Are Edu and Arteta in Los Angeles to ask Josh Kroenke for more transfer funds?

The Arsenal squad are on their way to Dubai to play in the Dubai Super Cup against Lyon and AC Miland, with the first game just three days away, so it was quite a surprise to see that both Mikel Arteta and Edu were snapped in Los Angeles last night preparing to watch the LA Rams with Josh Kroenke.

Of course, with Mikel Arteta already mentioning a while back that his Arsenal squad was still “very thin” to compete on all fronts, and the latest injury news regarding Gabriel Jesus, it would be no surprise if Arsenal were to be very active in the January transfer window with the super congested fixture list coming up, starting on Boxing Day.

All of us Arsenal know that top-level reinforcements are needed if we want to stay at the top of the League, and players like Mudryk et all will not come cheap, so I am sure that Edu and Arteta will make it clear to Josh Kroenke that, withour added investment, we are unlikely to sustain our challenge.

I am also pretty certain that Josh is also keen for Arsenal to stay at the top, so I’m confident that Kroenke will make sure Arteta gets whoever he wants.

Do you agree?


  1. I think so, unless the coaches saw a huge potential in one of our U-20 CFs. I bet the Kroenkes have learned from our bad transfer decision in the last January

    1. I really hope we sign players in the required departments,
      As for the CF role, I would prefer a tall and versatile player, one like Alvarez, kudus will never come cheap, Mudryk looks versatile but can’t play RW,perhaps Martinel can switch to RW,
      I just pray we do the January business early.

      1. The skilled aerially-dominant CFs like Vlahovic won’t be available in January

        Martinelli is great on the left wing, Nelson also showed some flashes of brilliance and we’ve got other attackers who can play well there, so we shouldn’t sign another LW like Mudryk

        We could approach Asensio or Moukoko to come as our new CF, since their contract will expire next year. They can play CF and RW

        1. Am not sure why you think we wont be able to pries Vlohovic from the old lady given thier present predicament.
          They are a few center forward right under our nose that could prove pretty useful such as Milosevic and Ivan Toney, the former could prove perfect for us at this particular time.

          In my opinion Asensio maybe a little rusty to hit the road running

          1. Because Xhaka made two provoking celebrations against the Serbians in the last two World Cups and Vlahovic still has a long-term contract at Juventus

            Savo Milosevic? If you meant Mitrovic, he’d likely clash with Xhaka, due to Xhaka’s behaviour against Serbia. Toney could be good for us, but his contract will only expire in 2025

            Asensio has shown his abilities to play CF under Enrique’s system. If he flops as a CF at Arsenal, he could still compete with our RWs and right mezzalas

            1. So your assumption is base on Xhaka antics in which you may well have a point, especially how it dosen’t take much to whine up Mitrovic

              Just don’t like Asensio too much of a gamble, there is a very lively right winger that plays for the Saudis Ayha Saleem.
              It would be interesting see the price tag the Bee put on Toney, but it worth testing thier resolve

                1. Not sure I have his first name correctly, but he consistently harrassed Martinez and the left side of Argentina team.

                  He reminds me of our Kanu same built and very technical

              1. Ivan Tony makes sense if he can come. Arsenal have not had a towering forward since Giroud’s departure. At the end I guess Arteta has his ownbtyoe of players aside all we mentioned.

          2. @Gunsmoke – my assumption is that we don’t want players who prefer to be at other clubs and Vlahovic made a choice to go to Juventus over Arsenal last summer.

            He’s not the right stuff for this club/squad.

            1. Wanting to join can be one factor, but I see things slightly different, it is the gaffer and Edu responsibility to convince a player to join.

              Years ago I can understand a player choosing Barcelona over Arsenal, today Arsenal has one of the most exciting projects in Europe, even the harshest critics will admit something special is building there.

              1. Edu/MA seem to have taken the view (rightly imho) that you don’t convince a player to join, you listen to them and their family and decide if they have the right character.

                You can’t change someone’s innate nature – certainly not by the time they’re adult – you can only assess their character and decide if it works for your project.

