Are Arsenal’s ticket price rises a step too far in these trying times?

Ticket price increase just another hit to our already damaged pockets!

With the world hit by a global pandemic for the last two years and the exiting from the EU, it was inevitable that cost of living price rises would occur to things we love and need on a daily basis.

But what wouldn’t have been seen after seven consecutive seasons of a consistent price on all Arsenal member tickets and cards would be an increase in prices, in the same year that the cost of living prices are also massively increasing.

So for us Arsenal fans to be able to go and watch our beloved Arsenal, we will now have to fork out even more alongside the increases of daily living.

If we play in Europe and compete on all fronts each season then it can be said it is worth it, but right now it doesn’t seem like it is, as all we have to fight for is fourth place having been knocked out of all competitions.

But are we supposed to be thankful that they kept it the same price for seven seasons and are now increasing it?

This is no doubt just another way of the owners getting money into their own pockets after the recent revelation of the financial losses they have suffered!

No doubt people would have still had something to say whenever a price increase happened, but surely Kroenke has enough money in his pockets to tide him over for another season at least without putting prices up alongside everything else right now!

Whether we make it to Europe or not an increase will happen either way with the below prices:

General Admission:

UCL- £49

UEL- £44

Non Europe- £40

Club Level:

UCL- £148

UEL- £136

Non Europe- £125

If fan attendance becomes even lower next season then it can be said it is due to the ticket price increases, as this will now be a case of having to choose between football, keeping a roof over our heads, food on the table and trying to keep warm in the winter months.

Although I guess some sacrifices may need to be made for people to be able to get by.

And after all of the TV broadcasting rights that are available, it may just be cheaper to watch the gunners from the warmth of our homes, that is until we all at least find some stability, where cost of living comes into play and consistency in competitions that will make a trip home and away to watch them become worth it.

Shenel Osman


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  1. In the last 2 years we have brought in minimal revenue from player sales which is a big contributor and the trend is continuing until the end of this season at leasat.

    1. Hopefully we will get some decent sales this summer.

      Guendouzi, Torreira, Bellerin, Mari.. they have all started almost every game and even played quite well.

      Mavropanos, hopefully, will not be sold for that measly obligation fee but for an actual value.

      1. Guendozi is 9, already agreed

        Mavro is 3….already agreed

        Torreira/Bellerin/Mari I think we’d be lucky to get 25 mil for all 3 and that’s being generous.

        So for 5 players we’ll probably get around 40mil only.

        1. It does look bad doesn’t it..

          Guendouzi and Mavropanos’ obligations-to-buy were terrible dealings, no doubt done by no other than donkey-brained Edu.

        2. Unfortunately that is the way Football is going, its not just Arsenal that is effected by players deciding to run down contracts and receiving minimal revenue – look at last summer transfer window Messi – Ronaldo – Depay – Ramos – Alaba – Aguero – Wijnaldum etc…. and this summer Mbappe, Roudigur as just 2 examples . Its only going to get more and more like this, I believe transfer fee’s will be a thing of the past in the next 5 years.

    2. When we were selling players for mega fees and recording profits season after season while buying for peanut, even during those periods the club’s tickets was among the most expensive ticket around,
      For many years now this club have not been having the interest of the fan’s at heart, the increase in tickets price is just one of the many evident of that

  2. Woke up today to discover MATTEO GUENDOZI HAD BEEN SOLD TO MARSEILLE.

    Well I felt bad , but trust the club and our manager in making the best decisions.

    He was a talent but with an awkward character….. let’s see how he will fare in France.

  3. I would definitely pay up a little more to watch real players play and fight for the badge. All these years we have seen uninterested players doing the waltz on the pitch and earning millions in spite of us paying above the normal tickets. And guess who was paying them partly? You and me! I’m so happy that we have Mikel the magician with us who has replaced these prima donnas with real players, millionaires with just the right wages for the right players. Who signed contracts with useless players for 350K/week, 180K/week, 100k/week plus the transfer fees? Well, the toll comes to the fans in a small way. Remember one “hero” who refused a pay cut during the pandemic and created a din and so many over here supported him? A small hike is accepted considering the quality of players we have now and that special feeling Mikel is bringing back to the once famous library!

    1. My mate and his dad have been season tickets holders for 20 odds years and they are thinking of giving them up after this year ,and let me tell you it has nothing to do with prices .

  4. Going to the Emirates is a luxury for me but when I do get the chance then I make the most of it. Most of us have financial constraints and so it comes down to how you balance your life with the choices that you make.
    With inflation and oil prices going through the roof then I hope the ridiculous salaries are moderated so that the club could then try and keep ticket prices within most people’s grasp. Paying Ozil and Auba upwards of £15m per year for ever diminishing returns was a travesty. I wince at Lacas salary as well. No justification for it at all

  5. Look how long the waiting list is! In the last week I’ve gone down by a couple of thousand (now only 42,000!!!). Wonder if it’ll be more of a significant drop next season? I doubt it. I also doubt these prices will impact next season’s attendance; supporters always find a way to attend.
    Tickets sold on the ticket exchange have been really sparse of late which suggests there are a lot of very happy gooners out there!

    The stadium is up for a refurb, so it was expected.

  6. This was always going to happen, given the mess governments have created over the last two years. I guess we should be thankful Arsenal are still standing, given how many businesses have gone under because of bureaucratic incompetence!

    And some of the money will go into stadium repairs, and updates which is great.

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