Are Bayern doing Arsenal a favour with Alexis transfer chase?

Let’s face it Arsenal fans, we may well be losing our star player Alexis Sanchez during the transfer window this summer. If the Chile international star wants to leave there is not much Arsene Wenger and the board can do, so if Alexis is going to go we may as well get the best deal possible for Arsenal Football Club.

For me that is clearly not a transfer to one of our big rivals in the English Premier League and up until now the Arsenal transfer rumours in the press have Pep Guardiola and Man City as big favourites to land our forward. Until the last few days that is, because the German giants and regular Bundesliga title winners Bayern Munich are putting up a strong fight.

According to a report in The Mirror Bayern are ready to lure Sanchez to Munich with a massive weekly wage and so I think they may be doing Arsenal a big favour in giving Wenger a chance to sell the striker to a club we are not going to face, due to Arsenal being in the Europa League next season instead of the usual Champions League campaign, which has been ended quite a few times by the Bayern team.

With reports claiming that Sanchez is happy to rejoin his former Barcelona boss at the Etihad, have Bayern just come to the rescue for Arsenal?



  1. If Sanchez goes , we might have to buy messi keep the fans happy .
    I know that the Board Is stupid , but selling him to city would be a new low . Especially after your manager says we won’t sell him.
    It’s going to be a long transfer window .

  2. Arsenal going to sell Sanchez and buy one or two stars
    Man City, Man united keep all their stars and buy four or five stars
    Any chance for us to challenge the title next season ?
    I do not think so ! We have failed since the season has not started yet
    One more reason for failures is that we have so many stupid Arsenal fans . Do the same as in previous years but dream better result. Crazy !
    Do not buy tickets unless the board and wenger show ambition challenge the title next season
    If not , do not cry for the next season’s failure any more but you should see adoctor !!!

    1. Why not ask city to give us aguero in return since jesus is pretty much the first choice striker
      Will be the best outcome for us

      1. that wouldn’t work. Given Arsenals’ track record, Aguero would be reluctant to join us in so far as coming from an award wining City team to one that clearly struggles to make even the top four. He knows he’d have many more worthwhile suitors trying to secure his signature.

        If he was forced to come to us then it would be purely about sour grapes, if it were the case that City forced him out. He would still come to us reluctantly in a hope of sticking it to City, find that he couldn’t do that under the current Arsenal set up and then leave knowing ‘his’ reputation will be untarnished !

  3. What a ridiculous article – “If the Chile international star wants to leave there is not much Arsene Wenger and the board can do”.

    – Erm, the last I checked he was under contract. How about we don’t do a Robin the Rapist and sell to one of our rivals and keep our best player who is legally bound to our club. Yes he’ll go for free at the end of his tenure but if Arsene Wa*ker is actually serious about winning the Prem before he finally f**ks off out of our club then he should get serious about retaining our best players.

    Say “not for sale”. Buy Mbappe and keep going until we have a world class squad. So sick of this “we can’t compete in the transfer market with the likes of…”. We are Arsenal. We have the highest ticket prices in World football. We have hundreds of millions in sponsorship deals. What are they doing with all the money. Spend it Wenger you tight c**t!

    God it makes me furious. Rant over. Sorry.

    1. I agree with most of your suggestions . It’s still early in the market , most of the clubs in Europe have signed no one.

      I think we are all going to have a clear idea next week after the international break. It’s the 11th of June , let’s relax n see how it goes .

    2. That is what happens at well run clubs. At Arsenal Wenger had already said he can leave if a replacement is found. There is no way Wenger is going to pay what it takes to replace him like for like so to me that just translates simply as that he is leaving

  4. It is not a realistic scenario, despite what Wenger promised us, to keep a player like Sanchez if he doesn’t want to be with us. It would put another cloud over our entire season. His every effort would be analyzed as not the same as when he was happy. He might be so moody that he has to train with the reserves and he might poison the atmosphere in the locker room.

    It is not a matter of right and wrong its football. If a player want to go there is little you can do unless you can afford to have him rot at home for a season and lose the 60 million a sale would have gotten you.

    I would sell Sanchez to City if they are the highest bidder but insist on getting Aguero in exchange and then I would by James R.

    Having James R and Aguero up front improves us over last season.

      1. For me, who ever we sell him to will likely be a giant club. This means they will have great players so we should use Sanchez to get a great player in return, preferably a striker.

        Not sure Bayern would part with Lewandowski but I would take him. But I would also take Aguero or even Costa from Chelsea.

        Getting cash would do little for us if we don’t invest it in a player of world class. Sanchez to me is world class and very versatile.

        The best thing to do would be to give Sanchez the 300 per week he might want and a top signing to show him we are serious. The thing is I fear Sanchez has made up his mind. The time to sign Sanchez was early last season after we beat Chelsea. It would have been a hell of lot less expensive to pay him what he wanted than to sell him and buy a new top player who will likely also ask for a massive salary.

  5. But seriously why is it that we are the only club who looses its best players once and again especially a time wen we need them most?!

    1. I believe it’s because they don’t want to play for a cheap loser like Arsene

    2. we are not the only club who loses its best players. Everton will lose Lukaku and I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose others. Look how many of their best players Southampton lost over the last few seasons. Liverpool lost Suarez. If you don’t compete for the title you lose your status as “big club” in the eyes of the players who want to lift major trophies.

  6. The transfer window does not open until 1st July.
    Let’s all calm down s bit.
    Peace and Love.

      1. More like, no big club is interested in Ozil. It seems that ‘Going missing’ in big games has become a special trait of his.

  7. If we allow sanchez to leave our next season is as well f**k** because there I no player we can get now that can adapt immediately at the club.

    Sanchez should staym

  8. Everyone mentioning swapping sanchez must remember the other player has to want to come to us too, they’d be moving from Bayern (CL contenders) to a team which would be trading their best player I cannot see many opting for it at the moment, especially Sanchez or Costa

    1. Sanchez accepted his time at Barca was over when they signed Suarez and was open to joining us as a result. Had Barca not signed Suarez there is no way Sanchez would have been happy to join us.

      Similarly, Aguero knows his time at City is up. Jesus is preferred and if Sanchez joins, surely Aguero is in a similar position Sanchez was in at Barca.

      Why would Aguero not consider Arsenal? London life is not bad and I doubt Barca or Real want Aguero.

      1. Then why are arsenal not showing sanchez and fellow team mates ambition by putting a concrete 50million bid in for him? This is the main problem in my eyes why must we be the club to lose a star to gain one?

  9. i think that arsenal can only do business with teams such as Stoke, swansee, fulham, bolton, bournemouth, crystal palace, burnley cause these teams are not our main rivals for the top four not alone the league. if sanchez goes to one of our rivals it will break our heart even more because is by far our best player. to let him go even for bayern will still hurt us.

  10. I don’t understand some guys, there are complaining that Sanchez wants to leave us at the same time they want clubs to come after Ozil. if there are not clubs hot after him it’s good for us because we true arsenal fans still want him. and don’t forget that the transfer window is not yet opened any think can happen but what we arsenal fans don’t want it lose our best players!

  11. I feel he is stalking! And wants to join Chelsea. Like it or not that’s whats going to happen specifically now that Chelsea lost Hazard to injury

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