                There have been reports of Edu going to see players and their families, hearing them asking about the money and perks… and Edu walks away and doesn’t sign that player. That’s why I don’t think Vlahovic is right for Arsenal – and why I suspect Edu thinks the same way.

  2. Maybe both Arteta amf Edu have identified the new players who they’ll want Arsenal to sign as quickly as possible immediately the next January transfer window is opened.
    One of the new players reinforcements that they want Arsenal to do next Jan transfer window, and want Stan Kroenke to approve it, could be that Arsenal should sign a new top quality centreforward next Jan. But if Gabriel Jesus will remain on the sidelines with his knee injury for up to the 3 months that the media has reported he could.
    And if the media report is true, Arteta may not want to take the risk of leaving Nkethia as the only top quality recognized CF in the team who will be manning the striker’s position after the Arsenal boxing day Epl march at home against West Ham
    and again, Arteta and Edu may want the Kroenke to know that they will want Arsenal to seriously revisit the issue of the club’s failed attempts last winter window to sign a new top grade holding midfielder and a RW to possibly sign the duo players in next Jan window. So that Arsenal will have it’s first team squad bolstered properly well to enhance the team current leadership of the EPl. And sustain their charge of sitting on the Epl table to season’s end without jeopardizing it to fail.
    And besides, the Aesenal first team this season that is campaigning in 3 competitions. And which needs to be addressed in the next Jan transfer window by increasing the numbers of the top quality players in the team. So that the team will be stronger in top quality players sufficiently to cope in all 3 fronts successfully as the team continues to campaign to win the treble this season.
    So therefore, for Arsenal to realized these three ambitions which they have in front of them. The club will need extra funds to be made available by Stan Kroenke to the club’s next Jan transfer window kitty. So that the club can do all the 3 major signings which are looking they will to need to do next January window.
    Hence, I think Arteta and Edu visits to the Kroenke to iron out things face to face before the League resumes playing.
    Nevertheless, i think the 2 Arsenal Chieftains will be back from the US in time before the Dubai friendly Cup matches take off. In which the Arsenal mostly 2nd string team is participating. And of course Arteta will take charge of the Gunners team selections for the 2 games which Arsenal will play.
    All these sayings by me are all based on my assumptions. For, I don’t have any facts to show that I am sure of all that I’ve said. .

  3. Hopefully the correct decisions are made this January, because last January was mismanaged in my opinion.

    Transferring all those players without adding any for cover harmed our chances to finish in the top 4. We lacked to depth and quality to sustain our table position and lost out in the end.

    Maybe lessons learned this January, and we address the need for quality depth. Danilo should be achievable at least without breaking the bank. Whether KSE will shell out the funds to address another winger and striker we have to wait and see.

    IMHO not adding quality this January would be a huge mistake considering our position and slim lead over City. Not only to continue our title run, but also to help ensure we finish inside the top 4.

    Man Utd. will strengthen, I’m sure Newcastle as well, and I would not count out Chelsea, spuds, and liverpool from doing the same.

    1. The CF hole really turned out to hurt last year. Maybe there wasn’t anybody good enough truly available though?

      There were lots of rumours but maybe there wasn’t a real option for us. Remember, we weren’t in Europe and had been struggling for a few years – the trajectory was down and that may well have influenced some of the potential targets.

      The start we have had will make us more interesting to potential transfers. The addition of the City boys said a lot as well, makes us more appealing as a destination.

      With Jesus being injured now, I think that we really need the striker. Maybe it turns out not to be too serious, but I don’t think we could go a couple of months without Jesus or somebody else (and I do worry about Jesus’s lack of goals – yes we are getting them elsewhere and he really works hard but…). Maybe Eddie can do the job but I am not sure and I don’t like moving strong wingers to the middle.

      It would be great to see us get cover in DM to spell off Partey and/or Granit. Partey has been fit so far, but his injury record is a concern and the schedule is going to be crazy. We don’t have the quality of cover to be able to go several weeks if somebody is banged up (or suspended) at DM. We can cover a game or two but not several.

