Are Juventus really a bigger club than Arsenal? Emery thinks so…

Emery Never Thought Arsenal Were A Big Club by Dan Smith

Unai Emery’s explanation as to why Ramsey left us for Juventus gives us an insight into how the Spaniard perceived us and ultimately why he failed.

While Arteta was equally a cheap option at least he has certain standards that he expects and demands.

Maybe because he used to be our captain, but he would never refer to Juventus as a bigger club where he can ‘win a great deal’ as Emery did on Tutto Juve.

“Ramsey decided to leave and he joined a big club. Aaron will be very important for Juventus, as he shares their ambition. I complimented him on his choice, because he picked a club where he can win a great deal. It’s an interesting challenge for him.”

No one can argue that the Italian Champions have been more successful than us in the last decade, but your manager shouldn’t be saying that. He should be convincing his players they can be successful, not congratulating one of our best assets for moving to a club who ‘share his ambition.’

Imagine the youngsters hearing that?

How do you convince an Auba or Laca to extend their contracts when the head coach is giving a history lesson on why Juventus are so amazing?

Yet we are meant to believe this was a man who topped a shortlist of 30? That when his values and ethos were heard he became first choice? Mediocrity starts from the top and slides down to the bottom. If Stan Kroenke sets poor standards, you can’t be surprised when that’s evidenced on the pitch.

First, we accepted the criteria of finishing only in the top 4 as enough then found reasons to justify giving our rivals our talent. Then we are being led by someone who clearly never saw us as a big club nor believed he could make us into one.

Arsene Wenger sold Van Persie to Man United but he never patted him on the back and congratulated him, to me that’s a sackable offence to any owner who cared.

We will lose Aubameyang in the summer because the reality is at this moment he can move where he’s more likely to win trophies.

I can say it, your manager should not…

Dan Smith


  1. Historically, Juventus are a bigger club than us. One also has to accept that Arsenal are no longer a top club, and haven’t been for some while.

    We haven’t won, or even challenged for a league title in 16 years. No success in Europe for over a quarter of a century. Our top players keep leaving us, on many occasions joining our rivals, whilst we sign their rejects! Constant humiliations against other top teams both home and abroad. Years of chronic mistakes have left us with our worst squad in well over 30 years.

    Any more proof needed as to why we’re not a top club anymore?

    I do think we’re slowly moving in the right direction, but we’re long way away from becoming a force again.

  2. Why the contention?
    Juve has won more trophies. Including two Champions Leagues.
    Yes, we are bigger commercially but the PL inflates this via the TV deal.

    Real Madrid, Barca, Man United, Bayern, Liverpool, Juve, AC Milan and arguably Inter are bigger than Arsenal in terms of history and success.

  3. As hard as it is for us fans to admit, Juve are a bigger club who continue to win titles with ease and consistently attract bigger players as well.

  4. Hi ThirdManJW
    I wholeheartedly agree.
    I can only add that our expectations of finishing in the top 4 as being like a trophy and the slow decline thereafter could be attributed in part to paying off the debt from the rebuild. It will be interesting to see how Spurs fare

  5. The part about Juventus being bigger club than Arsenal is true and anyone who doesn’t know that is new to this world so why is Emery telling us this now. Is he still bitter we was sacked or annoyed with his on failure. That is the part I’m focusing on. The Dick” needs to keep his my shot and accept his fate. Arsenal is bigger than him.

  6. This man is obviously still suffering from the bitterness of being fired. Now I know that Wenger is a very honourable and a classy man considering how he was treated by us fans but he still respects the club. Seeing Emery make these comments about his former employer who will be stupid to employ him?

  7. Just a rather cruel but deliciously malevalent thought; where would older Gooners like myself who have seen many managers come and go, rank Emery in our list of managers they have seen? I see marked similarities between him and Norwich, to answer my own question! You need to go way back to at least Bruce Rioch to find any other in the lower reaches and even he got us to fifth and a Euro qualification(equivalent ).

    As such, I can take or leave ANY utterance from Emery . I’ll rephrase that; I can LEAVE or LEAVE it!

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