either.

    “If we were talking to potential replacements, the media would surely know, right?”

    I don’t think the media will know, they will follow any lead for a story, including Tuchel. They will most likely do a story about someone who does become our manager but that will be one amongst many other stories.

    For all we know the newly shaped backroom is already talking about potential managers but keeping their cards close to their chest, if we openly admitted that we wanted X manager then do you think Chavski will not also look at that manager?

    Also, the board may be looking for a manager who asks for a player who can fill a role rather than ask for a player by name. Sven can find the gems… don’t need the manager to dictate who we sign, Like Jose tries to do with UTD.

  16. Milton John says:

    I’m confident. Jack can go for free and Meyer is welcome. Sell Ramsey for 50 million and bring in Jorghino. Buy Leno as a goal keeper and offload Ospina. We lack a winger so bring in Fekir. Bring Allegri from Juventus which is most important issue to sort out. We’ll be champions again. Let’s prepare for an excellent farewell for Wenger.

  17. jon fox says:

    I was saying we need regular empty seats to force change and I WAS SAYING IT ON HERE AGES AGO, LONG BEFORE IT STARTED HAPPENING REGULARLY. And no, I don’t want a medal for being right! I want what wiill happen for being right; Wengers sacking and going away with his tail between his legs and the scorn of many of us. Me more than most. I have deeply resented this mans sheer selfishness in putting his own lust for power and huge wages above what is right and necessary for OUR club. I have resenrted this for a decade and a bit and resent each moment this joke, fossil and selfish git stays behind , further damaging OUR club. I rejoice in the near certainty of his sacking within a very few weeks and the then appointment of a PROPER manager who has ambition, will to win, an intolerance of shirkers and coasters and who can actually COACH! TA TA, FOSSIL WENGER AND SHUT THE DOOR BEHIND YOU ON YOUR WAY TO THE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM WHERE YOU BELONG! With the other dinosaurs!

  18. RSH says:

    AW doesnt care about what the fans think so it’s not effecting him personally. Silent Stan must not like the lower match day revenues though. Get used to it if you keep the dinosaur around Mr. Kroenke. (dont think stadium announced the attendance this weekend either, haha. It’s all too embarrassing and nobody believes it when they say the stadium is full)

  19. Wiggy says:

    Welbroke’s centre of gravity is off. He really needs to see a specialist. Even running straight with the ball he falls. Then he falls and falls and falls. Like 10 times in one game. He must be holding the record of the most tumbles in the premier league.

  20. andcliff says:

    I am going to give this site a rest until Arsene Wenger finally leaves. I am fed up with the constant anti-Wenger tirades and, in some cases, abuse levelled at him. I know a lot of people are wound up but resorting to this level of criticism is not very classy.

    I agree that Arsene Wenger should have left the club at least 3 years ago and was disappointed he signed a new contract offered to him by the board so maybe more criticism should be directed at them?

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