Are fans being priced out of buying Arsenal shirts?

When we look around the Emirates on a match day, there’s the habitual sea of Arsenal fans wearing the famous red and white of their favourite team, but how many of them are actually wearing the latest official shirts sold by the club? It’s an interesting question and one that’s difficult to calculate with any certainty, although there have been some good estimations of late.

According to data published by during the 2017-18 season, regarding worldwide replica shirt sales for the most popular clubs in European football, Arsenal fans were amongst the most devoted when it comes to wearing the colours of their team. Ranking fifth in the calculations, the Gunners reportedly sold 22.1 replica shirts per 1,000 fans last season.

Likewise, the latest study by appears to show that Arsenal fans remain amongst the most loyal, when it comes to buying the new 2018-19 shirts. Within the sample group of fans supporting the traditional top six teams in the Premier League, fans of the Gunners rated highest amongst those who suggested they would buy this season’s official shirts.

However, the price of football shirts does remain a decisive element for many fans, whether or not they will buy the latest offering from their clubs. That said, in the same survey, only 20% of Arsenal fans polled considered current prices a decisive factor, as to whether or not they would buy any of the 2018-19 season shirts.

Such numbers may perhaps be buoyed by a plain shirt for this season costing £55 at Arsenal’s official online store, which is amongst the lowest prices for official replica shirts in the Premier League. Nevertheless, £100 for the ‘Authentic’ shirt option might be a step too far for many fans, while adding the name and number of your favourite player brings an additional £20 cost for both shirt options.

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Are shirts and the additional options too expensive, or fairly priced? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Updated: September 6, 2018 — 4:49 pm


  1. If you only buy one each season, I don’t think it works out too bad. I don’t bother with the premier league badges, but sometimes have a name on the back.
    My son usually picks a top when we’re in the armoury… can work out quite pricey with everything on it, but my son’s worth every penny, as are our team 😉

    1. Well said Sue

  2. It’s so simple that we do not like this shirt from Puma 🙁

    1. Looking forward to Adidas next season with RED socks for the first kit and YELLOW and BLUE as the change strip.
      I know it’s all about selling shirts but I would not mind betting they would sell more in total if we had TWO kits instead of THREE

      1. Adidas did the best tops, although Nike ones wasn’t bad either, Puma are urghhhhh… So ugly!
        Why do we have a wonder woman W on our third kit? I read an article having a lil lol about that a while ago and once I seen it… I can’t un-see it lol.

        1. I’m looking forward to the iconic squashed banana away shirt being re-issued.

        2. Wasn’t that W something to do with Herbert Chapman? A tribute to him I think & there’s an M on the green top?

  3. I used to get a shirt every year up till about 8ish seasons ago, I didn’t like what was happening and I thought the best protest I can make is to close my wallet, so I did.

    The price was never an issue.

    I also found that I take better care of my Arsenal tops so they last a LOT longer than normal tshirts, I have Arsenal tops from over 15 years ago which I had to stop wearing when I bulked up, NEVER going to get rid of them though. Some of them was ‘fashionably’ hanging off me so still fit today XD lol! I do not have any tshirt more than a few years old at most other than Arsenal tops. They’re special, I treat them better and they last because of it.

    I also find a level of satisfaction at lining my tops up and just looking at them from time to time, it is the child in me 😉

  4. £100 is too much for an Arsenal shirt. Anything around £50 is cool

  5. Of course there is a sea of Arsenal shirts in the stadium but most are retro, JVC, Dreamcast, etc. Not because of the cost but because the newer designs are basically crap compared to the older ones. Also most have Bergkamp or Wright or Pires on the back.

      1. I think I could have guessed that😳

      2. Sue, why doesn’t that surprise me?😊😊

  6. The last Nike tracksuit top was the nicest football top I’ve seen in a long time from our club. Liv had one similar to it but it wasn’t Nike. I usually don’t like Adidas stuff but I have seen them make some nice things, the old W Germany tracksuit top I used to own way way back was really nice and I remember allot of people asking me where did I buy it.

  7. “Fairly priced”

    PFFFFFFFFF Bwaaaaa ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!!!! These shirts are produced for £1-2 apiece. They are a massive ripoff.

    1. That’s why my son bought me a low cost quality “knock off” on a visit to Bangkok.

  8. As a 53 year old i haven’t bought a top for decades, as I think fully grown men look a bit ridiculous in them.

    As for the price, of course they’re a rip off, £55 for a nylon top is way too expensive, and as for the authentic tops at £100 just wow, plus, how many people have the physique to carry them off, not many I’d wager.

    It’s the people with 2 or three kids I feel sorry for, £45 for a junior top is silly money.

  9. Stubill, aren’t the Arsenal players “full grown men”?
    Looks look you at 53 and I at 66 have to hit the exercise bike and weight bench. I am setting mine up in the garage as we speak!😊😊

  10. Daily Poll - Are Arsenal an elite club?

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