Are Barcelona closing in on Arsenal star?

The talk surrounding Hector Bellerin’s Arsenal future is growing ever more consistent in the media, with rumours speculating that Barcelona are stepping up their interest in the player.

Bellerin has previously stated how he is more than happy at Arsenal, quoting that he remains loyal to the Gunners for their devotion to beginning of his professional career. He owes a lot to Arsene Wenger and states that North London is his home now, despite strong desires to previously play for Barcelona.

On the potential interest from Barcelona, Bellerin said: ‘Any player would be flattered by interest from Barca. It’s the best club in the world and that is very nice. The fact that I grew up in the Barca academy also makes this a bit more special, although for now I’m focused on these games and on the season, and the rest will come later.’

Bellerin of course made his way through the ranks at Barcelona before making the move to London and ever since he broke into the Arsenal line up, his former side have reportedly been monitoring his progress. The Spanish side have reportedly held talks with Arsenal in the past about Bellerin, but so far the Gunners have shown no interest in making a deal. A report today however does suggest that Arsenal would consider an offer for Bellerin, if the player does intend to leave in the summer.

Arsenal have supposedly set the figure at around £42 million, a ridiculous fee for a defender, even in this current pricy transfer market. Bellerin is a very promising defender and is of course still very young. £42 million would be a valuable investment for any club, but what strikes me is the fact that such a price tag suggests Arsenal’s intentions to price the player out of the market, rather than actually look to move the player on.

Bellerin signed a new contract earlier in the campaign and it was rumoured to be a long term deal of around 5 years. His wage has consistently risen with the level of performance and so Arsenal have nothing to worry about when it comes to finances. The Gunners however will have to remain strong to hold off Barca’s interest, but I do remain certain that Bellerin has intentions to stay at the Emirates.



  1. Arsenal007 says:

    …but I do remain certain that Bellerin has intentions to stay at the Emirates.

    So did I, when I saw Henry, Fabregas, Nasri, RvP, Hleb, Adebayor, A. Cole (just to mention a few) kiss the Arsenal badge and point to the fans during games.

  2. davidnz says:

    Who is our back up at RB?
    Sell Jenko and Debuchy
    and buy a decent back up
    and competition for Bellerin.

  3. G-Rude says:

    I’m not so confident he will stay. That quote above is the first time I have heard Bellerin sound like he would be open to a move. I reckon if Wenger goes then Hector will also be moved on to aid the new managers war chest.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      We all knew it anyway, “when and not if”. I think he’ll be still with us next season, but sometime throughout the next two seasons is when I’d expect to see him leave. Pity really, as the more he improves he’ll be one heck of a fullback. I think he needs to learn better how to make space for a shot or come cross. Also his reading when trying to play someone off-side, and aerially needs improving. A few more things also need ironing maybe, but I wouldn’t be as hard on him as some others who seem to think he should be as deadly as a winger, and as solid as a CB, he has a good mix and stands up to most in his position at such a tender age.

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    It’s just AFC being useless again by overpricing him thinking that will scare Barca off. If they want him they will get him! It’s his home club and where his heart is.

    They don’t pussy around like our lot and what would you want to do: play for a champions league winning side with the worlds best players in your home country or struggle to make top four every year with a group of mostly average players in another country?

    Decision seems a little easier doesn’t it now!?

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    Arsenal Football Club
    1886 NOT 1986

    This is ‘one’ of the banners you will see inside of the City
    Ground today. Arsenal Badge, with white and red type on a black background.

    Hopefully the numbers will be sufficient to make a visual impact!

  6. dutchy says:

    For such a young and talented player with this contract a 42 million asking price just makes me laugh. If Arsenal were serious about keeping him they should say he isn’t for sale or ask 60 million.
    If this asking price is real I’m sure he will be sold this for 35..

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