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Are Arsenal’s fans right to be vexed at Chambers?

Arsenal fans took to social media to vent their anger at the sight of Calum Chambers liaising with Chelsea’s Diego Costa after Sunday’s match for Middlesbrough, but were they in the right?

The Blues striker scored the only goal of the game between his side and Middlesbrough, which is hardly a reason to be asking for the opposing player’s shirt is it?

Surely Chambers has not forgotten the last two seasons, or more precisely, Costa’s antics which got us two harsh red cards last term?

The question however, is do football rivalries end at the final whistle? Do real rivalries still exist in modern football in England? Was Chambers wrong to overlook Costa’s previous actions?

Are Arsenal fans right to be angry with Chambers?

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6 thoughts on “Are Arsenal’s fans right to be vexed at Chambers?

  1. Kostafi

    Reminds me of Andre Santos at half time with RVP a few years back. If you’re desperate for a shirt, do it in the tunnel!!! Chambers should be working on repaying the £16m outlay on him instead. At CB, I think Holding is ahead and Bellerin is definitely ahead at RB. He’s definitely got his work cut out for him.

  2. Wilshegz

    do we have another andre Santos on our hands again? has been terrible for the gunners yet asks for the Jersey of not just a rival but a most-hated player.

  3. rkw

    jesus … this should be the least of our worries … why do we look like 4th place contenders…again …thats what fans should be vexed about

  4. Arsenal_Girl

    He Isn’t playing with us this season so I am not really bothered

    Let’s focused on winning. Two matches in a row without winning is enough. We need to start winning now

  5. chinaka1

    Please you guys should stop this chambers, i really hate Costa for his antics but i watched the match on tv and so the way he behaved throughout the game, i thinkers he has changed…early in the second half Chambers prevented a tap-in from Pedro and ended up landing in post, Pedro left his side only for Diego Costa to show up and check on him #class

  6. TR7

    even if he asked for the manager’s coat id not b worried,wat worries most should be who should take AW shoes coz it seems he’s got no idea of how he can get the best out of our squad full of great potential players.

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