Are Chelsea set to hijack yet another Arsenal target?

As Arsenal work on a move to convince West Ham to sell them Declan Rice, they could lose out on Romeo Lavia’s deal, as per the Daily Express.

Arsenal are keen to revamp their midfield. Xhaka and Partey are tipped to leave, and in their place, Rice and Lavia are to be introduced. But Arsenal’s pursuit of Lavia has been “quiet.” For Rice, his swoop has been extensively reported.

At the moment, all signs point to the West Ham midfielder joining Arsenal. The Gunners have had their two hefty bids for him rejected; the second bid was about £90 million, but they are expected to return for him.

With Havertz’s deal sealed, all Arsenal will focus on now is sealing Rice’s signature. While they put all their concentration into pulling off the headline swoop for the West Ham midfield engine, Chelsea may go behind their backs and beat them to Lavia’s deal.

After allowing Jorginho (back in January), Mateo Kovacic, Ngolo Kante, and probably soon Mason Mount to leave, Chelsea needs to add some fresh blood to their midfield, and Lavia could be that target.

Unlike other transfer links to Rice, Havertz, and Timber, for whom Arsenal has been dubbed favourites, Lavia has not. Arsenal ought to be wise to pay the fee the Saints want for their prodigy because Chelsea may repeat a Mudryk trick on the midfielder. Also, recently,, the Blues hired Joe Shields, who shares a strong relationship with the player as he signed the Belgian at Southampton.

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  1. It’s all over the place that City is bidding for Rice today alongside another bid from ourselves. We shouldn’t mess around if we’re serious about getting one of the top English internationals, chances like that don’t come up too often such is the demand and the competition for them. We give teams ample time to hijack and then they work off of our hymn sheet

    1. Somebody told me that was Sh!tty was interested last week but I was hoping we would have got this done and dusted before they start getting involved.

      All we can do is match what they offer and hope Rice REALLY WANTS TO STAY IN LONDON and believes in our project.

      To be honest though, if Sh!tty come calling, you don’t usually see them turned down. Wouldn’t surprise me they bid lower than we already have and still get West Ham to agree.🙄

      I really hope the typical ‘fannying’ around with our low ball bids doesn’t derail this transfer as I for one will be gutted.

      1. Agreed. Liverpool doesn’t need to pay high transfer fee for players for past few years as good players want to go there. Barcelona also doesn’t need to play high transfer fee.

        Arsenal may also not attract young soccer fans. Most fans are old.

        1. Kenny, That you are claiming fans , meaning our fans, are mostly old, Is PLAINLY RIDICULOUSLY WRONG.
          You clearly have no idea at all how many millions of very young fans we have globally and in countries such as Nigeria, where a huge percentage of younger folk support us.

          And in many, many other countries too.

          We DO, thankfully , also have many older fans but fans across the world, of almost ALL clubs are , predominantly, YOUNG. As also are MOST people too, whether or not mere fans.

          Think again, as your post was laughably and demonstrably wrong!

        2. Pat, To judge from his use of text speak and inability to express himself properly, he is plainly either a millenium child or more probably, younger still.

          Very few kids today can write well at all, as this site shows us daily and many cannot read properly either.
          High tech has done THEM no favours..

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