Debate: Are Arsenal now the real deal?

Arsenal may have been generally expected to win their Premier League game at Watford on Saturday, even though the Gunners were playing away from home, and with some concern about the match fitness of star man Alexis Sanchez after his late return from international duty with Chile.

After Man City, Man United and Chelsea all won before we kicked off and with the weight of expectation pressing on Arsenal shoulders, the game against a resilient Watford was a potential banana skin and Sky Sports pundit and former Gunner Thierry Henry seemed more relieved than anything at the final whistle. He saw it as another test passed by the team and more encouragement that this really could be our year.

Henry said, “They are in the mix for me.

“Today was a massive response knowing everybody had won. Everybody was waiting to see if they were going to back up the win against United. Can they do it and maintain it for more than 15, maybe 20 games? That’s what we want to see.

“They have to play like that all the time and win games like that sometimes, where for an hour they struggle and then come out on top.

“Everybody can dream. If you love Arsenal I think they can win the title this season.”

After the way we took Manchester United apart in the previous EPL game though, the question was could Arsenal get right back to business and it was a serious question. A few years ago it was our failure to adapt and cope with the games against big rivals that seemed to be the Achilles heel but that has generally been put right by Arsene Wenger’s tactical change and the players’ implementation of plan B.

No sooner was one problem seen to, however, then another popped up. The next criticism leveled at Arsenal was the perceived failure to handle pressure and expectation, such as the first leg of the Champions League knockout phase against Monaco last season and the opening day of this one against West Ham.

So I agree with Henry that yesterday´s performance and result was a big one for us. Do you think that Arsenal are now the real deal?

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  1. The ingredients are there and the belief also, so I believe our time is now.
    Win against bayern and we up there in europe. #COYG

  2. Clearly, Ozil-Sanchez world class partnership and the backup of Cech are giving us an edge. we are looking good and ready to face any opponent. against Watford however, we did not score at will until we broke through. the question we need to ask. would we have won at Watford had we been missing Ozil, Sanchez and Maybe Konsienly? MAn City won big without Aguero, Silva nad Kompany…

  3. We will be up there when the season ends… we just need to fight..bcos first half of Watford game, we were just complacent for no reason…then 2nd half we stepped into gear…but other teams might punish us b4 then.

    Let’s start games strongly n we have a chance….

    1. Umm no we were far from complacent… I swear, people have their go-to adjectives whenever we don’t score a goal for a period of a game.
      They came at us with everything they had and pressed like they were possessed. Kind of the reason they were spent by the 60th minute and our players still had plenty left in them. It was a good hard fought 3pts at a hard place to travel to

  4. Focus when you have to focus and relax when you have to relax.
    Said former french defender Lilian Thuram in a documensry filmed during the WC when asked how did the team dealt with it.

  5. Listen Baby Please

    We are number 2 in the Pl and we could become number 1 if we beat Everton

    That’s all I care about

  6. Yes Arsenal are the real deal this season. But the form of mancity is a worry. They have put 5 without Augero and Silva, their two best player. We must be be very very consistent to win the league and also hope City drops points. This weekend match is very very important. these are the type of matches where we expect the strong city to drop points, if they dont, then it will be a big worry. On top of that we have to beat Everton which would not be easy.
    I Wenger rests Sanchez and Ozil for the clash against Bayern, i would not be disappointed.
    Going out of Europe this year would not be bad

  7. I could get used to this:
    > Leicester hadn’t lost till they played us
    > Watford/Man Utd hadn’t conceded more than 2 till they played us

  8. Beleive me if arsenal have a world class striker benzema,cavani,ibra,lewandwoski type arsenal will win the league and will be ready to compete in champions League
    I want you to imagine king henry leading our current line up
    …..king henryyy……
    This is the real deal

  9. I think going all the way back to our magnificent run last season we have looked top draw. Maybe it was a case of Ozil finally settling in combined with the fact Alexis did not need time doing so. Our away form has been up their with the best of them for a long time now, going all the way back to 2013-14 season. Emirates needs to become a fortress and keep doing what we have been doing on the road ..Arsenal are back and are in it to win it.

  10. Cazorla, Ozil & Sanchez is a serious amount of creative talent. There is no doubt that quality wise the team has improved even if there were no additions other than cech.


  11. I think we need to look at the season as a wholesome far. We were robbed against Chelsea and I believe we could have grabbed three points there if it wasn’t for the shocker of a ref. I think the games we have lost in the BPL were more due to bad luck than anything else and this is why I believe we are the most consistent team this season next to City. Still a long way to go but I truly believe Wenger has found a good balance. Our defense has become even better with the additions of Cech and Gabriel and Bellerin and Monreal are playing every game like it is their last. I don’t care what anyone says, Ozil has been instrumental from the day he joined – top assists in his first season is proof. Walcott is scoring goals for flu and country and becoming more accustomed to that CF role. What can be said about Sanchez, the guy is a game changer. Let’s not forget Ramsey, Cazorla who also have been putting in decent shifts and creating some epic chances. Coquelin does his job quietly and efficiently in the background he has been the missing link we have been lacking.

    Essentially all of our players are on form and if they an keep it up the double is ours for sure.

  12. To be honest I could prefer us to be out of the Champions League and Europa League to concentrate on PL. It’s simple, Champions League as such it is now is designed to favour the non EPL Teams. Look into Bundesliga where they Play one Cup torunament and only 18 Team league with a winter break. They easily Play 6 to 8 games lesser than the EPL Teams. Also the leagues in Spain and Germany are more one sided apart from odd Teams here and there you know who is going to win the league. Players like Messi, Ronaldo, Robben, Ribbery and Lewendoski can Play most of there games under less pressure and less than 75% of their potential while Players like Ronney, Sanchez and others have to Play 100% no matter which Team they are playing against. Refree’s are also very soft in other leagues an Yellow Card offence in EPL is an red Card offence in La liga. Apart from the restrictions from UEFA we also have restriction from FA which actually reduces the high qualtity backups an EPL team can have to fight for 4 cups and more ga season.

    Best example is Ronaldo while he was scoring 30+ a season in EPL he is now scoring 60+ in La liga. Ozil on the other hand has dropped a notch from what we know he is. Also look at the last 3 Champions Leagues winners from EPL 2 of them finished 5th in the league that same year. How can a European Champion be 5th placed if not a winner in the league? what does this says about the Champions League as such?

    For me it is better for us to stop worrying about Champions League. I could be happy if we give a good show against Bayern but other way won’t be an end of the world for me. usually Our EPL season kicks off only after our exit from Champions League. So lets start it early this season.

  13. BabyPlease, let me assure you that, Arsenal are going to sit on top of the Barclays Premier League at the close of business of this weekend Premier League matches.

  14. BabyPlease, let me assure you that, Arsenal are going to sit on top of the Barclays Premier League table at the close of business of this weekend Premier League matches.

  15. For Me Santi is the game changer Ozil and Alexis are beniffiting because of our Little Spaniard. What a Splitting pass to OZIL for the first Goal intelligent Vision. Stat contributes that assist to Ozil but we know better. For me the partnership of Le Coq and Santi makes us tick us a Team. Except for Alexis, Kos and Cech you can rotate any Player in this Team around this central partnership of SAnti and Le Coq and we will win. Ofcourse the margin of the win might differ but not the result.

  16. I think if we can keep complacency and injuries to a minimum we have a great chance to win the League, as there is no doubt we have the talent and players to do so. I’m just concerned that if Ozil or Sanchez get injured will the rest of the team be able to keep putting points on the board???

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