Are Arteta and Ceballos building up a long term relationship?

Dani Ceballos has stated on that Arteta has made him a better player. Any manager that picks a player consistently, would surely make them a better player. But could this admission by Ceballos himself lead to him signing permanently for us at the end of the season rather than him going back to Madrid?

He mentions that with Arteta they “started to build a good coach/player bond and things went well for me personally. I think he’s made me a much better player in the last six months.” For any player to play well and then say that it is down to the manager can only be a good thing. Especially when it comes to body language and wanting to perform well for the team week in week out.

As fans, this season just ended we have seen Dani blossom and become more and more consistent, especially towards the latter part of the campaign. He scored the winning goal against Sheffield United to get us into the Semi-finals of the FA Cup and he was part of the team that demolished both Manchester City and Chelsea in the Semis and the Final to help Arsenal claim their 14th FA Cup and first trophy under Arteta.

There is no denying that having Dani in the team alongside Xhaka and the boys does add something that we have been lacking, but as I have mentioned in a previous article, knowing we will be losing him at the end of the season fills me with sadness as us Arsenal fans can only be temporarily happy, to the point that we can’t get too used to him being in our team.

If Arteta does well over the next few seasons, or however long the club have given him to succeed, then surely he will want to manage players that he has a good bond with, Ceballos included.

Gooners could Arteta tempt Ceballos to sign permanently?

Shenel Osman


  1. I feel strongly that Ceballos will only sign permanently for us if Real Madrid don’t want him. While I am glad he is back with us for another season, I don’t think his heart is at Arsenal. It may change in the future as you are suggesting but it’s highly unlikely. And the better Mikel makes him the higher chance of him not signing permanently.

  2. Provided Danny Ceballos gives his all for Arsenal and the badge while he is at the Emirates, he has my full support. There shouldn’t be any problem, because his future career depends on his performances.
    Whether he stays or goes at the end of his loan will depend on him, Real Madrid and Arsenal.

      1. The resigning of Ceballos by Arsenal suggests that Partey is not coming this season. He (Ceballos will be trusted with the task again in a pair with Xhaka).

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