Are Lacazette and Aubameyang missing the Arsenal fans?

Are Auba and Laca missing the fans?

A lot of Arsenal fans have ben criticising our front two of Lacazette and Aubameyang recently due to the lack of goals scored, something which we know they are capable of doing with the fire power they have between them.

There was also a time where the two were unplayable and unstoppable, but ever since Aubameyang has signed his contract extension both of the boys, despite Laca going on a scoring run in consecutive games, have really gone off the boil.

Tiredness of course plays a part and it is understandable given the unprecedented times we are going through that the focus may have shifted. The lack of rest and preseason and the general packed fixture list they have to contend with can’t be easy either.

But I feel that it goes deeper and maybe their lack of goals and lack of communication and understanding on the pitch, is down to the fact that fans are not present in the stadiums and they are missing the chants and the singing, or lack of singing, depending how you look at it, of Arsenal fans both home and away. Maybe they feel that without the fans they don’t need to showboat and give us the sublime, creative football we are used to, but they fail to realise fans watch from home as well.

Players have had to get used to playing their beloved game without fans and behind closed doors which is something that is unusual to them, but if Arsenal are to get back up to the top where they belong, along with the creativity that is lacking, Aubameyang and Lacazette will very quickly have to dig deep and find that partnership and connection that first made people stand up and take notice, because if they continue going how they are, then there wont ever be fans back in the stadiums watching them, as if they feel how I do, I do not want to be sitting on a cold, wet, wintery night in a packed up stadium, to see my boys lose when I know what they are really capable of!

So Auba and Laca if you are reading this, please find that form that made us all fall in love with you both, on and off the pitch, and give us something to look forward to week in week out again!

Shenel Osman

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  1. Are Auba and Laca missing the fans? Not sure, but they’re definitely missing the goal mouth! 🤣🤣

    Seriously though, It’s a team problem. Not just a striker issue. They all need to improve!

  2. No; they are top players with an assistant coach who can’t get it right.

    Not about players; we have one of EPL best squad; better than last year.

    To compare Arteta to Emery as I read fans here, shows lack of football knowledge.

    It is not an easy task to replace Mr Wenger. More time will go by, some will realize that we had a football’s legend; not a player but a coach & manager.

    Difficult to pick number one between Sir Alex but Wenger is the best in football history. Not for titles and what he brought to EPL his overall contribution, sacrifices and dedication to make a top club with a DNA and this unique savoir faire in development of the young player.

    We are the most shameful and ingrate fans in history, for daring to chase him out of a home he build & had all paid for us.

    Spoiled brats, expecting CL each year because he spoiled, love us that way! With no money!

    We were fine til 2013, Suarez on his way, then Kante too in 2014!

    For 45M each! He had them to commit and sign; Kroenke & board ruined both deals which killed all momentum and Wenger plan to leave on a titles note. Chelsea and Barca did instead!

    Without Wenger, who would be in this team today?

    Anyway, not easy to ever replace, that’s why Man U kept Sir Alex at Man U, he is a legend, treated that way by fans; we are the dumbest fans; that portion of ignorant fans became too big and took over, ruining club!

    So, heck no, Laca Auba do not need a xhaka and walk out. Fans are not missed at all, but a damn coach.

    He would have brought tierny & Partey he monitored and made Arsenal attract a player as Partey….

    1. Give over with the Arteta bashing will you please? Yes we all get that you don’t rate him but do you have to hijack every thread by constantly whinging on about him? 🤫

  3. Laca isn’t missing the fans, he is just awful and has been for 3 yrs now ! I have never rated him but now he is the worst striker Arsenal have ever or are likely ever to have !! Why he plays worries me anyone with any football sense can see he is awful and should be dropped, Why he stayed at the club in the summer is beyond me???? Auba just isnt getting the ball and when he does is being closed down by other teams !! we simply are missing a play maker someone that can link up the play to the forwards !! if laca keeps playing and we dont repalce him with eddie or auba our season will become a battle but not for mid table but religation !!

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