      People are really keen on a winger, and I get it, but I think that we can cover off that spot reasonably well with the various pieces that we have.

      I would vote DM then striker then winger, of course I don’t get to vote :-).

    2. My opnion is different.

      Last season was a rebuilding year and despite the wails claiming that we lost our nerve, I believe we over-achieved.

      The talk in Jan was of managing the remaining 17 games with a smaller squad (continuing the needed clear-out) and achieving European football. That we managed to do.

      It’s only because we came close to top 4 that people moaned about the result.

      The Aubameyang situation was only resolved with seconds left in the window (from watcihing the Amazon docuseries). There was no real option/time to replace him.

      1. IDKWIC, the more I read your regular posts, the more I admire your clear sighted and obvious intelligence. So much absolute nonsense was posted by so many on JA last season and, needless to add, I agree wholeheartedly with what you say!
        That being said, we plainly do need at LEAST one top striker and we did prior to Jesus being injured too. But unlike some, I realise that Rome was not built in a day and I am thrilled that we have two men in charge of team affairs, MA and Edu, that IMO it would be hard to outdo in sheer class and ability.

  4. This is a very interesting meeting between Edu, Josh and the gaffer in the big apple.

    The timing of this link up make it even more intriguing, giving the team on it’s way to the far east with a match slated to take place in a couple days time all this in the middle of a world cup with scouts and coaches relentlessly zeroing in on thier targets.

    Arsenal needs and priorities are well documented, school children in England knows we need a midfielder, winger and recent events makes the need to acquire a center forward becomes paramount.
    It is with all these things taking into consideration why the watching of the Rams or Ewes don’t make much sense,
    A meeting to aggressively approach the winter window market, seems more like it In my opinion

  5. I don’t have high expectations come January, cos clubs hardly sell mid season. Except if we are buying outside europe top 5 leagues.

    If that be the case let’s look at Genk, they have a giant of a striker who bangs in goals for fun, Paul…

    Our business in January will be disappointing… only joy Is the return of smith

  6. The other reason could be that they’re selling the club.

    I didn’t expect them to announce that now, but when I look at the timing (top by 5 points for 2-3 weeks more)… maybe.

    Maybe they’ve had an enquiry from a country run by wonderful human beings such as N. Korea or even Russia. Wouldn’t that make supporting Arsenal such fun. 🙁

      1. Also possible lol. Or they could just be playing golf. 🙂

        In these days of Zoom, Teams and other online meeting software, the only reason for face to face is either social, or because you need to brainstorm with a fairly large number of people (which is also do-able online with the right software) or… you want to discuss something very sensitive and you need to make sure no-one is recording in the background.

          1. Maybe, you may well be right, but as I say… why not do that over some form of encrypted meeting tool instead of a trans-atlantic journey at a time when Arteta is supposed to be preparing the side for games in Dubai?

            1. Lots of possibilities I agree, but to my mind the only likely one is that a plea for more and more REAL money is behind that trip. When you are pleading for money, then face to face is surely by far the most LIKELY way to get what you want.

              What OTHER scenario makes any sense at all, I have to ask myself? And I am bound to reply, “none at all!”

              1. Well, we’re all just playing a game of “What if…” but my thinking is that I’d be surprised if Edu/MA need to plead for money.

                If the FRS regs allow it, I’d expect the Kroenkes to be falling over themselves to provide it in view of the opportunity they have to win the PL (and from a business viewpoint, to promote their product).

                And if it’s just about that, why don’t they meet where Arteta is, in view of the Dubai prep thing?

                It feels like something else is afoot – but as I say, we’re all just scratching around for clues and having fun trying to see which theories fit 🙂

  7. Everyone knows January is a difficult transfer window to get quality players in but it’s vital we bring in minimum 3 players a forward, winger and a holding midfielder had jesus not got injured would have said just the latter required failure to do so could cost us big time yes we have a big points difference from those outside top 4 but loss of form and more injuries teams below could quickly close the gap and find ourselves struggling to stay in top 4!

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